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  1. Weregopher added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 12th   

    They showed the concept for its awakening. its the hands of groping goodness. A pair of gloves with glowing...things...on the elbows.
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  2. Weregopher added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    The house that isn't
    Please see screenshots below. At 3-6 in Valencia there is a door without stairs leading to it, which leads to an empty room. The door can be passed through without clipping.

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  3. Weregopher added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *extended* Maintenance October 26th   

    Buff kuno
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  4. Weregopher added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Same issue here. No quest available for me, but others in guild have been able to get it.
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  5. Weregopher added a post in a topic Halloween and Horse Racing is Coming! Post your decorations!   

    But, that's where I store my low-tiers and donkeys
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  6. Weregopher added a post in a topic Why is Red Nose's Armor So Bad? [Serious]   

    It isn't really a problem getting Red Nose armor. The upsetting thing is that we were promised (legitimately promised, read the pop up from the login reward screen) that the other boss armor pieces were possible from the RNG box. Instead, we all got Red Nose.
    Most of us don't object to getting the lesser boss armor for free. Usually, free stuff makes us happy. We object to being given false promises.
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  7. Weregopher added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    Hi Daum,
    I wanted to give a brief and expletive free explanation about why your gamers are pissed off right now. If you see the attached image, your login reward screen stated that the boss gear boss gave a random chance for any of the boss armors available in the game. Had this correctly stated "free red nose armor", we would have accepted this without complaint....or interest, really. However, you chose to tell us all that we had a chance for any of the five boss armors you listed for this RNG box. We aren't upset that you gave us the least desirable boss armor. We're upset that you lied to us about the other four options being possible.
    Now please excuse me while I join everyone else in putting it up on the AH.

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  8. Weregopher added a post in a topic New Halloween costumes in Korea   

    I want that ghost pet. Daum, please add these, and take my money
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  9. Weregopher added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    cave allowing clipping under the floor
    There's a cave in northern Mediah which allows you to pass under the floor. See images below.

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  10. Weregopher added a post in a topic Dear DAUM & PA - this is not an emotional plea   

    Thanks, now I want cake...
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  11. Weregopher added a post in a topic Let's Talk: Game Stat Balance   

    I agree that Stat balance needs to be addressed, especially for my poor, underwhelming maehwa. That said, the first thing I'd like to see happen is the unveiling of the hidden stats. There's been a lot of speculation regarding how the hidden stats interact, and their respective value, but without the ability to see those values directly we can only run tests and make educated guesses. I'd like to see evasion, damage reduction, and accuracy visible on my stats page.
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  12. Weregopher added a post in a topic Dark elf   

    It's scheduled to release in KR this summer. No info on when it'll arrive here, but with the rate we're getting content, I'd be surprised if we don't have it by winter.
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  13. Weregopher added a topic in Suggestions   

    post limits in general chat
    Please add some form of limit to general chat posts. Better yet, a review process for accounts with excessive postings. This would cut down on gold seller spam, and let us actually read chat around their repeat postings.

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  14. Weregopher added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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