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  1. Ashten added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    Missing Title/Reward: Triathlete
    Character name: Ashten
    Family name: Ashten
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  2. Ashten added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  3. Ashten added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  4. Ashten added a post in a topic Guild contract + Guild funds   

    One more question, I already knew that we could take guild quests and complete them for huge sums of silver (we havent done this yet), but this doesn't explain how we made tiny bits of silver just from playing. What is it that is making money for the guild or is it just passive from something? Members doing their own quests, or killing mobs, or using energy? I'd like to know for sure what is generating the silver.
    Also "Guild Activity" is going up for members but we aren't doing anything as a guild so what makes that go up? The tooltip says guild quests and conquests, both of which we obviously haven't done so how does a member have 900 activity?
    Thanks @Klaess
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  5. Ashten added a post in a topic Guild contract + Guild funds   

    Thank you, this helps a lot
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  6. Ashten added a topic in General   

    Guild contract + Guild funds
    Hi there, I've been trying to find this information online but I'm not really understanding. I want to give contracts to my guild members, they are real life friends who are loyal and will continue to play with me so I want to give them 30day contracts. But if my guild only has 80k funds at the start, and it doesn't let me deposit money, how are we going to make enough money to pay any more than 2 people?

    One more thing, I upgraded my guild yesterday and overnight our guild made like 2k silver, but how? From what? Just want to know so I can start to control how much we are making so we can afford to contract more people.
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  7. Ashten added a post in a topic Do you miss it already?   

    Wow that ear thing you did with her hair is really cool, I've never seen that before
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  8. Ashten added a post in a topic Share your CBT2 screenshots   

    Your character looks so cool
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  9. Ashten added a post in a topic Show off your character customization!   

    She's pretty, I like her eye makeup
    I like your brown haired Valk!
    Ahh I love the lavender hair on the first one~
    It's neat that you got her glasses to sit down her nose a little. I've only seen them pushed up on other characters
    Her smile = c:
    Cute lol
    He looks really cool honestly, I like the eyes. Super unique and he's got a lot of character. Makes you wonder what his story would be :3c
    I love the color palette of those hairstyles tbh
    He reminds me of someone I know haha. The monocle is an excellent touch, sir
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  10. Ashten added a topic in US Guild   

    Guilds that use Discord only!
    If your guild uses Discord to communicate, post it here! I wanna check 'em out.
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  11. Ashten added a post in a topic So what ever happened to this Black Desert   

    Thanks, this is a nice read. Depressing but nice to know how it originally was planned. I like the pitch black nights video
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  12. Ashten added a post in a topic Post pics of your Sorceress   

    I made one in KR but I didn't end up playing Sorc 

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  13. Ashten added a post in a topic Show off your character customization!   

    I love that headband, and her hair color is so unique I don't even know how you got it like that lol. Looks almost blonde at the back, too cool
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  14. Ashten added a post in a topic Show off your character customization!   

    Aw thanks, she got all bloody from aoe grinding mobs lol. And the outfit is just a regular one you get while leveling so you'll probably get it too
    Nice, I love her smile and the scratches on her lip give her character
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  15. Ashten added a post in a topic Show off your character customization!   

    So pretty in blue *-*
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