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  1. Emmesty added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    A lot of these people enjoy being lied to, and gladly engage in supporting the liars.  I have a hard time believing that, in large, we're seeing many well adjusted adults still invested in this game.  It sadly strikes me like the wife who really wants to believe her husband works late every day and is the only plumber in existence who has frequent "travel meetings."  It's not my money and my time though, but I won't validate this infantile behavior by the community, by patting it on the head and telling them that they're all right and not getting a massive fist shaped lump of plastic shoved into sensitive areas.  Seriously, "thank you for not making something as pay to win or shitty as you could have", how pathetic are you people?  Thanks dad for only hitting me once, I can tell you're at 10 beer level drunk, and it could have been so much worse.
    I don't care what the argument is, "we" were told before the game launch that awakenings would launch at once to ensure competitive balance.  This is obviously not happening.  The only thing that makes sense as to why is that a staggered release schedule will encourage more cash sales due to the "hype" about a particular release motivating a purchase.  This wouldn't work with a single drop, since it's harder for people to justify $300 in one week.  $30 per week, is something I could talk myself in to though.
    So here's the conclusion.  You all eventually stop being victims and start being volunteers.  Honey, if she's going to lie to you about the small things, she'll lie to you about the big ones.  I your argument for every lie and money grab is: "well they have to make money somehow", you quickly end up contradicting yourself, and YOUR intellectual honesty is just as compromised as this tragic circus of a company.  Feel free to collectively fun immoral people who like to abuse the people they rely on to stay running.  I hope none of this offends the guy I'm replying to, since I understand his sentiments, but, the rest of you.  I hope you're truly and deeply offended, because you're morons and you should feel bad about that.
    Hey, so I know I signed up for that whole marital monogamy thing, buuuut I kind of changed my mind.  You know, it's not like I'm lying or anything, I just reconsidered my stance on only putting my ----- inside you and felt that other people should experience it.    
    If this sounds dumb, it's because it is, and you're dumb for thinking it's true.  Have a good day.  
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  2. Emmesty added a post in a topic Lies, deception, false advertising, those people have no morals & are incapable to feel shame. (Articles regarding this change from game sites inside)   

    Class action law suit is probably the best option, mostly to refund everyone the pre-purchase cost of the game, the subsequent purchases made in the cash shop would not be a supportable argument.  If there's enough support for this, assuming there are enough people even playing the game anymore who would notice this, I can look around for a law firm that would take it on.  I don't see it being a terribly hard case to win, especially when there is precedent for a buy to play system, archives of pre launch marketing material, and versions of this very game that can be compared to justify the refund.
    Anyway, good luck with whatever you guys decide to do, I haven't been invested in a few months due to the business decisions and poor management of this game.  I consider this one of the largest missed opportunities in localized gaming history.  These companies don't seem to understand the meaning of restraint when it comes to monetization of a product. 
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  3. Emmesty added a post in a topic Rollback the patch?   

    Good, I hope they do it in the tub.  That's the gentleman way to go.
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  4. Emmesty added a post in a topic I volunteer as tribute   

    Holy shit... I actually never thought of that.  There's gotta be some 9-15 year old in my small town that wants to make $5 per day to grind mobs and shit...  You're now my soul mate, especially if you don't want to be.
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  5. Emmesty added a post in a topic Duam, Just tell me now.   

    It's annoying as fukc
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  6. Emmesty added a post in a topic To clean up this forum from it's troll activity: Report posts   

    You're making the assumption that anyone gives a ----- if they get reported or banned from the forums.  For example, absolutely zero -----s given here, I really don't give a damn if my tone, content, or manner offends anyone's sensibilities, and I won't moderate my posts or hold my opinion because some SJW assclown gets his fee fees hurt and thinks I'm mean.  
    As further example, I have a single warning point for asking someone to voluntarily sterilize themselves, as I would like to increase the quality of the gene pool.  I stand by that shit and earnestly hope that guy has found a convenient supply of plutonium by now.
    TLDR: ----- you
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  7. Emmesty added a post in a topic Feedback - June 17th Update   

    I've been waiting for this, I actually enjoy the fishing system.  Now I wonder if we'll see more benefit from the mediah fishing rod or if the seagull hot spots will decrease the usefulness of this item like the old hot spot system did.
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  8. Emmesty added a post in a topic why remove exp penality from pvp was needed   

    You like the big  ----- then?  Not all that uncommon, just be sure to stretch first, aint nobody got time for cramps when you got a bull in the ring.
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  9. Emmesty added a post in a topic Transformation won't cost enerygy anymore ?   

