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  1. Humbugsen added a post in a topic Aakman Temple entrance location?   

    for me he was to the right of the closed door outside (daytime). I got the knowledge on Madun. However there is another NPC below the earth, i can see a question mark on the minimap. No idea how to enter the dungeon tho.
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  2. Humbugsen added a post in a topic BDO now more pve friendly than WoW.   

    stay in the desert?
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  3. Humbugsen added a post in a topic A message for the White Knights   

    Problem is, people coming to this game from WOW or GW2 and they think every mmo is meant to be like that.
    they want everything easy, they want equalized pvp, they don't understand the open world aspect, they cry about rng in a KOREAN KOOOREEEEAAAAAN MMO, so yeah this game just isn't for them, easy as that.
    it's ok to voice your opinion, but crying about a game that thousands are enjoying the way it is is just stupid, because they won't change core aspects just for you.
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  4. Humbugsen added a post in a topic why is something like this allowed to happen anyone and why the hell did you release the game if you knew its that bad?   

    only 108? come back with around 250 and i might give a -----.
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  5. Humbugsen added a post in a topic 1v1 equalized ladder   

    BNS is almost entirely reaction based as soon as you know the basics and understand the classes. IMO it's much more just practice instead of skill needed. A smart person would never beat a stupid kid in BNS that practiced all day.
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  6. Humbugsen added a post in a topic 1v1 equalized ladder   

    In my opinion the RNG CCs just makes it more skillbased, in other games like BNS you just spam your rotations. With RNG CCs you actually got to pay attention if your stuff hits and act accordingly. If you get beaten by horrible players it's a good sign, too. A poker noob would occasionally win against a pro player too and no1 would say it's a crap RNG based game. It just makes it more interesting.
    I think a 1v1 arena could work as soon as all awakenings are released, not real point in it before.
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  7. Humbugsen added a post in a topic Fail stack wall on boss gear   

    lesson #1: Don't play a korean MMO if you can't handle RNG.
    totally pointless thread, just like the 124135232634 others about RNG on this forum.
    and btw you can force your muskans to 15^^
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  8. Humbugsen added a post in a topic Merge servers now and give us all awakening weapons.   

    lol dude. why would they program the night vendor in a way where it first decides if it's an awakening weapon and after that which weapon it is?
    no1 with even half a brain would program stuff like this.
    learn patience, it's only some weeks and they don't care if you cry here.
    Also this game is balanced for group pvp so it doesn't affect balance at all, since guess what, your guild can have warriors with dandelion too.
    agree though that servers should be merged.
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  9. Humbugsen added a post in a topic Enchantment System is not worth it.   

    yes it's gambling and yes gambling is generally not a smart thing to do, but it's also fun (for some). Or do you go to the casino and expect to make profit?
    I'm always really happy if an Enchantement succeeds, but i don't give a f. if anything fails.
    If you don't like gambling just buy your stuff from the marketplace.....
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  10. Humbugsen added a post in a topic Valencia Part 2 With No Nouver   

    Sad warrior here, axion shield is just too bad
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  11. Humbugsen added a post in a topic The Failstack dillema   

    i used this chart: http://i.imgur.com/7bfkYan.png ever since the game was released for all my enchants. According to this it's totally expected to get around 15 stacks with reblath.
    nothing has changed. I never got 25 failstacks on reblath.
    now if you want 25 failstacks, go to 15-17 with reblath then fail 2 duo and 1 tri attempt or something like that.
    It's not like you reach the magical number with reblath and then succeed all your enchants, you fail on your gear like in every other game, you just get something for it.
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  12. Humbugsen added a post in a topic The Failstack dillema   

    it's not an issue at all, you just don't understand the system it seems.
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  13. Humbugsen added a post in a topic Boring game after...   

    why is gear that important for you?
    just get a set of tri grunil + liverto and be happy, you will get boss armor at some point eventually.
    also i wouldn't waste my time with worldbosses, just grind silver and get it from the night vendor or maketplace.
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  14. Humbugsen added a post in a topic Does anyone know what drops - Black Magic Crystal - Armor   

    "The armor is dropped from the purutum weekly boss" is what i found on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4vn1rh/black_magic_crystal_of_drop_locations/
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  15. Humbugsen added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    I got people in my guild who play 2-3 hours a day and still got 430+ ap/dp
    and no they don't sell shop items and no they're not extremely lucky.
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