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  1. Skuldt added a topic in General   

    30% Exp quest at Sarma Outpost?
    Hello, so apparently there is a quest that gives around 30% exp at lvl 55 which you can pick up from those otter guys at the top of Sarma Outpost. However, they don't seem to have any quest for me? (I have quest tracker to show all quests) Some people have been saying you need to complete the main storyline of Mediah but I'm pretty sure I did (I got the Black Spirit Crystal), yet I still don't see the quest(s). 
    If anyone knows how to activate the quest, please let me know thanks!
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  2. Skuldt added a post in a topic Cancer/Chemo changes list   

    It only affects the normal attacks apparently. I reset my skills and left it at rank 1, and didn't see any difference with my x2 extraction gems. So I would say not worth.
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  3. Skuldt added a post in a topic Shotgun got -----ed up - Damage Decrease + Ultimate doesn't apply awakening anymore + Penetrating wind doesn't CC anymore   

    So with the changes to penetrating wind no longer having it's CC effects in PVP, I'm kind of thinking of dropping the skill entirely along with razor wind. Going to max Tearing Arrow and see how it is in PVP, always wanted to try it after seeing how much damage people did with it.
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  4. Skuldt added a post in a topic Stamina not regening during Razor Wind   

    ohhhh i see. I will try that later in game, thanks!
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  5. Skuldt added a post in a topic Stamina not regening during Razor Wind   

    actually I had razor wind cancelling on me quite a bit, until I stopped holding shift + lmb + rmb so early for the PW combo. Now I just wait until the very end to press the keys for PW and don't think i've had it cancel on me now
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  6. Skuldt added a post in a topic Please Fix Ranger Mana Consumption!   

    I think from the comments on that vid the person said he/she used 2x Extraction gems? Which would make sense since I see a similar (but lesser) effect on a pack of mobs using only 1x extraction gem.
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  7. Skuldt added a post in a topic Call From Sky bug   

    Are you sure it's from the attack speed? what's your movement speed? Because ever since I dropped from 5 MS to 2 MS, I've stopped getting that bug. (unless im CfS'ing downhill)
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  8. Skuldt added a post in a topic Looking for a completely life skill based guild   

    Hey @Cobbles! 
    Considering your needs, I believe we, Baka, would be the perfect guild for you. 
    We are currently the rank 14 guild on Edan server, and quickly rising. You can bet that we have all the Guild life skills maxed out already. 
    Now, I know you say that you want a completely non-pvp guild...but we actually do quite a bit of pvp. The pvp however, is done by our super elite <Jonin> squad (we have military ranks based on Naruto). They protect the <Genin>, who, like you, focus on life skills and help complete guild missions to help us dominate the guild ranks. In short, we will be able to protect you while you perform you daily life skill activity at all times. We currently have half of the channels on Edan server locked down, including all the trade routes, fishing hotspots, farm spots, etc.
    I also see that you are on Orwen server. However, I believe that Baka is a highly attractive choice for you and worth the change in server. Baka is also an invite only guild, so know that this opportunity is once in a lifetime. 
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    #J O I N B A K A
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  9. Skuldt added a topic in General   

    Black Essence?
    Does anyone know if black essence is in the game at the moment? Specifically, I'm referring to the material that is used to create an Awakened Spirit's Crystal.
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  10. Skuldt added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  11. Skuldt added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    @Ayl I've read here and there that EES has a chance to inflict a bound or stun (they've been used interchangeably but I'm aware they're not the same), however after talking to some people in game they all say it never works for them. Also, the tool-tip for EES says bound does not work in PVP, but I'm pretty sure that is only talking about the first hit of EES (when you launch into the air) since that's how the awakening effects work. Have you personally tested and seen the second or first hit of EES inflicting either a stun or bound status?
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  12. Skuldt added a post in a topic Call from sky bug?   

    That's fine if you don't like to use it, I'm not really here to argue whether it's good or not...I just wanted to know what's causing the "fall animation" when I use it. 
    I'm not telling you or anyone to get rid of your 5 speed (I'm not either) just to not have CfS bug out, but thanks for helping anyways.
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  13. Skuldt added a post in a topic Call from sky bug?   

    Sorry if I wasn't clear, I meant attack speed lol. Movement speed doesn't cause this issue. But yea, do you have 5 ATS?
    Also, CfS is a pretty good move if you're running away or in some situations to close in on other rangers while avoiding shots.
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  14. Skuldt added a post in a topic Call from sky bug?   

    Ok I think I figured out the problem...
    Im currently running +5 speed total. Removing the gloves (which give +4) speed completely gets rid of this problem...so I'm left to believe that the issue is caused the game not able to register the landing of the CfS with +5 speed as a "safe landing". Instead, it'll make you do the jump animation as if you were jumping and landing from a high place.
    Edit: I switched to a militia bow since my yuria has a +1 speed modifier, and it still gives me that issue. As far as I can tell this issue starts from 4 speed as well.
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  15. Skuldt added a topic in Ranger   

    Call from sky bug?
    So, I noticed that whenever the ground is even or lower than the starting point of which i cast Call from Sky, my character does the "fall" animation when she touches the ground. It's only when I CfS from a low point to a high point where my character does NOT do the fall animation upon touching the ground.
    Has anyone noticed this? Or is it because of lag?
    • 10 replies