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  1. outofourlives added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    They see me shovelin, they hatin!

    Also, heres a guide on how to make 120m silver per hour shoveling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv5gyyKujMk
    As you can see, alot of shovels were used, to dig the graves for the fallen sheep.
    On a serious note Ive been keeping stats for a few months, and here are the drop rates of the shards, for those curious.

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  2. outofourlives added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    ghillie set still works in crimson battlefield
    auction reservation (pre-order) function is not working at all
    you cant cancel an item you put on the ah even after the supposed 5 minutes
    map opening angle is -----ed up
    lantern changes intensity while you move
    skill descriptions ingame are not updated, not to mention description of the skill changes in the patch notes is hardly understandable
    seriously daum?
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  3. outofourlives added a post in a topic Warfare: Trailer Event   

    Must include scenes of all of those? Or anything of our choosing?
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  4. outofourlives added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    Name Tag will be displayed even if players equip Ghillie suit in node, siege and red battle field.
    Thank you for doing this Daum, faith in BDO restored.
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  5. outofourlives added a post in a topic Treant Camouflage Costume in PVP   

    Anonymity is fine, replace their names with "Unknown Player" (in red letters if its an enemy) and this costume will be perfectly fine
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  6. outofourlives added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    1,354 people think there is something wrong with the costume
    505 people think the costume is fine
    how is this shit still in the game, remove the cancer before it gets untreatable at sieges
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  7. outofourlives added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    the costume is an interesting idea gome completely wrong
    it ruins mass pvp and gvg, as when u hide friendly names to reduce clutter, there are 0 names left on the battlefield, just alot of random shillouettes, half of which are friendlies with red dyed costumes.
    one way to fix it is to add the names and hp bars of people using it back in, but change it to Unknown Player, or something like that. In red color if its an enemy/pk ofcourse.
    or just freaking remove it and refund players already.
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  8. outofourlives added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    yeah most of the winning videos are unwatchable
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  9. outofourlives added a post in a topic Treant Camouflage Costume in PVP   

    bump, remove that shit from the game already
    i dont really care how its obtained, from the cash shop or from an ingame NPC with silver. hiding player names in an MMO is plain stupid. whoever came up with that idea should be fired.
    and dont tell me there are flares, if it takes you 2 sec to launch a flare, it puts you on an even bigger disadvantage
    also, there are people running with red dyed trent sets and look exactly like war tags
    tell me this isnt bs.
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  10. outofourlives added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  11. outofourlives added a post in a topic Ability to UNLEARN skills that are automatically learned.   

    Yeah exactly, ive played most of the classes and they all have similar problems (one can only imagine how hard it is to squeaze so many skills into so few keys)
    But this with the Dagger Stab is by far the worst problem ive found.
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  12. outofourlives added a topic in Suggestions   

    Treant Camouflage Costume in PVP
    Please remove the effect of hidding the charcter name or just change it to something else, because this is plain stupid.
    You cant tell me you really think hiding character names durring PVP is a good idea.
    I wanna know who im fighting, AND i wanna see where they are. Player names and HP bar is pretty much the only indication where my target is. The red character outlining is useless, especially at night.
    This completely kills immersion as im forced to watch my radar 90% of the time, instead of my screen, in order to find targets. Whats even worse, i cant focus on what i want because i cant distinguish who is who.
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  13. outofourlives added a post in a topic Ability to UNLEARN skills that are automatically learned.   

    Yeah my macro has "S" before the "F" but no delays tho

    For some reason when i put slight delays in the macro, it stars doing a completely different action every time
    I actually absolutely love the Dagger Stab skill. Its amazing for PVE
    Unfortunately for PVP its totally useless.
    So i would prefer if i dont have that skill at all, if its gonna go off in the middle of PVP half of the time i try to use Thunderbolt.
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  14. outofourlives added a post in a topic Ability to UNLEARN skills that are automatically learned.   

    At level 50 you get a Total Skill Reset from achievements yes, but that doesnt remove that particular skill (i tested), and im guessing thats not the only skill it will not remove across all classes.
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  15. outofourlives added a topic in Suggestions   

    Ability to UNLEARN skills that are automatically learned.
    I would like to ask for a way to remove skills that are automatically learned and cost 0 SP. Such as Dagger Stab (Witch). The partial skill reset would not reset a skill that requires 0 SP i guess.
    The problem is that the default keybind for the Dagger Stab is "F", which is a part of the Thunderbolt key combination ("S" + "F"). I dont know if this is just me, but most of the time when im trying to cast Thunderbolt, i use Dagger Stab instead. Which takes forever to complete its animation and its very very annoying.
    I have bound "S" + "F" on a key on my mouse, because the combination is a finger twister, and requires me to offset all my fingers away from default "WASD" position.
    Perhaps the problem is that i press the macro for "S" + "F" before i stop moving forward ("W"), so it registers "W" + "F" or something and thats why it casts Dagger Stab instead.
    Either way this needs to be fixed. Let us remove unwanted skills or let us change skill bindings (for each skill separately)
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