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  1. Dhaos added a post in a topic Enchanting failure rates   

    was going to put 900,000k, but 900,000,000 look better. Seriously, I wish I wait for a month for TET and buy one, cheaper.
    When RNG kick you, it kicks real hard.
    One of my guildy enchant the Blue version and got up to 106 FS just for TRI, but repair cost is still cheaper than mine with using memories.
    Well guess what? Me and many others have to RNG to just buy them off MP.
    If more people like us doing this, then it will be a big problem since very few would be on sale.
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  2. Dhaos added a post in a topic Enchanting failure rates   

    That's why I forced all boss and yellow weapon from +12 to +15.
    In the past 2 weeks, I have failed 15 TRI attempt, average 6-10 fails to get back to DUO, lost almost 900,000,000 silver total.
    Now I have 5 chars with 55-61 FS, 7 chars with 40-44 FS and I have to use 40 FS character to get back to DUO.
    I have given up on trying TRI again and basically camping MP to buy it.
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  3. Dhaos added a post in a topic How many Pearls does it take to fix the servers?   

    After failing 15 times TRI and wasting around 900m just to get my Dandelion Veridant to TRI, I am forced back to MONTHS of life skill again.
    So how many Pearls? ZERO since it's a game currency and it has no power outside of the game since the more you spent, the more Kaokao thinks they are doing it right.
    It's like you are inside a box and try to change what is OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. IMPOSSIBLE. The only way is to buy the game publisher's rights or Pearl Abyss and make the changes yourself.
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  4. Dhaos added a post in a topic RNG Gods Have Shunned Me?   

    14 failed TRI here and average of 5-10 failed each times to get back to DUO.
    I have wasted around 860 MILLIONS silver total just to get Dandy Verdiant to TRI but still fail. Seriously, I gave up now and just buy TRI and sell my CURSED DUO.
    4 char with 55-58 FS, 5th on 48 FS and 6 char with 41-44 FS. I have failed 9 times up to 40 FS just to get back to DUO, that's why I just completely give up and going to buy things from MP from now on.
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  5. Dhaos added a post in a topic This game is DEAD [Sarcasm]   

    You do know many games change the status of what of their server condition, right?
    I play enough games to know the first few months, the status "crowd" or "full" are much higher and then months later the amount require to trigger this got lower.
    The best example is Age of Wushu, easily manipulate and got found out later the server "full" is not exactly the same as before since less guild, less people on the road for PK and you can tell right away, but company continue to say they didn't lower the limit set for "full" until server merge when not enough people to do school stealing event, LOL.
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  6. Dhaos added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    1 year of playing and I have 2 billions and most of my boss gears are DUO.
    Now I mostly AFKing as a reminder of RNG in this game and using this game as a reminder to stop me from playing another MMO.
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  7. Dhaos added a post in a topic remove the invulnerability time when relic bosses spawn   

    Sigh, this is where you are wrong. Artisan Memories are put into game because people complaint about relics since KR Liverto day, PA saw to this and learn they can make more money with Artisan.
    With relic scroll faster and easier to do:
    1. Memories price will go down since it is so much easier to do and thus people would often refer to buy it from MP.
    2. There are always insane amount of relics on sale at all time. Currently there are over 12,000 in MP, so there are always surplus amount of relics.
    3. The price of memories will go down at all time so people have less reasons to buy Artisan. Like first 2 months of the game, relics were 400k to 500k and memories at 350k each, you think people will buy more artisan or regular memories?
    Not to mention Memories are sale at market in bulk of 10, wonder why they do this?
    The same reason why they design the basic clothing look so bad, so people have more reasons to buy fashion and outfit, even some were free in beta later found in Cash Shop.
    This is market strategy for Cash Shop, not just in this game, but in most MMO games now day.
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  8. Dhaos added a post in a topic +15 Green failtack nerf\bug\scam? WTF?   

    It was a while back, argue with an idiot who keep saying RNG and we both got 1 day ban after since he stalks my post and I got angry and curse back.
    It mostly from my observation since guild members also kind of confirm this many times like during New Year, he got several DUO including DUO Laytenn which really lucky of him.
    Also you can see it more clearly from collect crops in farming. If a fence is good, it always able to collect 30+ crops or 2 more more seeds. If a fence is bad, then you will try all you want, but always less than 20 crops and mostly 1 seed.
    Many days, I collect less than 1000 crops total and some days in Waves, I could get over 1100 to 1300 easily.
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  9. Dhaos added a post in a topic +15 Green failtack nerf\bug\scam? WTF?   

