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  1. Skulldemon added a post in a topic The Horses Market   

    Won't last long until they just add t8 horses on pearlshop. Who cares if everybody sells them for pearls anyway. Guess what's next then, all will cry about p2w again. Vicious circle of doom.
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  2. Skulldemon added a post in a topic The Horses Market   

    There are no high tier horses at market because some silly people prefered to sell them no longer at market but demanding real life money aka pearls. And as stupid as people can be, many others just followed without thinking in their own greed. Same problem occurs for many different aspects and items of the game right now like boss gear etc, and it's killing the game sooner or later. They made those aspects go away from the ig economy and created a dumb connection between those items and real life money, often accompanied with scam. They want pearls and money at the same time just for putting their beloved horses at the market for just a tiny chance for the fooled consumer to really get the item he paid for. Pathetic circumstances for a game.
    EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I also think high tier horses should be worth more silver. Yes, ofc. But selling them for rl currency is absolutely and completely the wrong way for a good game and shows the incompentence of ig money balancing on the side of the developers and the brainless misbehavior lead by disgusting greed and self entitlement on the other side of those specific players.
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  3. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    Looks like this guy reached his goals with a ton of effort. He literally used a gap in the unwritten law like he would slap a code with its clauses left and right into your face. You even created a big topic at the forum. This guy must be in seventh heaven now, well played sir.
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  4. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Is it that obvious?   

    Is it offensive to call you a noob now when even the game's calling you that? No?
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  5. Skulldemon added a post in a topic PSA: Arrange your farm the right way!   

    This power, he must be a lvl 62 necromancer.
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  6. Skulldemon added a post in a topic The top 2% has more wealth in BDO than the bottom 98%   

    He's a goblin. There are no goblins irl, hence he discovers the many different fantasy worlds economics.
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  7. Skulldemon added a post in a topic nouver or kutum??   

    Plot twist and only logical answer to solve this problem: Liverto has hidden pvp dmg.
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  8. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Ornamental Knot For DK   

    Well written, appreciate your testings. A while back I also did some more or less intense testing sessions about some other hidden stats in game. Shared a few outcomes in forums, however, I know the potential of such "little" own testings and I don't need huge testing spreadsheets to believe someone. Sure thing there are some trolls around but you have to decide for yourself which ones you trust.
    My main question still remains, as I'm still a warrior main since min 1 without gs back then, I really enjoy beeing a bit tankier due to some nice passive stats. That's the reason why I consider going with kutum on my dark knight now, just to get that little extra bit of endurance. The dmg in pve would be higher without question now as your testings and some others state, but for pvp? Is this tiny little replacement of dmg vs tankiness justifiable and would kutum be much better than saiyers offhand anyway?
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  9. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Ornamental Knot For DK   

    Very interesting to read, didn't know these kind of tests kutum vs nouver.
    But what you claim is that kutum is better for PvE and not PvP, so the AP and Accuracy is affecting PvE and PvP differently? And do you know at which amount of AP kutum becomes better for PvP too?
    Moreover, are the defensive stats on kutum benefiting the DK in any way? Personally I appreciate a bit more DP for not getting killed in an instant and to be a bit tankier, even on a DK. Thoughts?
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  10. Skulldemon added a post in a topic nouver or kutum??   

    Why is the accuracy only for pve? Curious.
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  11. Skulldemon added a post in a topic leg length   

    Damn you, tera player!
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  12. Skulldemon added a post in a topic DK heavy DP build viable?   

    Forgot to mention that it's not meant in 1v1 for obvious reasons. But it's kinda self explanatory.
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  13. Skulldemon added a post in a topic leg length   

    Maybe, just maybe, the head size variation isn't included to avoid things like that:

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  14. Skulldemon added a post in a topic DK heavy DP build viable?   

    Nice troll, actually DK is the first class who has a full heal AND full mana recovery skill combined together. Back off 3 secs, heal up and she's ready to crush plebs like you again.
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  15. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Black Desert: Failure is success !!   

    Video is fake. Actually it's a cut out of 2 different people cause they commited suicide after each type of accessory fail streak.
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  16. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Is BDO P2W?   

    WoW first mmo.
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  17. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Amor to Costume?   

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  18. Skulldemon added a post in a topic If Pearl gave us a Dark Knight costume with an actual helmet   

    Useless thread.
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  19. Skulldemon added a post in a topic chief of velia   

    If you manage to kill approximately 3 goblins near the city, you'll get to lvl 20. This should solve the problem with not beeing able to check the quest type boxes.
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  20. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Why are Donkeys still in the game? Why are they wasting space on the Horse Market?   

    You're right. Those flood of donkeys also ruined my game's experience. Literally unplayable.
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  21. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Dark Knight Damage   

    The problem is the yuria mainhand weapon, yuria is bullshit.
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  22. Skulldemon added a post in a topic VOID KNIGHT FOR DARK KNIGHT!!!!!!!   

    - Release costume and awakening costume are not cool looking? (Check)
    - You got problems with sexy costumes in a fantasy game? (Check)
    - You think the base armors are the best looking ones? (Check)
    => Outcome: GAY
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  23. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Boss Event   

  24. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 1st 2017   

    First without edit! Kappa
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  25. Skulldemon added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Yeah exactly, ignore the biggest part of mmos, the looks and the own char, and just grind her 24/7 without brain. You know what that is? Work, like, a job. And you obviously got none and live in a game. Take your time with her creation, learn her playstyle and enjoy playing her.
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