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  1. snowplow123 added a topic in General   

    No DK class for costume mill costumes?
    You can't make any costumes for the new class.  Is this intended or a bug/forgotten feature?
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  2. snowplow123 added a post in a topic The pointlessness of the beauty contest (Including DK)   

    Yeah it's stupid, new entries have no chance of even getting discovered let alone winning.  Dunno why the contest lasts until March 1, the results won't change from what we see now.
    The only views and downloads I got were immediately after I posted, after that absolutely nothing.   Oh well, such is life.
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  3. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Ranger boobs bigger than DK   

    It's not just boobs, Ranger customization is the best out of all the female classes.  I'm guessing its the first class they made since nobody else offers the same level of customization.
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  4. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Friendly Reminder: level Trading now!   

    Pearl Abyss addressing the important issues I see.
    That gosh darned NPC trading needs to be nerfed ASAFP!!!!!!11!!1!oneone11eleventyone
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  5. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Holloween: can we please not do that again?   

    You think your RNG is bad?
    I haven't gotten a candy for several days now.
    Doesn't seem to matter who what or where, they won't drop for me anymore
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  6. snowplow123 added a post in a topic How much Have you Spent?   

    I spent about $180
    I made the mistake of bothering to even try the dye RNG.  That was a huge waste of money. 
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  7. snowplow123 added a topic in General   

    The dye system sucks ass and is rigged
    Nothing new really, I just came back to this game after several months and forgot about it.
    Not only is it RNG, but its not ACTUALLY random; Darker shades are like 10x rarer than all the stupid blinding SNOW and SUNSHINE colors.
    Let's not even mention black, which is for some reason rare as -----. 
    There aren't even many colors on the marketplace, meaning the RNG is too shitty for whales to even try profiting.
    it's cheaper to get the clothes you want in real life.  How -----ed up is that.
    You know I'd pay like $50 for a permanent Merv's palette.  ----- it, $100.  I'd pay One Hundred of my EURODINEROS to look fabulous.
    Christ the gear is already an RNG nightmare, why did you have to taint cosmetics with it too.  Assholes.
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  8. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Why, three months later, is Staff Tracker still not fixed?   

    It works perfectly, the problem is that there isn't any staff to track.
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  9. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Worst gaming community?   

    How do you not have League of Legends listed?
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  10. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Does BDO support Gold Spammers?   

    I have not seen a single person talk outside of channel chat.
    I'm assuming you're level 50+ and in Calpheon, I guess people talk there.  Low level areas are basically mute.
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  11. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Does BDO support Gold Spammers?   

    I wouldn't know, I can't afford to be in a guild.
    Also if conversing is player interaction, skype is the #1 mmo.
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  12. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 11th   

    "Channel chat will now cost 1 Energy for the first and 3 Energy for any consecutive message"
    Man, -----.  Way to kill off all conversation.
    This is literally singleplayer now.
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  13. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Does BDO support Gold Spammers?   

    Its a fact: you cannot trade with players, the market takes a 35% cut, talking in general chat costs energy, and crafting is a money sink with no return (unless you count NPC trading, but trading with NPC's isn't what MMORPG's are about)
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  14. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Does BDO support Gold Spammers?   

    No, they hate gold spammers so much they nuked 80% of the player interaction in the game.
    Its basically singleplayer.  Can't trade, market 35% cut, crafting loses you money.  Talking in general chat costs energy.
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  15. snowplow123 added a post in a topic Is the marketplace doomed?   

    The market -----ing blows
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