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  1. Skulldemon added a topic in General   

    End Of An Era
    Ladies and gentlemen, trolls and haters, white knights and plebs!
    Welcome to the end of a glorious era. The era of the vanilla forum of Black Desert Online. Tomorrow the new forums will kick off and the old ones will be send to sweet graveyard. For my part this is going the be my personal ending of a great time here on the forums with you folks. I refuse to swap to the new forum and will stay enchained here, where my bothered soul will finally find peace. Just like a true captain will sink with his ship, a true demon will dematerialise with his soulbound forum account.
    I refuse to use the new forum simply because KAKAO alias DAUM just won't transfer my old status with all the post count and likes to the new forum. Although I've reached one of my grinding goals here in the forum, getting >50% likes out of my total post count, I didn't reach other ones like becoming a full grown demon. Kakao simply didn't want me to get to this point, they've robbed my bright future...hence I'm standing still forever now with only 555 posts. But they don't respect all those tears given to reach my demonical 666, they don't care WHO I was in this forum, they just cut off everything related to ourselves here at this sacred place.
    And btw, what is this confusing layout where nobody is able to get a good overview about anything? This enormous huge black log in screen at the top is taking 30% of the whole screen. Not to mention nobody is able to see the posted pics without beeing logged in, what requires your ig account to be linked with the forum account. I just can't be the demon in disguise I used to be any more. What a big nonsense this is in my eyes...
    However, I say goodbye to all of you at this point. I was one of you out there, I've provided small self made guides, heavy theorycrafting in the warrior section and lots of sarcastic and troll posts. Now you probably ask - Who is this guy? And you're right, 99% out of all the forum users probably don't know me but let me tell you this: I DON'T CARE, because I hate you all anyway!
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  2. Skulldemon added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    I knew some people wouldn't be pleased even with those outfits lmfao. And you tell us here that a bad ass look can't go along with a sexy style? What a sad and disaffected life you must be living. But hey, guess I don't know most of the weird fetishes out there. I suggest you the life of a nun somewhere in the middle of nowhere, this should serve your needs perfectly.
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  3. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    It's all about the jiggle  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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  4. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Actual situation of our BDO   

    Dat harem tho.
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  5. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Just kill me now   

    *Killing you*
    Nice rp
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  6. Skulldemon added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    Those crybabies want these type of costumes. Not much skin but simple armor. But tbh, these costumes really doesn't look too bad to me, guess their needs are serverd with those.
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  7. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    Only 10 seals this month and 50 needed for boss gear? Damn, seems like dim armor and muskans keep hiding in bushes evading me...
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  8. Skulldemon added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    Nice troll post.
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  9. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Anyone know how to make a Human like Ears for DK?   

    Wtf, who even doesn't like elves? Their cute ears are a big part of them and essential for their fantasy lore. GTFO of this forum.
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  10. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Last topic for that forum ?   

    Failed goodbye, never visited maths class. What a sad way to leave. Rest in pieces.
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  11. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Do we really need a liverto?   

    First of all, the personal feeling is, besides real test results, a very big factor for decision making. At least this is for myself. Kzarka weapon is without any questions the best weapon out of all, I tend to say for every single class cause atk speed / cast speed should be maxed out for all classes in my mind. Crit would be the next stat you want to max out for most classes, although warriors really don't need it.
    I did my own testings last summer with many weapons without any official data or extremely big sample sizes. Those were little tests which provided information that was important for myself and convinced me in some points for decision making and I only can tell you my findings here. Could be wrong but think of it as you want:
    Kzarka has best accuracy (Fact)
    Liverto has second best accuracy (Fact)
    Rosar/Krea have approximately the same accuracy which is between the Liverto and most of the vanilla weapons, just like yuria or bares in this case. (Own finding)
    Yuria/Bares and other vanilla weapons with additional effects like human/species dmg etc. have the lowest accuracy. (Own finding)
    Take this with a big grain of salt but imo this is how it works. So, what do I want to tell you? Well, obviously kzarka is your last goal but in the meantime I can recommend you to go with rosar or krea weapons, like I did myself. Liverto is not worth the cost imo, even if it's not that expensive. Ofc I speak for warrior class here.
    Rosar/krea provide a good amount of accuracy, good AP and 2 crystal slots, which is very very nice and definintely much better than to go with the vanilla weapons. Skip liverto and stay with rosar/krea until you want to get a kzarka. They are very cheap and you have very few costs when repairing, you won't loose much money making or buying those weapons. If you really feel too weak, which I don't believe, you can go for liverto still.
    Hope this helped you and others a bit in decision making. But keep in mind, these only were my own findings without any official data backing it up.
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  12. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Starting at life skills   

    Cook your mum. You'll have infinite value.
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  13. Skulldemon added a post in a topic This sounds awesome!   

    Your profile pic matches your statement. And I fcking approve that cringe feeling at hexe area!
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  14. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Just how competitive are you?   

    Your clueless spam threads annoy people. Get out pls.
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  15. Skulldemon added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    This matter is one of the most impactful and confusing aspects in this game so far and we got absolutely NO OFFICIAL INFORMATION about this. What the hell is going on here? And why are those silent ninja patches and changes always the most interesting and influenting? We need official confirmation about this case ASAP!!!
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