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  1. Philly added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Quit crying already. If you had no clue about mergers, than you are either stupid, or a casual gamer or just too lazy to do research or you are blind because of all the chat about the server mergers in the past 6 months via streamers and posts. And believe me, there are FAR more people in support, do not give false information. In any post the support outweighs the cry babies. Also you have had 3 weeks to get ALL the event boxes from all 3 servers, and get a TON of other rewards, if you still chose not to, well, my point made. Good luck in the new world.
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  2. Philly added a post in a topic USABLE INFO FOR ANYONE WANTING EXTRA ITEMS!   

    And thats why people who did take the time and effort should receive the fairly gotten rewards.  
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  3. Philly added a topic in General   

    We still have 17 days until server mergers. You currently can make NEW characters on the other two servers you are currently not playing, and according to people still get the head start rewards or whatever they are called. Some are reporting they cannot, but a lot can. You can also get the loyalty for 17 days on 2 servers, you can get the coins from the current event and perhaps get lucky and receive some decent items. You can level your character to 50 easily on the weekends with the exp buff and receive the rewards for leveling to 50. I do believe it is about 17mill silver and save your EXP scrolls for your main character when servers merge. SO quit -----ing about all the people who decided to invest loads of time and get cracking yourself. Just my opinion. 
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  4. Philly added a post in a topic Petition to split accounts for Server Merge   

    What makes me laugh, is the true salty players who knew and did not prepare for the server merges, and now you are butt hurt. Quit trying to punish people who took the time and effort to prepare, players are always gonna be behind, thats just a fact. 59 supporters, lol. GG Funny how the people on the Korean servers didnt ----- about this, just us self entitled cry baby americans and EU players. 
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  5. Philly added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    News flash, just because they are merging servers, does not mean the game is dying as some misguided people want others to think. This is about the same time frame as Korea, and the Korean servers all were doing pretty decent as well when they merged. Just enjoy the game and play. So many wanna discredit or trash the game, shakes head.
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  6. Philly added a post in a topic The unfairness of the merge and the solution   

    How bout you take a leap off of a bridge buddy, you think your idiotic solution is fair? How bout the fact you and your friends, because I know your friends are butthurt because you either were too stupid or lazy to plan for the future. So how is it fair that I have characters level 50+ on other servers and actively played them, and now you think I should lose all of my time and effort? Thats what is wrong with todays society, everyone is a bunch of cry babies and cannot handle the fact that no matter what, there will be players ahead of others forever, some people are just more dedicated than others. 
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  7. Philly added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    This really says it the way it is. there ALWAYS gonna be players behind, the fact that we should penalize people for playing the game, and for the record there is no exploit, PERIOD!!!! 
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  8. Philly added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Ok so this may or may not fall on deaf ears, but to be honest the self entitlement and cry baby posts on this subject is honestly rather disheartening. So some people, no clue how many, said screw it I'm too lazy to log on another for 30 seconds and simply roll a dice, or claim a reward when the login reward event was going on. So some people decided, no clue how many, that they were gonna make a character on the other 2 servers and claim rewards, which is fine because no where does it say we cannot do that. 
    Soooooooooooo I say kudos to the smart people who were not lazy and decided to do this for a month, or two, or however long you did it for, good for you. It is called "smarts" , "having a brain", "not being lazy", call it what you will, but you simply cannot call it an exploit, or doing anything that was not intended. 
    So for those who are wondering, yes I have been doing this as well for 3 month's or so, yes I have some items, but it is just not as much as these people are claiming it to be. You have to also consider, RNG is involved with the dice game, I really didn't get much from that over the 3 servers, a few decent items but not a lot. 
    In closing I would like to honestly ask people, is it fair that for over 3 month's I have been playing on Orwen and Edan, I have characters level 50 and above, I have invested time and effort over on those servers, I simply just did not logon and off for a reward, so how is that fair for me and other people to lose stuff we actually worked for? All this self entitlement and people whining is just absurd. Never in my years as a gamer have I seen a community be so whiny and we demand compensation mentality. I hope the GM's do not succumb to these whiner's, because it just simply is not fair for many others. Just my humble view on this. 
    @CM_Praballo @GM_Dew 
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  9. Philly added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Black desert streamer
    Today Is Chris's 50th birthday. Chris is having a birthday stream(15 hours). Come watch Chris Stream Black Desert all day long. Stop in and wish him a happy birthday.  www.twitch.tv/chrisrobbins08
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