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  1. notAlpha added a post in a topic Fix the Servers   

    Well F this shit. Died 3 times to this desync bullshit, which is just the last straw for me. I tried giving it a fair shot after half a year but you guys continue to disappoint. We've got a publisher that's not worth a damn. On top of that there's the Grind, Desync, Pop-in, Constant updates which have been problems since day one. Life skills are basically an afk simulator. Finally the worse is the sycophantic fanboys defending this game from all criticism. Just the other day a whole thread was deleted for pointing out issues. I guess they don't want to hear it.
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  2. notAlpha added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    This company is so weird how it will release tons of really necessary quality of life features to the game then just mention it as a footnote in a patch note on the forum like it's nothing. I mean, it's like I'm impressed and annoyed at the same time. Is there a word for that?
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  3. notAlpha added a topic in General   

    Criticism of Poor Explanations
    I'm not against a challenge (in fact, I built 2 ships in the launch week of the game just so you know where I'm coming from), but so much of even the basic stuff in this game is barely understood at a glance. Today, I decided to reform my armor and ended up wasting a few million silver just because I didn't get how armor reform stones work and then found I had probably wasted a few million silver more. I had the crazy expectation that using a yellow one turned your gear yellow. I was surprised when it turned blue. So, then I tried a blue one and it also turned blue. I was also surprised when using another yellow one reverted it back. This reminded me of all the blue gear which I had been sniping for pieces to repair so that they could be listed on the mp for months. I was glad to know all the time and money I wasted when I could have just reverted it back with one of these 100k+ green ones. So, I said "----- it" and searched for like 20 mins for something that explained wtf these things do, until the best thing I found just explained how to make the ultimate reform and save myself the trouble. I probably explained this pretty damn poorly, so if you didn't get it welcome to my world.
    Anyway, my point is this is one example of many. I know there's a bunch of guides and information for everything in this game somewhere, but I just don't get why you have to end up searching up information for literally just about everything. It's especially frustrating when they keep changing so many things and guides are constantly getting outdated. So, the thing is this is only going to become a bigger problem in the future. Me and other scrubs are constantly asking questions in guild and channel chat and for the most part, the community is super helpful, but I don't really think it's the community job to make up for the lack of information from developers. I don't think you need to know everything about how everything works but the way they hide information in this game borders on ridiculous.
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  4. notAlpha added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    Gawd! This game is always updating! I mean I know it's a good thing but...ughhh... (1st world probs amirite)
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  5. notAlpha added a post in a topic What's this crap about SECOND awakenings?   

    Can they awaken some mounted combat too, please.
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  6. notAlpha added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crate Guide - 2nd Year Anniversary   

    Ah yes the 2nd anniversary of the great Calpheon Timber Crate Guide! We shall drink to days ends for the legendary feat...
    ...I don't know if you're being silly or karma-whoring, but nice guide...whatever...
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  7. notAlpha added a post in a topic Is BDO P2W?   

    It's more like pay to have a life.
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  8. notAlpha added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    It's my opinion that life skills get shat on in this game, mainly because of the communistic auction house. I hear the same argument repeated a million times. That it takes less effort than grinding, so it should cost less. If that's the case give us a free market and see how much things will actually cost. Then every can take their "opinion" out of the discussion entirely.
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  9. notAlpha added a post in a topic Wasn't really sure how to search for this   

    Thanks all.
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  10. notAlpha added a topic in General   

    Wasn't really sure how to search for this
    Can someone give me a general idea of what a good enough ap/ dp is for valencia. I tried going into valencia with 95 AP and I think 109 dp and I didn't fair to well to say the least. I'm not doing pvp yet, just for pve.
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  11. notAlpha added a post in a topic Looking to have some fun with production again.   

    That is true. The sea expansion kind of got me hyped. I'm definitely going to build myself a big ole ship for it, and you're right I definitely could just sale the mats. It's just (how can I explain it) I really only need 1 ship. I want to get myself a bunch of workers and manage them again, but once you're done with one project you have to reinvest contribution points, and all your workers can't transfer to another town for you, so it's just kind of a big unnecessary hassle. That's what i did last time I built myself 3 ships, sold 1. Then I sold all the extra mats and tried reinvesting my contribution points some place else.
    I guess a better question then is where is a good place to set-up again? Calpheon? Someplace in Mediah? I used to be based in Velia, but it's so far from other places it seems.
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  12. notAlpha added a post in a topic Looking to have some fun with production again.   

    Finally, an answer that's not a critique of my character. Thanks.
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  13. notAlpha added a post in a topic Looking to have some fun with production again.   

    Well, I could, but I can't gain back the workers or the contribution points I put in certain places, and I don't want to have really long inefficient routes. So, I was wondering if there was someone who didn't quit who was still into this stuff who could give me some advice. It doesn't really take away the "funny part" for me to ask what works or not.
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  14. notAlpha added a topic in General   

    Looking to have some fun with production again.
    Okay, so I've been playing this game again, and I want to get back into the most fun part of the game for me, the node system. So, I used to build ships in the beta before I realized how everything worked, and what a waste of time it was. After that I kind of destroyed my whole production line and just focused on grinding. I'm looking to get back into it as I level up to my awakening. I'm wondering if anyone knows something profitable I can produce with workers to sell or trade run or something (preferably something more complicated than chopping down a few trees). I think if I found something like that I wouldn't get bored again after I finish leveling.
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  15. notAlpha added a post in a topic Hey guys old beta player with a question   

    Well, I have 3 of these value packs on my account for some reason. I guess I could try my luck again. If I'm around when the naval update comes out I would really like to build those. I guess I'll take my time and grind up to 55 and see if there's anything worth crafting. I do really love the node system in this game.
    Also, I have no idea what "GS" is.
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