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  1. Decem added a topic in General   

    What happened to Witchzards again ?
    What are you guys smoking ? Class carried plebs running with 800 points in rbf just spamming PA and AoE randomly killing 5 ppl at once being immortal for several seconds and wiping people out. This what you call balance ? 
    This game is getting serious class balance issues and you are just hotfixing retarded horse costume, doing URGENT maintenance. You are complete joke. 
    People calling for transparency, no one is replying, CMs are silent. We have tons of bugs in game for MONTHS. Now wow , you are going to publish game on steam to break your potato servers even more and shit on your loyal players who are feeding your greedy mouth since release. Whole game turns to be just one -----ing cash grab.
    Congratulations. Biggest ignorance ever.
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  2. Decem added a topic in General   

    Can we get DP patch back
    Any explanation, why did u rolled DP patch back. Its too obvious. Or do you guys think that no one noticed yet?
    • 6 replies
  3. Decem added a post in a topic a new warrior looking for gear recommendation   

    He dont need bhegs with vangerz, once he drops vang for kutum, he should be ready with bhegs. Liverto replaced by TRI Kzarka is more beneficial than Bhegs.
    Andthey are not THAT important, 10 accuracy is not worth that money you need making them TRI at his stage. You have to understad that vangertz is very strong basic item for warrior and many people prefer to have 200-220ap with vangertz rather than 213-236 with kutum. You can go muskan+hebe and heve gloves+helmet for another 250hp. Thats 450hp paired with dim + vangerz = enough acc, lot of DP and HP and far cheaper to get TET Heve. Bhegs are good item but not that mandatory for warriors. We have lot of accuracy on skills and our skills doesnt have many hits like other classes. So you want good hitrate, DP and HP.
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  4. Decem added a post in a topic a new warrior looking for gear recommendation   

    dim tree
    / lvl59-60 with at least 1x rce and duo-tri tree spirit belt, you can drop vangertz and ->
    Dont worry about nouver, its viable once you get 60-61 and at least 240ap
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  5. Decem added a post in a topic Return of LegendaryHacks   

    Dude, im just tired of those entitled youtubers which needs to make thread because they are quitting bdo...like who cares omg. Then he starts playing again cuz hes bored or whatever, kicks out the door and "GUYS , SILENT PLEASE, *inster name* IS BACK CLICK ON *insert link*". Guy with 1k subs and half year behind gear curve is going to make guides and combos which are known for half year. But okay, call me prick, i dont care. Its just too common for people that they think they are known or they are something and needs to announce things like that.
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  6. Decem added a post in a topic Return of LegendaryHacks   

    Maybe 9 months ago.
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  7. Decem added a post in a topic Return of LegendaryHacks   

    Sorry for hiatus ? No one miss you at all man. Dont be entitled.
    And there are no updated combos, gem, gear and awakening guides. Its still the same shit. We understand that you want some views but creating content which was created 150x already and its well known is like inventing hot water. Oh, and there is warrior discord.
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  8. Decem added a topic in General   

    New class ?
    New class "Fighter" who uses a Gauntlet as their main weapon! Their skills have been leaked
    • 20 replies
  9. Decem added a post in a topic Lets talk about Pulverize   

    @CM_Serenity Possible to check it please ? This was always issue, low PVP damage, low PVE damage . Seems weird. High modifiers , useful only for healing purposes. Warriors do not use this skill at all in PvP.
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  10. Decem added a post in a topic How Good it COULD have been   

    In EU we are getting 3 artisans per day for free in mailbox.
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  11. Decem added a post in a topic PSA : Broken OP wizard bug   

    No one care ? Because half of players im seeing in the game are wizards ?
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  12. Decem added a post in a topic PSA: broken OP Warrior Bug   

    Indeed this looks wird but, I was playing warrior, now i play valk so i can tell something about it...
    This, at least to me, it looks like it should be like that. Imagine they remove this "feature".
    Warrior can only move after block when all other CC's on the battlefield have completed ? Oh, wait, during node/siege, it's never ending spam of CC's, so I guess warrior can just be locked in place until shield melts and dies or tries to move after block and hope one of the million CC's going off during siege war doesn't KD/stun/freeze him.
    Using grave digging/slashing to death is not solution becase they will need to go to block immediately and again, being static. Thats why they got 360cc block to give them room to breathe and disengage. This "bug" on video looks like cheesy workaround how to give warrior chance to escape from group fights without reworking other skills.
    Because static block>dash>wait 2 seconds>static block>dash>wait 2 seconds>etc is 100% death confirmed. I dont think warrior is OP as you people said. Ii have good gear on valk and i agree with Irrelevant. With 220AP i can burst 320dp warrior in 3 seconds while he need almost 10s long combo to proceed with same AP.
    We can walk with block + our buffs makes us really tanky. I fully understand why warriors got 360 block and this superarmor after dropping block because i already played one. Without 360 and this superamor, they will turn into trash tier. Disengaging will be very hard for them because they will be CCed immediately after using iframe (from behind). 
    You have to under stand that warriors are locked and static with block and iframe each 2 seconds is nothing, just 0.5s chance to dodge CCs. Now they have 2-3s chance to escape while being in middle of CC storms in nodewars. Other classes have way better escaping utilities. It maybe look OP in 1vs1 but what isnt ? Every class is OP in 1vs1 if played and geared right. 
    Dont get me wrong, i dont liked warrior gameplay and i had shit gear back then but i spent lot of time in arena so i understand mechanics. Its not easy class to play, its hard to master and weirdly designed class, maybe because it was first awakening released and they dont want to rework this class totally so they trying some workarounds maybe. Who knows.
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  13. Decem added a topic in General   

    PSA : Broken OP wizard bug
    Happening on my Valk and Maehwa. So its probably affecting every class. I have seen this happening in RBF where people passed thru wizard`s body. Fix this please. Warriors in my guild said its happening also with shield charge in pre awakening mode. Wizards agreed that this is happening randomly to them , mostly when someone is engaging while theyre casting bolide or water jail.
    This is not my video but its enought to see what is happening. 
    @CM_Serenity @CM_Praballo
    • 23 replies
  14. Decem added a topic in General   

    Lets talk about rangers
    How its possible to have class with so retarded burst ? 
    How its possible that average ranger can delete 300dp by 2 skills, throwing some stars and screaming "aaaaaa" while being under superarmor all the time ?
    How its possible that their dash si so desynced / laggy and poppin` all over the place ?
    How its possible that they can throw some stars and kill 5 ppl at once in 2 seconds in GvGs. Its even worst then warrior`s 100% .
    • 108 replies
  15. Decem added a post in a topic Warrior or Sorc as main?   

    Its not "real" AP, scales bit differently and its compensated by lower % scaling on our skills.
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