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  1. SMEXY added a post in a topic When is XignCode getting updated??   

    Lol how old are you? I want to play the game I paid for but I'm not going out of my way to do so. I have personal information on my system that I deem more valuable than this game. It's their job to fix this the right way.
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  2. SMEXY added a post in a topic White Knights are Absent   

    Wait you're saying people are actually playing BDO right now? What about Xigncode???
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  3. SMEXY added a topic in Technical Issues   

    When is XignCode getting updated??
    This is ridiculous... I haven't been able to play this for nearly 2 weeks now since updating to Windows 10 Anniversary.
    And no, I won't disable driver signature enforcement. Have the company behind XignCode fix this already FFS. 
    • 6 replies
  4. SMEXY added a post in a topic STOP THIS MADNESS!!!   

    Back in 2012 I deleted my bad ass Ranger in Aion in a fit of rage due to wasting 2 billion Kinnah on RNG bullshit. I was done with that BS and never looked back.
    When you've had enough it's time to move on.
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  5. SMEXY added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    I'm too old to care anymore. 10 years ago (L2/WoW) I would have given a damn.
    I'm a casual now with a family, job, and limited time. 
    You guys keep fighting the good fight.
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  6. SMEXY added a post in a topic Node unlocking question   

    Thanks guys I figured it out now. And thanks for the map @haybreee. That really helped!
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  7. SMEXY added a topic in General   

    Node unlocking question
    Does anyone know why the nodes for this area aren't showing up for me? Speaking to the node manager in any hub around my location doesn't give me the option to invest in it.
    I'm trying to set up my grind area for 30-35 (currently level 31.)

    • 4 replies
  8. SMEXY added a post in a topic Way to change pet name?   

    I see. No option in the pet menu or cash shop.
    Looks like breeding is the only way. Thanks anyways!
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  9. SMEXY added a post in a topic Black desert SLI scaling?   

    SLI keep my GPUs at ~60F which is just under the threshold before the fans go wild on my laptop. If I run on one card then I'm at ~75F and I need to use headphones due to the noise.
    Performance wise... ~10 FPS more, if that.
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  10. SMEXY added a topic in General   

    Way to change pet name?
    Is there a way to change your pet's name?
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  11. SMEXY added a post in a topic Help please... Do you see the game like this? Graphics   

    1440p = 720p x 4 = "quad HD".  720p is considered HD.
    4K = 1080p x 4 = "quad FHD".  1080 is considered Full HD
    You may have noticed a trend regarding the "p" though. The industry is moving away from it.
    its now: HD, FHD, 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k, 8k.
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  12. SMEXY added a post in a topic Bright nights=bug?   

    I made a ticket for them to leave it as is. Enough of this darker nights nonsense.
    It looks perfect the way it is now.
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  13. SMEXY added a post in a topic Daum is kind of sneaky...   

    so does Nexon.
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  14. SMEXY added a post in a topic Daum is kind of sneaky...   

    I'll do you one better. Why pearls in the first place? Just price the damn things directly in USD/EUR.
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  15. SMEXY added a post in a topic why arent there female workers??   

    They haven't introduced stoves in the cash shop yet. That's why.
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