    I'm pretty excited about this, I can now dump energy into more nodes, or gathering without doing a cost-benefit analysis every time.  In my opinion it opens a wider range of activities. 
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  10. Emmesty added a post in a topic why remove exp penality from pvp was needed   

    I have a tendency to go ahead and make them look stupid, but I'm not a very nice person at the best of times.
    Ephesians 5:11  Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.
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  11. Emmesty added a post in a topic Pearls refunded for Ghillie suit change   

    Whatever you have to tell yourself cupcake.  I like to blame outcomes on other people too when I don't get my way.
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  12. Emmesty added a post in a topic Basic lesson on probability   

    1) Your personal experience has zero application to factual analysis.  You can believe with all your heart based on your experience that you are a being that was made to fly, but if you jump off of a tall building, you fall like everyone else.  Natural law and basic mechanics give less of a ----- about your opinions than I do, and that's not a whole lot.
    2) Lotteries are not worldwide, so you're again wrong.
    3) Joe Palmarchuk from Michigan won the lottery twice.  Was that rigged or just basic probability?  I have been inside the lottery server rooms for my job, I can tell you from personal experience, there's no rigging going on there.  Those folks have a clearance system that puts GSA sites to shame, and they're paid well enough that risking their easy job to make someone else a lottery winner, isn't going to happen.  Maybe, some of these people are just more efficient at farming.  Maybe they have increased their drop potential.  Or, the most likely scenario, is that math is math and the likelyhood of someone getting 200 MoS drops in an hour is about as likely as someone getting 0 in 200 hours.  They BOTH CAN happen, but it's not very likely.
    4) Try using capitalization and conducting yourself like you have a brain, and maybe we'll talk about you being post-pubescent there kid.  Every post I see of yours, you conduct yourself as a petulant child hand wringing because daddy won't buy you the new bike you want.  You want to be taken seriously and not called a child?  Well the answer to that is simple. 
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  13. Emmesty added a post in a topic Basic lesson on probability   

    Just because you're too stupid to understand medium sized words and how things basically work, does not mean that the words and things haven no meaning.  Yes, some people get more things than other people, just like some people win the lottery and other people play their whole lives and never win.  Stay at the kid's table, adults are talking.
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  14. Emmesty added a post in a topic Basic lesson on probability   

    And this is why you continue to be the sad joke of these forums.  You're so dumb that you can't see how idiotic you sound.
    I shouldn't have to tell anyone this in the modern day with computers and technology everywhere, but what exactly do you think a program is?  Every bit of data that you use to post your retardation is a math problem consisting of binary math to determine what letter number you wish to share with everyone.
    So, being that all technology is predicated on a syntax logic, which determines outcomes on static variables, it is reasonable to assume that these games, being technology, are subject to the same rules of outcome calculations.
    The only alternative I suppose is literal server gnomes manually watching your actions on a 62" phillips panel and hitting the "----- you" button every time you kill something.   That scenario I just set out is about as likely and intelligent as your brainless word vomit.
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  15. Emmesty added a post in a topic RNG too brutal for game to ever be popular   

    I have pri accs each at only 15 fail stacks.  I barely play the game during the week.  I'm not saying this to make anyone here feel bad, just to re-enforce the point that I was lucky.  Not skillful, and not exceptional in any way except the dice rolled my numbers several times.
    I've always thought there should be a vendor that will sell you the rare accessories at the cost of several broken versions.  Say 4 broken witch earrings will get you 1 back.  It doesn't solve the rng frustration, but softens the financial and time impact of having bad luck.
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