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  1. Gudtimes added a post in a topic TET Zarka?   

    They don't get more accurate and evasion over +15.
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  2. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Zerk Questions   

    Imo it is worth having red coral but witch earrings make I grind faster a day red coral take many Blackstone to upgrade witch I rather put in for other upgrades.. 
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  3. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Mid grab combo dmg   

    U can jump (titan step) at somebody and if he jumps away use rmb to crouch shot. u have super amor doing the shot so it is relatively safe damage. .

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  4. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Kzarka vs Liverto (hidden stats?)   

    I am not sure about that. For one kzarka is better because u still have the possible tet upgrade while going pen liverto..would be a sad day any outcome.
    But i think that if accuracy is different and increasing then tet liverto could still be more awakening damage.
    All that being said since attack speed is a better combination with 4xboss bonus this concludes that even a duo karla is better than a tet liverto(with full boss gear) as long as u do your tri try here and there:)
    Before full boss there is 100%no reason to even start upgrading a kzarka for a little bonus, investing that money elsewhere when having a tri liverto or better already is a waste.
    Once i get my karma tri i might compare, maybe even at duo but i have a boss piece to upgrade first and a char filled with witch earrings and only 500blackstones so this could not be soon.
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  5. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Files corrupted by filecheck !!   

    I went through this.
    What helped me was delete everything, app data, documents and normal game folder. then run launcher say yes uninstall and reinstall. after this i got corrupt file after patcher got stuck for a while. Then ran check again, it went faster this time, and finally it downloaded a 100mb patch and it worked.
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  6. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Red players, no penalties in the desert?   

    Stuff was never as cheap as right now. 
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  7. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Honest opinion after one month of BDO   

    Now go buy yourself four pets because the p2w is fair. If. Everybody buys some shit it can stay like that. 
    Nothing changes u can go without spending money for silver. AND u can get good gear. Passive income and some afk usage (unless electricity  is p2w too) are enough to progress. 
    Nobody ever said bdo was free. 
    Ps: p2w is possible but costumes is the worst way. 
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  8. Gudtimes added a post in a topic The hardest class to master/play ? For now ...   

    Because not all the tamer using macros but a lot of them. Those that hop on u so u notice them use their macro keyboard to the fullest though so mileage varies. 
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  9. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Black Stone Event Needed   

    Buy relic shards with your silver. 
    Run them. Solo or group is you choice. 
    Turn in hunter marks. 
    As many Blackstone as u can dream of,or close to it. 
    This and use more duo tri tet fail on green armor. 
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  10. Gudtimes added a post in a topic BEST PVP 1V1 CLASS ?   

    More like 280dp and evasion if ur using potions. 
    I agree though for no potions caps berserker or Ranger are best for sure. Sorc warrior very close. 
    Just don't cry here, go Ranger forum watch the 130ap Ranger delete the 260ap sorc. 
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  11. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Red players, no penalties in the desert?   

    If u grind there most people will not kill u just because they can. That is unless u ----- in a good rotation and didn't know. Don't going sausan. Go Elric, mane, Helm. Good money there. Don't tell me but no xp. Those overgeared players ground for money when 55 was hard,  at55+, for no xp and then everybody got free catchup. That's why they outgear u so let em have the spot and get a guild to help u out if somebody is too mean to u.
    Go bashim or Naga. Nobody will kill u there. And if u lose xp u died to a mob 
    U only lose if u die to an mob or guard. 
    Ps:also WTF they got lucky? Nobody get lucky all the time they grind and grind and fail and fail. Saying to respect that nolife crap would go too far but saying it's luck is bad too. 
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  12. Gudtimes added a post in a topic New player here!   

    1)yes.a Lot. u Will Get Rekt. 
    2)different Playstile Is Possible. 
    3)see Above. 
    4)crafting,hunting,gatherinf,fishing,worker Empire, Trading, gathering Knowledge. 
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  13. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Relics super hotspot.... exploit or not?   

    Tldr :

    Yeah fishing hole with moving platform.. Lol. 
    Appreciate u asking though it shows that bans have impact. 
    I laughed hard when I read the troll, seeing this here made me feel the same again. Thx for that too. 
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  14. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Importance Of Knowledge Gained On Mobs   

    Just don't farm them. Let some fool who likes it do it but don't do it yourself. Farm manes, Elric, sausan, fogan, crescent, cadry, bashim or basilisk and i even  I forgot pi I am sorry it is good too. 
    All of them range 7-10m/h while u might get an ogre every 15-25hours.eaay math. Plus XP. 
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  15. Gudtimes added a post in a topic Valkyrie or Warrior   

    U didn't even get awakenings. Give it a try, no need to main it but play it so you can judge. 
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