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  1. Auralie added a post in a topic Refer your Friends & Get Rewards!   

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    LFB67OR-666TTKO-ARG4DEA-OTMAD    Unused    
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  2. Auralie added a post in a topic Server Change   

    the only thing you can do is open a support ticket on this. I just have one open for exactly the same issue but they are still not sure how to solve that. 
    Also a character transfer at this moment is not technically possible. 
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  3. Auralie added a post in a topic Stoppt AFK-Aktivitäten   

    Ganz ehrlich? Lasst es so wie es ist. Afk angeln und hin und her laufen ist so ziemlich das einzige was geht und beides stört mich nicht im mindesten. 
    Ich finde es eher praktisch, da ich so meinen Char fürs kochen etwas Fischen lassen kann und derweil mich um andere Dinge kümmere. Und wenn ich fertig bin hab ich mehr Zeit die Dinge Ingame  zu machen die mich wirklich interessieren. Ich bin definitiv gegen das abschaffen. 
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  4. Auralie added a post in a topic Gästekey wo eingeben ?   

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  5. Auralie added a post in a topic Tickets not answered after 3 days   

    I had to wait around 9 days for anyone to answer to my support ticket. However my issue was a different one. I know that support is really busy at the moment because of the Serendia issue and stuff. 
    The part I absolutely don't get is that people without any game access don't get prioritized. I hope you guys get some message back soon. 
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  6. Auralie added a post in a topic Fehlermeldung "File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists"   

    Hallo,  ich meine irgendwo gelesen zu haben das da nur löschen und Neuinstallation hilft. Weiß aber nicht mehr wo. 
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  7. Auralie added a post in a topic Pferde männlich oder weiblich?   

    Ich bin voll dafür bereits bei der Benennung eine geschlechtsanzeige zu haben. +1
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  8. Auralie added a post in a topic Bitte Boni von Haustieren, Skins etc. entfernen!   

    Die Boni sind so marginal das Sie mich nicht stören. Und auch ich bezweifle stark das Daum mehr Geld macht wenn diese entfernt werden. 
    Sicher es wäre schön wenn Dinge wie Skillreset auch im Spiel durch Silber erhältlich wären aber deswegen streichen würde ich sie noch lange nicht. Sollen die die dafür Geld ausgeben wollen es ruhig tun. Für den Züchtungsreset sehe ich das genauso. Da könnte man vielleicht eine Ingame Quest einbauen oder ein hohes Kochrezept für spezielles Futter aber wer will soll ruhig sein Geld dafür ausgeben. 
    Da viele Spieler die Pets usw. auch wegen der Stats kaufen ist es doch sehr unwahrscheinlich das Daum mehr Geld macht wenn dieser Anreiz nicht mehr gegeben ist. Da ist schon eher eine Preissenkung sinnvoll aber das Thema wurde ja auch schon in diversen Threads tot diskutiert. 
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  9. Auralie added a post in a topic Account wide settings   

    I second that. I don't have multiple characters in this game yet but I remember other games were settings weren't global either and I had to spend the first 10 mins resetting my key bindings to my liking. 
    Mid really appreciate if settings were made global and fixed to the account. 
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  10. Auralie added a post in a topic Disable showing of parked mounts   

    I'm fine with having a disable choice like with pets so each player can tick that individually. Also for the horse to walk to the nearest stable that sounds interesting as well I would however limit that to cities since no one will be pleased if he's out leveling and the horse starts walking around probably running into the next horde of mobs. 
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  11. Auralie added a post in a topic About AFK Fishing / AFK autorunning between 2 points   

    I wouldn't remove booth options at all. I mean it makes sense that to up your horses strength you need to train it by moving it a lot. Questing? We're the heck would be the logic in that?
    yeah sure, ppl will be able to run afk to lvl but literally everyone will be able to do that. It's not like it's without risk. Run afk the wrong route and you might get your horse killed because it ran out of stamina in a mob spawn.  Also you might never make it to Olvia with that heavy pack because you managed to be in the street the same time those thiefs show up. 
    I think the system is fine as it is. I don't want to be forced to lvl my strength while sitting in front of my Pc when I could go questing instead and actually have fun. 
    Same for afk fishing. Everyone can do that. Either you run out of durability on your fishing pole or out of inventory space. I don't see any issue in that. It allows me to get some fish for cooking during the night and focus on more fun stuff during the day. 
    Really no one forces you to use these systems. If you don't want to fine but leave the stuff to us for those who actually want to have fun while we play and not have to worry about leveling the horse and stuff. 
    I do normally fish when I feel like it but I really appreciate having a choice. 
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  12. Auralie added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support - Updated   

    @CM_Jouska Also can we get an estimate on our Support tickets? While I'm not one of the Serendia issue my ticket is still untouched since 8 days. I guess most of us would have just appreciated any response so we know someone is taking care of stuff but it still might take some time.
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  13. Auralie added a post in a topic Character Deletion   

    I don't mind the 24h wait since you got a way to cancels this in case you decide later to keep the character. However if they reserve the name after it should only be blocked for taking by other players and should be available immediately to the player deleting the character. 
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  14. Auralie added a post in a topic Server Alustin   

    Wenn du mit deinem Freunden spielen willst musst du nur noch drauf achten das ihr auch wirklich auf dem selben Kanal landet. Aber der kann auch im Spiel noch gewechselt werden.
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  15. Auralie added a post in a topic Server Alustin   

    Werf mal einen Blick hier rein, vielleicht hilft das weiter:

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