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  1. Blac added a post in a topic Spirit Legacy: Command(Shift+RC) vs Quick Slot   

    Yeah that fixed it, thanks.
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  2. Blac added a post in a topic Spirit Legacy: Command(Shift+RC) vs Quick Slot   

    Whenever I try this I just end up rolling backwards after the first cast. What am I doing wrong?
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  3. Blac added a post in a topic Latest Ranger Changes Summary   

    So far from what I've seen, they messed up our skill description on Natures tremble when it comes to cooldown time. The descriptions adds about 10 seconds to it but it still has a 13 second cooldown on the first level of it, which is the same as it used to be. So far nothing has changed but the description even though they said the cooldown was decreased, unless they meant in further upgrades. I've been messing around with skills and haven't tested further levels of skills yet.
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  4. Blac added a post in a topic [Edan]Looking to merge/move our group into another guild   

    Thank you to everyone who replied, we had an interesting time talking to a bunch of you but we have come to a decision. See you all around on Edan

    **This thread can be locked or deleted**
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  5. Blac added a post in a topic [Edan]Looking to merge/move our group into another guild   

    Rest assured if you have replied here, messaged me on the forums or in-game that I have seen it and will get back to everyone. We are just making sure to go over each and every offer with each guild, one at a time.
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  6. Blac added a topic in US Guild   

    [Edan]Looking to merge/move our group into another guild
    Hi, we're a smaller guild on Edan that is looking to move its core and active longtime members, about 15 people, into a new home. We are all 57-59 with reasonably competitive gear, have been around since head-start(some since KR version), have experience with pvp and node wars, like doing guild missions, and all between 20-30+ years old. You can expect no drama out of us as we have never had to kick anyone unless it was due to inactivity and maybe only had 1 or 2 people leave in 7 months. We are open to using whatever voice chat program you use but have really gotten to like discord. The reason why we are looking to find another guild is because we are looking to get more out of the game while still sticking together. We have gone through building the guild up to a decent number to only have it drop down to the same 10-15 people every few months from inactivity and don't want to keep repeating that cycle. 

    What we are really looking for is a guild that is between 20-40 truly active members and are laid back but still serious about the game at the same time. Somewhere where there isn't too many requirements, isn't too strict, yet still has good structure and expects to do most of what the game offers. I think what most really want right behind all that would be just to find a cool group of people to hang around with and just do things with that has stuff going on more than not. I'll mention it up front that depending on the size of that which would take us in,  that we probably won't even be asking for any officer positions as we would like to really incorporate ourselves into wherever we go and earn our keep, and then move up in the ranks.

    We would be bringing:
    Sorc: 3-4
    Ranger: 2-3
    Berzerker: 2
    Warrior: 1-2
    Valkyrie: 1
    Witch: 3
    Musa: 1-2
    Tamer: 1-2

    Some have multiple chars passed 57 and are fully geared so that's why  there isn't a set number for all of them.

    Feel free to message me here with any questions, concerns, anything really. You can also contact me in-game - Family name: Blac  | Character: Insertnamehere
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  7. Blac added a post in a topic Guild leaders need a Vice leader   

    I'm semi-necroing/bumping this because this is really needed in this game. Most other games have a form of vice or can even completely set/make individual ranks.
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  8. Blac added a post in a topic Scions of Aden [Edan][NA - PvX][Node] Looking for new recruits and open to absorb smaller guilds   

    We are still looking for all classes. Feel free to message me here or our officers in-game: Newara, MysticBlades, Zanna, Hemperor or Zes ingame.
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  9. Blac added a post in a topic BDO - Analysis of the current game mechanics and how P2W would affect them   

    Very nicely put. I imagine if one takes time to read all that you said here then there would be very little to disagree on, if anything.
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  10. Blac added a post in a topic EDAN - INGAME PROTEST 7pm USA Central @ Heidel, Chnl Velia 1   

    Scions is here! See a bunch of people here already  Let's not let other servers show us up!
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  11. Blac added a post in a topic Scions of Aden [Edan][NA - PvX][Node] Looking for new recruits and open to absorb smaller guilds   

    We are now open to taking people under level 50 and teaching them the ropes, but the higher the better 
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  12. Blac added a post in a topic Scions of Aden [Edan][NA - PvX][Node] Looking for new recruits and open to absorb smaller guilds   

    We had a nice trip into the desert last night

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  13. Blac added a post in a topic Information regarding the Tax collection period   

    So...For clarification, node war is down until further notice? 

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