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  1. Stellary added a post in a topic Valencia Villa Buff Spreadsheet   

    Eheh sorry, hope it still helps
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  2. Stellary added a topic in Guides   

    Valencia Villa Buff Spreadsheet
    Hi! I just did a summary spreadsheet of all Valencia Villa buffs for comparison.
    Here's the link in case someone's interested: https://goo.gl/vz9QbT
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  3. Stellary added a post in a topic Cannot remove Guild Guestbook comments   

    @GM_Dew, @GM_Caramel, @GM_Salome, it's been 4 months and still no fix for this problem.
    As day goes by, guild guestbook look more like walls of shame for supposed karmagriefers than for anything else.
    I think all guilds should be allowed to remove comments from their guestbook after X months have passed. However, at the moment, players are able to freely insult other guilds with this method, without any kind of punishment. Will we ever see a fix for this?
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  4. Stellary added a topic in General   

    Tier 9 Unicorn teaser
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  5. Stellary added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

    Sorry mate, I didn't see that thread. If mods want, they can merge both topics or close mine. I don't care about the likes, is this kindergarten or something?
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  6. Stellary added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

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  7. Stellary added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

    DK was announced last Spring and only made it to Korean server on Christmas so...
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  8. Stellary added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

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  9. Stellary added a topic in General   

    Combattant - New class preview

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  10. Stellary added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Once more, Loyal players get screwed. Been playing since beta, never missed a single login and this is how I get treated. Thank you very much!
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  11. Stellary added a post in a topic Thanks for the new 5k and 10k hours rewards !   

    @CM_Aethon, @CM_Praballo, @CM_Yukimura, @CM_Serenity, I claimed my 5k hour reward last week and I've read that many players have also claimed their rewards recently. Is there any chance you could e-mail us the new items from these rewards? We are obviously loyal players, so I don't think it's fair to make these rewards accessible only for new players.
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  12. Stellary added a post in a topic "Minor bug fixes and class changes will be implemented"   

    Sorry to disappoint, but there haven't been any nerfs to Wizard/Witch in KR for a long time, neither I think they will happen any time soon.
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  13. Stellary added a post in a topic Night Vendor needs higher chance in items of BOSS level   

    Night Vendor is fine as it is. Just remove the useless blue awakening weapons from there. I saw Bheg Gloves, Giath Helmet and Dim Tree Armor yesterday by rolling 200 energy on 10 alts.
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  14. Stellary added a post in a topic You need to change node days and some siege mechanics.   

    Agree on the fact there are WAY too many T2 and T3 nodes during Sunday, especially in Valencia and Mediah (only one T1 available)
    Disagree with siege wars on Sunday. Keep them as they already are.
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  15. Stellary added a post in a topic Dk awakening/Kamasylve Devs please give us an answer   

    The dev is Pearl Abyss, I think you guys are mistaking them for the publisher Kakao Games. Kakao won't tell us anything until they are absolutely sure about the release.
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