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  1. Geobryn added a post in a topic Just show us hidden stats   

     triggered much ? is he paying you to defend him or something ?
    you know it is still possible the accuracy is not equal to 1, i did not invalidate his point....
    some ppl are just stupid i guess...
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  2. Geobryn added a post in a topic Just show us hidden stats   

    if i go by the DP example RCE will brake the math as 2 ≠ 3

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  3. Geobryn added a post in a topic Week One NPC popularity contest results! EU embarrasses itself   

    grace lauren FTW
    i mean, you do the hard work to make a delicious chocolate and lara just toses it to the kids and deve will let it rot in warehouse
    grace will swallow (the chocolate ofc, what did you think about ?) and ups you chances with lauren boxes its a nobrainer imo
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  4. Geobryn added a post in a topic Margoria Phantom Ship   

    hm... that is strange every time it happened to me i just killed the skeleton and the ship disappeared
    maybe the patch broke it ?
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  5. Geobryn added a post in a topic Black spirit quest bug   

    for the armor i had to forfeit the preparing for media quest, the one which needs you to lvl to 52, and retake it from black spirit
    it will autocomplete and give you the armor
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  6. Geobryn added a post in a topic Dim and roaring stuff   

    same here, armor at roaring off hand stuck at sealed
    also got basteer off hand, safe to delete ? or is there any chain quest ?
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  7. Geobryn added a post in a topic [poll] Harpoon Fishing and Epheria Sailboat   

    since when is harpooning "challenging" or any "danger" involved ? 
    you just set the autopath to the edge of juur sea then move a meter into margoria sea and start harpooning for the weekly 
    no danger, no challenge it only takes longer to get to the point and the harpooning itself takes roughly 30 sec per fish
    atleast let us harpoon the sailboat like in archeage to tow the fish boat there
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  8. Geobryn added a post in a topic [poll] Harpoon Fishing and Epheria Sailboat   

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  9. Geobryn added a post in a topic Many top guilds prefer not to recruit shortsword classes   

    but but... we have a staff!
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  10. Geobryn added a post in a topic Increase Epheria Sailboat speed   

    what does "The contract can be extended after the expiration date." mean at green+ Bravant ?
    the white one does not have it in description... is there any guide to sailors ? how many of them you can have ? can you use guild sailors ? can you use any worker ?
    also can someone check if you can slot totem into prow slot ? that could be quite significant speed boost...
    i am 2 days away from my boat as i ditched the weekly QQ
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  11. Geobryn added a post in a topic Increase Epheria Sailboat speed   

    the green tier prow being nonexistent, blue one locked behind guild materials and no set bonus from accessories...
    hm... can you put totem on it ?
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  12. Geobryn added a post in a topic Increase Epheria Sailboat speed   

    did anyone tried to enchant accessories ? is it safe up to some point ? or can fail since +0 ?
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  13. Geobryn added a post in a topic Bugged NPC with quest   

    as far as i remember the issue is with him being attacked/aggroed and running to the wall, if you switch channels you should be able to find him at his usual place
    or you can wait for maintenance -> server reset
    also, if you can not reach some NPCs yet you are able to get close enough, right clicking the NPC with mouse move ON will usually helps
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  14. Geobryn added a post in a topic Let us mix & match costume pieces (no 10% xp set bonus)   

    i am willing to turn to necromancy for this...
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  15. Geobryn added a post in a topic 1 Month trying to get TRI giath.   

    well it should work atm, just not for the "summer" months as the thing which kills it is "daylight saving"
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