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  1. Skulldemon added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

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  2. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Return of LegendaryHacks   

    Great to hear, always watched your guides. Helped me a lot back then.
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  3. Skulldemon added a post in a topic funny character names you've seen?   

    That mentality is the reason why that much youtube videos are blocked or marked 18+ without any real reason too. Ban and report everything that doesn't fit their liking
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  4. Skulldemon added a post in a topic funny character names you've seen?   

    Amazing. Believe me. It's true.
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  5. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Anyone else notice the change in boss drops?   

    Maybe we will believe you if you give us more insights. Just saying.
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  6. Skulldemon added a post in a topic PSA: broken OP Warrior Bug   

    Congrats to the author of this "issue". One of those thousand kids who got beaten by a specific class who comes to forums to cry about a nerf but is smart enough to pack his rage in a kinda well written essay just for the reason that this will make people actually believe his imaginary nonsense. Good job for creating a mass panic and additional work for the Kakao team to check this back with the devs. And good luck with your childish hate for 1 class, if some core mechanic gets nerfed due to mass panic which is actually working as intended, all people will swap to another class until the amount of people of x-class gets too high and leads to another core mechanic nerf. Death spiral at its finest.
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  7. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Post pics of your character!   

    I bet she got no problems learning to use her 2 awakened magic orbs with that much...training...
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  8. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Roleplaying with added sounds, music and ambiance = 0_0   

    Just release Khaleesi already, she's made for more important things...
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  9. Skulldemon added a post in a topic A simple explanation for why people would hoard value packs   

    Game is dead and full p2w. Kappa.
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  10. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Unused content?   

    People trying to find new and forgotten places and end in some kind of horror film scenario until they all die due to some unknown monsters hiding there.
    But I approve the images!
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  11. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Dragon near Calpheon   

    Dat booty tho! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  12. Skulldemon added a post in a topic You where robbed   

    Your parents got robbed their mental healthy child.
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  13. Skulldemon added a post in a topic whAT iS ThiS blAcK SkY PORTAL?   

    It's a portal to an abandoned expansion. Hop in and die.
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  14. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Tera Rising   


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  15. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Tera Rising   

    Pls dude...
    Moreover, like many others said, most people play and like to play female classes. And it's not like there aren't any male classes in BDO. Oh, and you can look bad ass AND sexy as female too.
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  16. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

    Aww how cute! I want to eat it
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  17. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Ancient Magic Crystal of the Sun - Sturdiness. Is it in game?   

    Necro bump. Want to know this too.
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  18. Skulldemon added a post in a topic When?   

    Dayum, you were faster than me!
    Monster Hunter 4 Life! <3
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  19. Skulldemon added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    Black Desert Online is NOT p2w, at least in my opinion. Sure you can have it easier with artisans memory or buying all convenience items at once, but you and every single person is able to make much money in this game very easily with every single action. Some could spend thousands of real money to enhance their gear with lots of artisans memory but their luck won't be boosted that way. In best case they waste MUCH rl money to be a bit faster with progression than the others. And let's be honest, someone who dumps thousands of euro/$ in a game has serious problems irl and wants to compensate it with a big ig balls, which they buy with money. That's the peak of infamy and dishonor, those people are wretched that they have to JUST MAYBE beat others in pvp in a game with their tiny lead due to rl money to make up for their rotten life. Pathetic habit and you all shouldn't care about that matter of maybe 1% of people dumping thousands of money every single week. It's a similar matter to the 1% of hardcore no-life players who grind 24/7, they make the same ig value with grinding all day and have a similar lead over the remaining 98% "normal" players. Cheers.
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  20. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    I don't see the problem here. Everything is just as it's supposed to be - male classes are stronger and look badass while females are a bit weaker but much more sexy. The only class that steps out this classic line is the typical tamer kid, who is whining and btching around on forums about herself.
    Working as intended.
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  21. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Another bug? (It's not a bug just me being stupid)   

    Remove the underwear please to let us take a better view of what is happening here. Just curious...
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  22. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Attendance Rewards.   

    If you miss one, stay logged out for a month, then come back and receive returnee goodies which are double time worth the loyal ones. #loyalfraud
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  23. Skulldemon added a post in a topic PETS replacement/removal   

    Why would you want to get rid of a pet lol this is just a dumb waste of money lul. Git gud.
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  24. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    Imo warriors need a buff, it's really needed.
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  25. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    This won't happen cause people gonna cry over the unfairness of a two sword equipped warrior. Kappa.
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