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  1. smaili added a post in a topic ranger awakening is ridiculously overpowered   

    here is the OP gear for ppl wondering  https://gyazo.com/0142308ab5a7daf3f5b929331d1a5a57
    tamer is OP if you can play it, perma iframe + grab and tamer with 170 ap can one combo full tri boss armor after grab
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  2. smaili added a post in a topic [Updated] Shovels & Bottles Temporarily Disabled   

    Look like there was a way to bug shoveling so it consume energy only when you get hard/sharp shard
    @CM_Aethon  will there be taken any action against ppl who exploited the shoveling bug ? they could've make billins from that exploit
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  3. smaili added a post in a topic Awakened title   

    you get title after finishing the quests and if you was in top 100 kakao gonna announce in few days the winners for the 2nd title
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  4. smaili added a post in a topic Rangers Used to Lead the Way.....   

    you are clueless about your own class and you talk about rangers current state, topkek
    and to all your questions the answer is witch/wiz then tamer/sorc
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  5. smaili added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    cant beat them, report them - the fgts way
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  6. smaili added a post in a topic Get ready to get ganked last 3   

    what, they are reworking all witch skills ? Any korean links for this info ?
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  7. smaili added a post in a topic Dark Flame is back and better than ever. RIP non-sorcs   

    you need whole 4 DFs to kill 4k hp, 290 DP berserker ... you think its easy to spam 4 DFs ? ?????
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  8. smaili added a post in a topic Secret Shop - Zaka/Boss armor   

    Nope, korea removed field bosses during closed beta, the night vendor was added with media update, the field bosses and the night vendor have nothing to do with each other.
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  9. smaili added a post in a topic please stop with the refund posts spamming and here is why   

    Nope, the change to the costume and the text was made last week with the maintance , the siege/node wars was announced a month ago and they refund ppl since the announce
    Are for real thinking we want to keep the costume and get the pearls refunded ? LIKE SRSLY ?
    I know this gonna blow your mind BUT the costume actully had 2 functions not one, and they changed how the 4 parts costume work , not the 3 part , I hope you can comprehend that
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  10. smaili added a post in a topic please stop with the refund posts spamming and here is why   

    You are right it doesn't say it anywhere , but after last patch it actually say it
    So daum pulled bait and switch on us with ghillie, they could include that info at the launch but they didnt, and since they offer to refund ppl who bought it since the announcement of the node/siege wars on 18th may and not after the change, daum knows pretty well why ppl buy the suit and its not for gathering.
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  11. smaili added a post in a topic PM_WHoShouldNotBeNamed lied about siege/node wars timing and now they refuse to refund ppl who trusted him   

    Oh yea ty, atleast we can follow the rules, even if daum fail to deliver on their end and punish the player for daums delays
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  12. smaili added a topic in General   

    PM_WHoShouldNotBeNamed lied about siege/node wars timing and now they refuse to refund ppl who trusted him
     In the pm dairy on 15 jan @PM_Belsazar said about sieges/node wars, http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8038-pm-diary-22-cash-shop-and-more/
    This look pretty much like the sieges are ready and that's announcement for their timeline. Few weeks after the game launch they decided to go with newer version of node/sieges and they got delayed.
    On 30th match we got media announced http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/59847-new-region-mediah/ , with the RBF and there was no info ghillie wont work in the battleground or they gonna disable it in a later update.
    And now that they changed how ghillie work they refuse to refund the pearls for older purchases with the excuse - "The reason for this deadline is that the announcement of Siege war was posted on May 18th. If Siege war was your main reason for buying the Ghillie Suit, then it would have been bought after May 18th and not before it." , well I guess we shouldn't have trusted what @PM_Belsazar said in the pm dairy about the siege timeline, that they are ready but gonna be delayed for 4 weeks after launch to give ppl time to prepare.
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  13. smaili added a post in a topic Feedback - June 17th Update   

    git gud
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  14. smaili added a post in a topic Sorc nerf and my thoughts   

    1 skill spam get fixed... time to quit ! 
    git gud scrub
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  15. smaili added a post in a topic Feedback - June 17th Update   

    did sorcs git gud or still cry and want to spam 1 skill ?
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