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  1. Dreamagain added a post in a topic ●▅▇█▇▆▅▄▇ Warrior S&S to Greatsword swap has a delay now   

    They put the bugged version in LMAO FailFish.. wtf r these people doing.
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  2. Dreamagain added a post in a topic reduce castle money cus this is ridiculous   

    You know if you took the castle from them then YOU'D get the payout and they wouldn't get anything!
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  3. Dreamagain added a post in a topic Cadry Ring Evasion?   

    Hard to manipulate the market with shit nobody wants
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  4. Dreamagain added a post in a topic Optimal Gaming Rig: AMD vs Intel   

    A. 7700k outperforms Ryzen in almost all gaming scenarios.  Mostly because Ryzen throws cores at the problem and games don't even know what to do with it.  Games know how to respond to clock speeds though, which 7700k crushes Ryzen at.  That said, Ryzen isn't even CLOSE to being fully optimized yet (lots of hardware bios updates to come), but even still, you will be spending more money on the best Ryzen and worrying about updating bioses and tweaking shit just to probably get similar performance.  So no, stick with 7700k for gaming.  Ryzen is competitive in more CPU heavy tasks
    B. 1080 ti is best price to performance card out there atm so good choice
    C. You are literally lighting $300 on fire with that ram.  Totally unnecessary.  Do you really need LED's on your ram sticks?
    D. You are buying a $400 motherboard because why again?  You are clearly not a hardware enthusiast, you don't even know what you are paying for with that motherboard and won't be utilizing the vast majority of its features.  Get a cheaper one
    E. PG278QR is a TN panel.  Imo it's shit.  Get the PG279Q with all the money you will save from all the unnecessary crap you put moeny in to elsewhere.  Or the Acer one.
    F. Yes your $2,000 components can run 1440p lmao.  No, don't get 1080p.  Seriously, 1080p?  We were 1080p gaming in 2007.  Do you want your pixels to look like the size of bricks?
    this is a good point on the pro-ryzen argument.  It's very future upgradeable as you won't need to keep replacing motherboards which intel will most likely require you to do (as someone who is VERY interested in seeing what Ryzen Gen2  brings to the table, I might consider going with a Ryzen now if I absolutely had to buy a computer today. Could probably get away with a Ryzen 5 as well, no need for an 1800x).
    Also I BELIEVE (dont castrate me if im wrong) but BDO only fully knows what to do with 4 cores/8 threads in anything except high-end mode.
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  5. Dreamagain added a post in a topic Gems breaking as a non-combatant?(3 Questions)   

    You lose absolutely nothing for dying.  Literally nothing.  The time it takes to run back from node spawn is it.  Meanwhile the guy doing the Pk'ing can lose XP loss, crystals, and even have gear downgrade on death.
    Running up to someone and dying over and over is an extremely ----- made thing to do.  Defending yourself is fine.
    Basically this game has very little PvP if you don't want to have it, because they've made it so punishing for those who force PvP on others.
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  6. Dreamagain added a post in a topic PVP / PK System Explained   

    You want me to sit around and /duel EVERY single person I see out in the open world just to see if they want to PvP?  The fact that you think this is an actual valid solution to the problem that exists in this game is mind boggling.
    The actual solution they THINK they implemented is the guild war system, but it has a lot of draw backs in its own right.
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  7. Dreamagain added a post in a topic PVP / PK System Explained   

    I'm out grinding because the game forces me to or I will fall behind the curve.  It's incredibly boring, but I have to do it.  I'd like to find SOME kind of enjoyment while I do it though.  A person walks up and starts grinding here too.  I flag up and kill them.  Did I kill them because I'm being mean?  Because I'm a violent individual?  Because I took offense to them "stealing" my mobs?  No... I killed them because I'm here doing boring shit, and PvP'ing other people is usually enjoyable, so I'd like to mix in some enjoyable aspects of the game while I'm doing the boring stuff.  This guy who died to me also doesn't mind PvP'ing.  He also wants to have fun, so he comes back and tries to kill me.   I kill him a few times and all of a sudden I'm negative karma.  A few more and I might be at minus 1 million.  For what?  What does the game think I did that's so harsh that I should spend the next 10+ hours grinding off negative karma for?  (We'll pretend I'm in Valencia and ignore all the other ridiculous death penalties).  Furthermore, I can't even go grind off the negative karma the game forced on me for doing nothing more than having some fun, because anyone can come attack me and I cannot defend myself.
    This is the scenario in which this game is frustratingly flawed.  The scenario in which feebleone and 5-10 other people constantly spam on these forums about mean Pk'ers doing nothing but griefing trying to ruin somebody's day - while yes this does occur from time to time - is not the scenario in which most people are upset with the current PK system.
    There's so many ways you can implement a good system in which actual griefers are punished, and other people who are just looking for other people who want to PvP can do so without being punished.
    If I spend an hour grinding, I'd like to spend on average 20 minutes of that actually PvP'ing around the grind spot. And if you say to yourself "I want to spend an hour grinding, and 0 minutes of that pvp'ing because I don't enjoy it at all" then FINE.. All i ask for is a system that can appeal to both sides, but this game doesn't have it right now.
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  8. Dreamagain added a post in a topic PVP / PK System Explained   

