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  1. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Black spirit adventure game   

    RIP Pop-o-matic Bubble..... I miss you already.
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  2. Brainpowered added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Purchasing a game for a family member
    I've given my brother a 7 day pass and now that Black Desert is on sale, I'm looking at getting him the game.  My question is, if I use my credit card to purchase it for him on his account, will he later on be able to purchase daum cash with other payment methods (Paypal, another credit card ) later on?
    I've already purchased the game for my wife, which doesn't matter because I would be paying for any daum cash.  But I'm worried that my brother will have issues later on.  From searching the issue on the forums, I can see that giving him a gift visa card won't help as it isn't an accepted form of payment.  Can anyone verify if there is any issue with doing this?
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  3. Brainpowered added a post in a topic so they added artisan's memory to pearl shop. 0.5 cents = 2 memory fragment. 100 euro = over 400 mem fragments   

    If I recall correctly,  It was slightly easier to get memory fragments.. then they patched it so you have a *chance* at getting memory fragments from being in the groups instead of a guaranteed one (which is stupid).  They need to increase the ways you can get these things for sure.  Adding them to boss scrolls would be nice.  Not sure why people are flipping out over these being available for pearls, its also available for loyalty... which is slighty more affordable now... Wish they would retroactively refund the loyalty spent when they were 1k vs 400.  Other people saying that scroll groups are pointless for farming memory fragments don't understand how these items actually work. Because you still need to use a memory fragment or the same item to use the artisan's memory anyway.  It just increases the durability gained after using one of them.
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  4. Brainpowered added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance September 14th   

    Cool.  Can you guys make it official and please release info for the next two awakening releases coming out?  This would be much appreciated.
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  5. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Ridiculously expensive pearl shop items.   

    Let's go back to this instead..
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  6. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Any luck with GMs Advanced Lucky Box?   

    Oh, then I've landed on that a few times.  Mostly those gotten those golden backpack/dagger stuffs.
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  7. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Any luck with GMs Advanced Lucky Box?   

    I can never get to that goddamn part of the board.  It keeps bypassing it with "secret passages" or "Go to start" garbage.  I've got plenty of "Jarette" boxes tho... with so many lovely rings... only rings.... so salty.
    I did land a 1500 Loyalty this morning tho.
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  8. Brainpowered added a post in a topic General game questions   

    Not sure I understand what you mean the graphics are not very good... you will need to include a screenshot.
    Once you get through up to Velia/Heidel you will notice it will become very open world.  The Black spirit quests will guide you to main quests.  Your Quest log will have a tab that can guide you to specific quests (black spirit, inventory increase quests, etc..)
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  9. Brainpowered added a post in a topic What weapon should I get?   

    It looks weird but... OP actually means 15M Silver.
    If k = 1000, then kk = 1000 x 1000 or 1,000,000
    You can buy a Liverto for around 6-8 Million silver if you want to try enhancing it from scratch.  For crystals, it's really on how your other crystals are setup with your gear.  Yuria only has 1 crystal slot and can but upgrade to an ultimate form (yellow) to produce 1 attack speed + 1 crit (if I can recall correctly).  Liverto has 2 slots with a passive +3 Crit and can not be upgraded to an ulitmate form (stays blue).  I think priority was to max Attack Speed and Crit as soon as possible.  It will not be fun however to upgrade a Liverto with the failure rate of a blue level item. 
    If you save a little more you can probably purchase a +15 Yuria to help you level and transition over to a Liverto when you start making money.
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  10. Brainpowered added a post in a topic The Failstack dillema   

    How about changing to something else like Grunil.  You can even sell it after.  Heck I'm still trying to +15 my Grunil chest armor and I'm building 25 stacks with that.  I do the amity game to buy cheap grunil.. not market prices.
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  11. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Forced to go on welfare to gear up in BDO   

    Hammer Jammers... that brings up Diablo flashbacks.. haha
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  12. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    That is why I choose to take everything I hear with a grain of salt, even their own official announcements.  People are going to prod them hell out of them and get whatever news they can, then release it to the masses.  Who are they actually talking to when they message "Black Desert Online" on facebook?  Someone high up or a faceless customer service person (I think more than likely), who has heard something from someone else in the company that also heard it from someone that may know whats actually happening? How many times have you talked to any customer service team in any company and gotten multiple different answers? 
     They are aiming to have this stuff out by then? Great.  It's coming.  Pushed back? Damn.  It sucks, sure.. there's nothing we can really do.  They must have their reasons for them, we don't know anything.  I'm not going to sit here and throw tomatoes at them in a mob group and call them liars and thieves.  I will be angry because something that I was so hyped for is being delayed, but I'm not going to set fire to their forums and entice people to do the same.  Not implying you are of course, but that is all I see whenever any "news" breaks out in these forums.  People take up their pitchforks and march over here and demand answers and always think of the negatives.  Transparency from the company would be great.  My hopes were dashed when this game first came out and they said they don't know what's been patched in until they receive notes from the developers AFTER patching.  They obviously have no real power over whatever the developers want to push out over to here in NA.  They probably asked and were declined because they are managing primarily their own first and then other regions as well.  So they can announce things until the cows come home,  I'm not going to believe it until it's actually patched in.
    So yes,  I AM unsure of what to trust as you said.  But I can get over it and wait until it actually happens.  I'm on the low end of the awakening spectrum probably.  Maehwa 54 and Kunoichi 55.  I have a Ranger at 51 and Tamer at 43 that i'll probably start leveling just to try out their awakenings.
    Are we able to give them the benefit of the doubt that they would try to balance the game as if they were releasing them how they originally were?  Do we have any of that information?  Do we know what they did between awakening releases in KR?  Those appear to be staggered releases as well.  Not sure if they had any backlash for doing them one at a time.
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  13. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    I would say the "Official Announcement" post over a facebook chat reply would take precedence as that would have been their actual decision.  Of course,  it can and most likely will change.
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  14. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    They were Daum Kakao.. then shortened it to just Kakao.  
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  15. Brainpowered added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    Dude.. they will release one awakening every two weeks.  Leaving time in case there are bugs during their release.
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