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  1. Rugged added a post in a topic Player to player trade system.   

    you have to buy rough stone for 10-25k each, i had to pay this multi times just to win the bid.
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  2. Rugged added a post in a topic Marketplace Bid Suggestion!   

    every pair i have tried getting has went to open market. it cannot just be as simple as they did not claim it...
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  3. Rugged added a topic in Suggestions   

    Marketplace Bid Suggestion!
    Hello, I have been trying to get Muskan's Shoes for the past month or so and i have noticed something, like 99% of the time no one actually wins the bid and it goes to open market where Bot's or Ping determines who gets the item and that makes it impossible for normal people to get anything. So my Suggestion is when an item goes in bid it should have a winner no matter what and never go to the open market. maybe even extend the time of bid to 5mins. This may make it more of RNG, but i rather have a chance than none at all.
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  4. Rugged added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    wow, someone who does not know how to read I'm shocked. 1, check the date. 2, actually read what i said in my other post.
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  5. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    so would you say everyone here needs to be reported?
    6.3. Interacting with other users
    Post made with the sole purpose of upsetting or angering other users are not allowed. All posts have to be made in the spirit of mutual respect. The User shall not attack or insult other users for having different opinions or for making statements the User disagrees with. Challenging the opinions or statements of other users is permitted, attacking the person holding them is not. If the User finds the actions of other users in breach of the forum rules, the Report Function should be used in order to bring the case to the attention of the moderator team. The case will then be reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken. 6.4. Quoting
    The User shall not quote posts who break the forum rules. The User is instead encouraged to use the Report Function in order to bring inappropriate content to the attention of the moderator team. Reported content will then be reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken.6.5. Abuse of Report Function
    The user shall not abuse the report function. The report function is intended to be used to make the moderation team aware of potential breaches of the forum rules not to get revenge on other users. If the User finds another user behaving inappropriate several times in a short time span, the Report Function can be used, highlighting one relevant post and indicating in the notes that other threads are affected too. If the User feels a thread is out of control, one post should be reported indicating in the notes the whole thread needs attention. 
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  6. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    I could care less about getting back at them, they needed them that bad to scam someone.
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  7. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    it was not about winning the item it was about putting it on the AH, and i know it would of been RNG.
    how so because i like to believe, not everyone is a bad person? if so i feel sorry for you that your first thought when you meet someone is how is this person gonna get me.
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  8. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    I was not paying for an item. I was gifting for someones kindness to post an item.
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  9. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    they are none in the marketplace to try to win a bid on.
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  10. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    nothing in TOS says you cannot gift someone for putting an item on marketplace.
    I'm not whining. I asked a question.
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  11. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    Well how would someone trust me, if i don't show i trust them?
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  12. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    I'm not "dumb". I just have faith in people.
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  13. Rugged added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    a bunch of people i know have done this without any problems. and i only gifted 1000 upfront.
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  14. Rugged added a topic in General   

    Pearl Gifting.
    I would like to say this was a post to get the attention of people to stop the +Pearl gift buying. but alot of people thought it was a joke and threw insults and tried to saying i was breaking TOS.
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  15. Rugged added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    Please end the Pearl shop gifting. I thought you guys was trying to stop the pay to win. I try buy stuff by asking in world or channel and i get none stop whispers of people trying to get me to pay with pearls...
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