    That's where my WAVES theory come from and I got so many idiots to say otherwise.
    Gathering, Boss Loots and even farming. I have done it countless of times for MONTHS and I notice that sometimes I couldn't get anything good for a whole day or couple days, then when the WAVES come, I get all the good things in a row.
    Seriously, like today, I got Liverto, Bheg's Glove in another channel, and 3m Gold Bar from bosses whereas for the last 3 days, I got Hunter's Seals only from Karanda in 3 different channels, Seals and some craps stone from Tree, Bheg and such.
    Same with gathering, either nothing for several days or sharps and Hard back to back.
    But hey, guess it's "tinfold" hat when you play for months doing the same things and some idiots come in and say "RNG" without even understand the type of RNG or even system in this game.
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  10. Dhaos added a post in a topic Hello darkness, my old friend..   

    Or be stupid like me and bought 7 of Laytenn at 95m each at first place after reset, then about to to smash them together and friends and such keep failing DUO, so chicken out and bought a DUO instead and sold back 7 Laytenn at a lost of 108m total.
    Ya, I know I know, I shouldn't be -----, but after 420 memories and still have my Dandy +14 or 17 times in a row failed to get DUO for Bheg and 10 fails in a row after to get back to DUO.
    With RNG history like that, you too would be scare to even try to PRI, let's alone DUO.
    Edit: On a bright side, I saw 6 Failed in TET of Ogre Ring or Laytenn so far, that's 2.5 Billions worth gone just like that.
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  11. Dhaos added a post in a topic Am I in the wrong for being salty about Artisan Memories?   

    It's not insult to point out the truth what you lacked of or failed to understand.
    I find it funny people point out again and again that Artisan Memory not only use to enchant gears, but also to make money and bypass Pearl Weekly Limit.
    So if you continue to not understand this concept despite people point out to you again and again. Are you telling me not using your brain? Or something else I miss for you to continue to ignore this very important point.
    Oh wait I know, you are not lacking the use of your brain, you are just using them LESS since people have to point this out to you so many times for months.
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  12. Dhaos added a post in a topic Am I in the wrong for being salty about Artisan Memories?   

    Oh you again, still defend P2W like this to no end.
    Sure Artisan Memory can't bypass RNG, but it can BYPASS WEEKLY PEARL LIMIT. Lots of people with brain unlike you spent lots of Artistan Memory to make TRI equipment, then sell it for money and then either use that money to try TET or buy TET, thus a different way to bypass RNG.
    That's P2W in of itself, using Real Money to directly/indirectly convert into game money and buy high end equipment.
    Or you are still clueless and think Artisan Memory won't do that, LOL.
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  13. Dhaos added a post in a topic For me the answer is finally...yes   

    420 memories later and my aard still +14. I try to avoid enchant anymore these past 2 days and just AFK fishing.
    I failed 17 times once to get Bheg's Glove to DUO and another 10 times in row for DUO alone.
    So I just AFK and AFK more, seriously I shudder at the message of people failing TET everyday, it is just sad that the thing destroy this game is RNG, extreme RNG.
    The RNG is so bad I have to go back and play Guild Wars 2 while this game on AFK Fishing to recover back to 600 memories.
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  14. Dhaos added a post in a topic China just ban Locked Boxes from MMO games.   

    China has entered the MMO market as major producers and more of their games are getting better.
    Who will play? You do play KR games now, what make you think you won't play Chinese MMO when there are a good one?
    I play 2 Chinese MMO and what I found out is that they did it right with PvP. I mean lots of PvP contents and activities and they make money on RAGE PURCHASE.
    Nevertheless, their MMO has good PvP and sandbox, many people will flock to it. Their CS is not out of inconvenience, but based on time saving which mostly support features, the P2W crowd here will love it.
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  15. Dhaos added a post in a topic China just ban Locked Boxes from MMO games.   

    Both of them got their heads cut off. I like watching the 3 Kingdoms as well until I learn their fates, no wonder most series or show never go beyond after the forming of the 3 Kingdoms because it is just brutally hurt to learn the truth later.
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