    Misnomer: There's any sort of meaningful PvP in this game outside of Node Wars
    Truth: This game actively discourages all forms of PvP outside of shitty ass RBF and awful zergy node wars at every single opportunity.
    Misnomer:  This game offers any sort of reward for PvP/PK and the risk vs reward is in line with other similar games
    Truth: There's absolutely no benefit from PK'ing a person as they lose nothing and they spawn 20 seconds away.  Meanwhile every similar game I have ever played (Eve, ArcheAge, Lineage 2, among others) offers either far less penalties for meaningless PvP or offers some sort of meaning to the PK.  Even carebear games like WoW offer more OWPvP than this game.
    Misnomer:  The end game of BDO isn't PvP, it's all the other content this game offers
    Truth: This game offers no other content unless you want to grind the same braindead AI until your fingers fall off or stare at your character while you chop wood next to the warehouse keeper.  
    Misnomer: Valencia is a PK'ers safe haven dream zone and they already fixed the issues most complain about.
    Truth: Karma is gained back roughly 60-70% slower in Valencia than the quickest spots outside of Valencia.  Valencia is supposed to be a lawless place yet you get sent to jail when you die.  The person getting PK'd still has absolutely no risk involved.  PK'er cannot defend himself without losing more Karma.  Muiquinn is an utter waste of space.
    Simply put this game has by far the harshest penalties possibly among any MMO ever for completely risk-free PvP. 
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  9. Dreamagain added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    Most people enjoy all aspects of the game and engage in a little bit of everything.  That includes random PvP in the open world.  Most people play this game for fun and aren't snowflakes who wrinkle up in to a ball and cry in a corner because somebody created content for them in a video game.
    You can deny this all you want, but the vocal minority snowflakes of the forums are not the majority player base.
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  10. Dreamagain added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    Yea, I mean that's kind of the whole point of an MMO.  I'd prefer death to have equal consequences as the PK'er so either remove consequences for PK'ing or add penalties for dying. 
    Simply put, this game hands down has THE WORST PvP/PK system ever put to an MMO.  It seems like they tried to copy Lineage 2's but they missed out one very important aspect of Lineage 2's PK system WHEN SOMEONE FLAGS ON YOU, IF YOU FIGHT BACK YOU FLAG UP TOO.  Which is how it should be.
    Games are about having fun.  This whole "ur a criminal u need to be punished" shit is the most retarded argument ever.  Most people don't mind being attacked while grinding, I certainly don't.  It adds some emergent fun from the monotony of this game.  Yet the game actively steps in and says "hey now, dont have too much fun!"
    If you idiots constantly compare it to real life - then consider this - In real life can you walk up to a murderer walking down the street and just shoot them in the head and have it be justified? No, you can't.
    Even World of Warcraft offers more open world PvP than this game.  I honestly don't understand why the ability to flag up in this game even exists.  The whole system is awful.
    Here's the most simple way to fix this broken system:
    If you flag up on someone by hitting them, and they attack you back, the PvP is free game.  No consequences for either party.
    If you flag up on someone by hitting them, and they try to ignore you and don't attack you back, you get negative karma.
    That's it, simple as that. Don't want to get PK'd? Don't fight back.  To balance this system out, maybe add in even a few MORE consequences for going negative karma.  This way non-consensual PvP is discouraged (that's what you want, isn't it?) yet the people who don't mind fighting once in a while can easily fight back and have fun.
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  11. Dreamagain added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    It's a lawless place yet when u die u get sent to jail LOL.
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  12. Dreamagain added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    Because there's absolutely no benefit to going max negative karma besides a bit of fun.  Meanwhile on the flip side the negatives are 5 pages long.  You can't even grind your way back to positive Karma without being harassed.. and you can't defend yourself.
    The system is broken and everyone knows it.  They are never going to actually TRULY fix it, so at least they could put a bandaid on it like I suggested.
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  13. Dreamagain added a topic in General   

    Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked
    This one change would probably fix the entire karma system and it's so easy to do.
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