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  1. Crystalie added a post in a topic Latest PvP change in kr   

    again, it is NOT YET applied. Its a TEST. on a TEST server ONLY for the siege winners. For them to give their opinion to daum about it. It is not a change that has been applied. Nor is it a change that is sure to ever be applied, its just in testing.
    Personally, its a good change if they individually change the classes. for ranger/wiz/witch/tamer dp buffs are insane, for classes like valk or giant there wont be much difference since they live most of the time anyhow.
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  2. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    aslong you have the AP yea, at the entrance of kamasilvia there is some 'bat' monsters, so your story quests starts there, i think I died about 3 times there trying to talk to the NPC
    I agree to this. I like they added kamasylvia but really(its a very pretty area, despite the forest being bugged so no matter your computer = you will frame drop in it till you leave it), I visit kamasylvia less often than I visit valencia. The quests there are super hard too, youre expected to kill king griffon alone to get all of the knowledge, Ive tried this for a total of 3hours or so, I had by that time already lost all my gems so I just went with food but the amount of elion tears it wasted me threw me really off.
    Not to talk about some famous manshaum quests that a friend still didnt finish after 5hours and I gave up trying to duo it with my bf and I still didnt got the quest finished after another 3hours. 
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  3. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    No, grinding alot you get alot more trash loots than grinding in a party, so it is shared like every other regular monsters
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  4. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    Indeed, the possibility of them nerfing it is big. Just as with pirates/valencia. on KR to this day its still the unnerfed versions, same with Kamasylvia, they even buffed the monsters after kamasylvia released, then 2 weeks ago there was yet another buff that they reversed last maintenance lol
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  5. Crystalie added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

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  6. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    ye they are always sold out, the odds of getting them from fishing im not sure, I dont fish, but I gather everyday for like 500+ energy worth, on ''lucky'' days I get about 1 or mayyyyyyyybe 2 of them if I push a gathering round of ~700 energy (using tonics from my alts). The usual is 0 per 500 energy though. So its a very rare drop >.<
    As far  I know the odds of success to get a t9 is super low, I believe there is still only about 3 or 4 pegasus on KR.
    This is all ive got since they released t9,, the 2 items where I have 3 of is from an quest where I got lucky, also you need to count from the item where I have 17  a -3 since its from the same quest. So since T9 has been released from all my gathering hours I got ~14 drops. 

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  7. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    They have been raising and falling back for a few days already, currently most of the gems you need to melt are 3,4mil + per piece.
    They dont drop alot, its a very rare drop, Ive actually got I think a total of 4 in all the weeks that kama is out, and I actually tried to grind there alot. The price is set to 500k on Auctions house, for all of the items.
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  8. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    the ''Forest Fury'' item can be sold on the market place yes, the price is about 3mil+ for it, and also they ONLY drop at manshaum and higher tier kamasylvia monsters, the wolves and all other monsters at the field and pre field do not drop those. also its very rare. and we are given it for attendance rewards so we got 3 till now.
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  9. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    Of course, Wizard/witch/DK can solo monsters there, other classes surely too with 249. But well, you wont gain good exp (its like you solo akman with 215/220 ap), they dont drop silver loot only trash loot (there are ''lucky'' trash loot drops though that sell for 50k) but yea, you can aslong u make use of your lava/poison pool, keep mana shield up, use 5 movement speed and get alot of extra hp potions, since the wolves run faster than you and knockdown you, if youre knockdown use  V or youre dead
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  10. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    2 Awaken DK , one 240~ AP the other 255+ AP.
    2 Awaken Witch, one 247 AP, me 227 AP.
    1 Tamer 240~ AP
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  11. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    Weakest party grind spot as in, the other areas require ALOT more AP to clear. (our group wouldnt be able to clear them fast enough to make any decent exp) Most people dont even do the manshaum daily unless they have the nerves to go to an area of monsters that can copy your classes skills. as in, the manshaum monsters got healers that use witch heal, and use wizzards water cage. just to name a few of their attacks
    I dont know either, after I grinded there for 6hour in my party, i just went back to pirate. the amount of potions needed and attention paid to not die instantly just doesnt do it for me for that little of an extra exp boost. I rather go chill grind at pirate where i atleast get alot of money while grinding
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  12. Crystalie added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    The mobs do not drop silver, the drops only come in trash items, they are worth about 3k, you do not make alot of money party grinding in kama, its alot less than at pirate. the XP is 'ok' if you have a high ap group like on the video, we made about 1,1% an hour (keep in mind, 200% exp event, 50% combat book, 30% value pack, 10% costume, 10% pets, 15% elixirs, Gm buffs etc werer used) and on pirate solo with the same amount of items you make about 0,8-0,9% an hour. so its about 0,2 % an hour more IF there is a huge exp event like this again.
    Again, to clear those efficiently  you need to have a party with atleast 235+ AP though, recommended AP is even 240+ to have a 'decent' not perfect killspeed, my guild leader had 255 Ap, my bf had 247, the tamer had 245 and the other dk about 242 or something, I had lowest AP with 227.
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  13. Crystalie added a topic in General   

    Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP
    Oh so, i thought I can share it here too, I recorded a little bit of my guild grinding in kama at the weakest party grind spots (the field wolves).
    This is during a 200% celebration exp event and all other items used etc are in the video description
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  14. Crystalie added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    My sorc, my witch and my trader tamer  just recent pictures

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  15. Crystalie added a post in a topic Koreanischer Belohnung's-Kalender   

    Falsch. Man bekommt nicht 21 siegel per monat, die anzahl die man bekommt ist komplett random. 
    Es könen 15 sein, es können 2 sein, es können 21 sein. Wir haben nur soviele für den ersten monat bekommen.
    Außerdem gibt es KR schon seit 2,5jahren das scheint hier nur jeder zu vergessen und trotzdem immer wieder wird auf allem rumgehackt.
    Die chance das es 1:1 nach NA/EU kommt in 'unmittelbarer naher zukunft' ist eher unwahrscheinlich
    Und das event ist eine einmalige sache zum 2jährigen.
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