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  1. Ninjerd added a post in a topic CP after 301+?   

    Don't forget to make all your alts so you can be dumping their energy every three days. I level them to 14 takes about 1 hour for each after your first time through.
    The reason for 14 is so everything is unlocked like NPC search and Enhancement. Works good and you only have to rush to the first scroll..
    That's not even in any alt gear but will put you at Velia
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  2. Ninjerd added a post in a topic Sorceress to strong!!!!!!   

    and then Diablo 3 is born
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  3. Ninjerd added a post in a topic CP after 301+?   

    At 180ish I was choking as well. once you hit 200 you'll have every city hooked up if you want 12-15 workers going. 3 big items in town at least (workshops or w/e usually 9-12 cp for those). At 180 you should easily get 5-7 cp a day running calph dailies and some others. plenty of videos if you really want it.
    Once you hit 200 you'll be a lot more comfortable..
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  4. Ninjerd added a post in a topic T5 Conquerors Horse MIA   

    If you are having the same problem I suggest checking each alt and visit one stable per alt. That should help. If you're just here to hi jack and rant and rave like Karack, go **** off!
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  5. Ninjerd added a post in a topic Pure Lead Crystal   

    The truth is that the tooltip is wrong. Literally I do not have what the tooltip shows as usual and its unlocked with quests....
    I got quests last night for Leather Glaze, Plywood Hardener, Metal Solvent, Sinners Blood, Wise Man's Blood, Elixir of wind, Legendary Beast Blood. It has to do with all 4 professions on the left side if you want these quests.
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  6. Ninjerd added a post in a topic T5 Conquerors Horse MIA   

    Fixed, closed and thanks ++
    Can lock or delete the thread!
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  7. Ninjerd added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fix Guild Phrase of the day
    Be precise and constructive.
    Take the time to explain your reasoning behind a feeling or a suggestion.Check if the suggestion you have in mind has already been shared. If it's the case, you can reply to it and we even added a like button just so you can promote that idea!Sharing is caring, maybe ask other players or friends you know what they think of your post before you click the "Submit" button.Be realistic. To add content requires a long time, Rome wasn't built in a day! 
    Its time to fix phrase of the day so we can get our guilds on track. we are all tired of the spam we have to send as GM's to our members.
    The reason it needs fixed is because the Notice box doesn't allow enough info in it. Please fix ASAP.
    HUGE Quality of Life for GM's
    Thanks for all the other fixes and Two new slots + character, love it!
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  8. Ninjerd added a post in a topic Node connection bug, huge issue @Iliya Island - please read!   

    Pretty sure you can click previous nodes on the next one in the chain you don't have it shows what It can connect to. There is one node I found from mediah that jumps you to velia it looks like. Not sure if this will help but it just might
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  9. Ninjerd added a post in a topic <Excel> Recruitment @ Edan   

    Beebop. Lets get us some new members
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  10. Ninjerd added a post in a topic <Excel> Recruitment @ Edan   

    For the weekend
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  11. Ninjerd added a post in a topic LF Guild   

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  12. Ninjerd added a post in a topic <Excel> Recruitment @ Edan   

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  13. Ninjerd added a post in a topic T5 Conquerors Horse MIA   

    Thanks so much I didn't want to trouble them ++
    Submitted last night TY.
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  14. Ninjerd added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    T5 Conquerors Horse MIA
    So part of my purchase was the T5 horse from the conqueror's package. One of the best items in the package IMO. It has disappeared.
    Uploaded you will find a copy of my DXDiag.
    I will also attach a screenshot to prove that my horse is missing and cannot be resurrected. This occurred I believe at Red Nose right next to his spawn area on the outside of his ring or down a bit from it.
    To be fair I'm not actually 100% where it died, but a GM should be able to look into it. I generally play on Valencia E2 but have now moved over to Velia E1 because its better there(no lag, monsters don't stop attacking, potions work, can collect and gather items, etc).
    So the problem is can I have my T5 horse back or is it lost because of all the lag from not being on Velia E1. Thanks.
    I am also submitting a ticket after this post.
    DXDiag is uploaded. and I will post an actual SS into the forums of my stable with all horses checked in. I have 7 alts.
    Love the game by the way ‌@CM_Jouska 
    4k pic hosted on image shack. PM me if these pictures are hogging up your system stuff.

    Thanks again,
    Ninjerd @‌ Edan <Excel>
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  15. Ninjerd added a post in a topic Worker promotion question   

    And a goblin this time LVL 21 blue. These workers, level 30 it is.
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