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  1. MechSoldier added a post in a topic The Future of Black Desert Online.   

    The market is also currently severly unbalanced in terms of the price of crafting materials and crafted goods, but that seems to be more the fault of the marketprice algorithm they have set up. It is also oversaturated in areas while bone dry in others.
    Again, we go back to my previous point of something along the lines of a trade allowance. Let's say a level 50 has a daily value limit of 500,000 silver they can send and receive per day (not a lot, but an amount someone that level could get without much difficulty). They have a +14 Yuria Longsword they want to trade to one of their guildmates, but being valued at over 14 million silver on the market, is inherently too expensive to trade to anybody, so they still have to auction it. They might get away with trading a black stone or two at the very least, but it would eat up their allowance for the day in a heartbeat. However, it would still make the exchanging of regular goods a possibility, giving another option to players rather than forcing them to expend all their (or their worker's) energy, or have to use the market. I see that much better compared to restricting trade to only potions and food and then having them become bound to you afterward.
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  2. MechSoldier added a post in a topic The Future of Black Desert Online.   

    Thing is, it's currently there already, so trade is an intended, but experimental feature and I would rather see it go in a more positive and secure way instead of "oh, it's there but it's kind of pointless"
    It'd give crafters like myself something additional to do together outside of killing things, for one.
    And using that car example as well, the needs vary based off of regions. If companies manufactured cars all the same, we would all have steering wheels on the right side even though not all of us drive on the left side of the road.
    They are working on tailoring the game to our region.
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  3. MechSoldier added a post in a topic The Future of Black Desert Online.   

    I'm going to stop you there and point out that neither side are the minority and Daum has acknowledged that we are split down the middle.
    As for the goldseller point you made, while I agree that a free market trade would allow all kinds of abuse to flood in, a properly implemented trade system that limits trade to giving/receiving a value appropriate to one's level, preventing massive amounts of value to be transferred between one another, preventing low levels from gearing themselves out excessively from the get-go from either goldsellers or their friends. A system like that would work rather than no system at all.
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  4. MechSoldier added a post in a topic The Future of Black Desert Online.   

    We originally wanted to specialize in certain aspects that would benefit one another, such as I gather and process, he crafts. I fish, he trades. Instead, we are both jacks of all trades, masters of none. Best described by him: "It feels like there are walls between us" And here I am, trying to voice my ideas in hopes it at least changes something.
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  5. MechSoldier added a post in a topic The Future of Black Desert Online.   

    That was basically my tree chopping journey today to upgrade myself to a ferry. Did the math. It requires 1000 ash logs for the 20 plywood (if processing hates you and doesn't give any bonuses). My friend wants to help build it because he would be onboard it fishing whenever I go out to fish as well. But since he can't give me crafting materials, the logs he has in storage will continue to stay there. We both benefit from it, but instead I have to do all the work and he simply goes off and does something else because I'm busy with solo crafting.
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  6. MechSoldier added a post in a topic The comunnity wants Player Trading   

    During an interview with Daum, they pointed out trade opinions were split down the middle. Neither side are the minority (even though it isn't so black and white. There are those who want free trading, others who want limited value trading, others who want item restrictions, others who want it as-is and those who want no trading at all for various reasons). I have seen rediculous arguments on both sides. If trade were to be expanded to allow more items, it would require one of two things to prevent abuse:
    1) Trade restrictions (value caps per level, can only give/receive X amount per day)
    2) Post-trade item restrictions (Character/family bind on trade, cannot sell or craft with traded items)
    Lack of trading materials has been overall a turnoff for this game for me and my group, making crafting into an antisocial experience for us. We still play, but mostly we go off and do our own things since the only times we can help eachother out is if we have some food to trade, are going on kill quests or are going out fishing on my boat.
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  7. MechSoldier added a post in a topic Player to Player Trading, Do YOU want it? Cast your Vote!   

    Free trade, yes, it would open that door. Limiting trade, however, will mitigate that considerably. Such as a daily allowance amount per level.
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  8. MechSoldier added a post in a topic Player to Player Trading, Do YOU want it? Cast your Vote!   

    The counterarguments I've been seeing are "no goldspammers", "just put your items up on the market, wait 10-30 minutes then have your friend buy them off of you", "stop being lazy and do it yourself. I like the game without trading" and of course, there are the ones with "no trading" with no explanation given. Oh, and the ones that go off on some wild tangent unrelated to what you said.
    I've seen people doing that regardless, and it's not much different than the rest of the spam cancer filling the forums, people asking to exchange letters of repayment, looking for groups with summon scrolls, all the guild ads, scam/spam bots, the alienware/trump trolls. The global chat is a cesspool.
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  9. MechSoldier added a post in a topic Player to Player Trading, Do YOU want it? Cast your Vote!   

    I'll just leave these here. Rather than post-trade item restrictions, trade restrictions that scale by level (the higher your level, the more you can give/receive) would be a much more viable option.

    I'm told the first one is too complicated, so a friend devised this one.

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  10. MechSoldier added a post in a topic Change horse delete to "set free"   

    Reminds me of an older gamercat comic. This would equivalently be Black Desert with horses if we set all the junk ones free.

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  11. MechSoldier added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Daum - Why the hell can't we trade or mail items to friends?   

    I'm going to reiterate how frustrating it is to not be able to trade with my friends. I'm upgrading to a ferry and to do so, I'm going to need a lot of ash logs (1000 to be specific if processing hates me (5 logs per plank, 10 planks per plywood, 20 plywood for the ferry)) My friends want to donate their ash logs to me that they've got in storage or want to spend their own energy points chopping down trees to make collection faster (essentially substituting my workers), but instead I have to do all the work, the gathering, the processing, using worker stamina to refine and then build the thing we all are going to be benefiting from. Instead of getting my friends to help contribute, they simply go off and do other things by themselves until I finish and they come along for the ride.
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  12. MechSoldier added a post in a topic Please, don't be greedy   

    Costumes shouldn't equal the base price of the game. They either need to lower the price on them or lower the 1:1 currency exchange ratio between real money and Daum Cash. As for the dye system, it either needs to become permanent or they need to add basic dye sellers in each town (think Diablo merchants for this one)
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  13. MechSoldier added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Daum - Why the hell can't we trade or mail items to friends?   

    The market is also severely over-saturated in certain aspects, and bone dry in others. While I agree items need a revaluation and the min/max market algorithm needs reworking, I feel ones I suggested would still be viable options. None of them are perfect, I admit.
    The first one was more of a reward system for those who partied up and played together, but there is the possibility all others in a party could just funnel their funds to one account (even though the amount that account could output would also be limited unless they use the auction house) and I do feel there are groups of people who would fall between the seats with this one. The second one I feel would be able to do its job to mitigate abuse while allowing everybody to trade. With the daily allowance in place, the bots would have to become a much higher level, as well as the customers.
    Let's say hypothetically goldsellers still try to work with the daily allowance idea and a level 50 bought 14 million silver from them. If the level 50 can only receive 500,000 silver per day, it would take 28 days for it all to go through. A player can easily make more than that, but it still leaves the opening for actual items, loot and materials to be traded between one another.
    While I see Daum's intentions here, the post-trade item restrictions currently implemented do more harm than help. Anything that could have been crafted before simply can't now. If they expand on that using the same restrictions, it would discourage everybody using it for productive purposes.
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  14. MechSoldier added a post in a topic Dyeable Life Clothes   

    Apprentice gatherer's uniform.
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  15. MechSoldier added a post in a topic Dyeable Life Clothes   

    Yes. I would love to have this. (Especially if costume conversion coupons ever make an appearance)
    I don't want this green. I want it red.

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