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  1. Naab added a post in a topic Berserker gear after bhegs.   

    I havent lost a single crystal in PvP since the patch that removed losing exp in PvP, nor did anyone from my guild with positive karma (or, atleast, they didnt tell anyone about it if they had). Are you sure it wasnt a mob that dealt the last hit to you?
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  2. Naab added a post in a topic Trying to make cannonballs, could use some advice   

    This, you need to gather them (with Hoe equiped). They are mostly around the Becker NPC (the one that gives the hourly repeatable quest) area and on the other side of the road.
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  3. Naab added a post in a topic My Skill Awakening Guide (For Both PVE/PVP)   

    There is so much wrong with your post, I dont even know where to begin. Are you, by any chance, trolling?
    First, it heals way more often than every 2 seconds. It also heals more with more mobs surrounding you. There may be an internal cooldown, or a limit on number of mobs it can lifesteal from, but it is nowhere near what you are describing.
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  4. Naab added a post in a topic What the absolute F****   

  5. Naab added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    Umm, the Oros has one slot too, you know....
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  6. Naab added a post in a topic Wrong tooltip or wrong damage.   

    The fact that Valkyries exists in this game completely invalidates your point, though....
    Besides, Zerker is more of a Bruiser rather than Tank.
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  7. Naab added a post in a topic Tamer heilights from recent patch!   

    Uhh, the mana usage is actually an advantage (for Tamers anyway), because it can be recovered via pots, but stamina cannot.
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  8. Naab added a post in a topic looking for Tamer build pvp   

    Is there a reason why most builds being posted leave Surging Tide at rank 1? Assuming the tooltip isnt wrong (wouldnt surprise me), rank 2 or more should apply the guard/block effect even when used during cooldown. Anyone tested this?
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  9. Naab added a post in a topic 195 DP and without DP (shocker!)   

    Because the DP value shown in your equipment tab = Damage Reduction + Evasion. If you are testing only how much dmg you take per hit, you are effectively ignoring the Evasion part of the DP. Also, different classes and different armor sets can very well have different Evasion/Dmg Red.values.
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  10. Naab added a post in a topic Zerker HP   

    Grunil set bonus (150 HP) + 2 chest gem slots (200 HP) + 2 helm slots (100 HP) + guild HP bonus (100 HP). Also, defensive Rings/Earrings give +HP.
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  11. Naab added a post in a topic What makes us even remotely decent in GvG?   

    Your gear is bad for GvG. What you have is farming/1v1 gear, not GvG.
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  12. Naab added a post in a topic Why do so many of our skills have 'reduced PvP damage'?   

    That is not a "Zerker only" issue, though. Every class is like this (well, except the ones without an awakening).
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  13. Naab added a post in a topic Why do so many of our skills have 'reduced PvP damage'?   

    Wrath/Ire are not used for damage, they are too easily avoided and even if they did have full dmg in pvp, you could do more damage with FD smash anicancel, or BWS spam. They are mostly used for the block (both PvE and PvP) and sometimes knockdown (only in PvE/mass PvP or against bad players).
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  14. Naab added a post in a topic Thanks!   

    Tested right now in arena. Grabs go through (damage/KDs/KBs/Stuns dont, unless they are hitting you from the back).
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  15. Naab added a post in a topic Thanks!   

    Or they can just circle around you and nuke you from the back
    Also, like any other block, it does not make you immune to grabs.
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