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  1. Skulldemon added a post in a topic make world bosses give exp   

    -----s a girl and tells the magistrate that she said no but secretly wanted it to happen - acquittal.
    Nice mindset, geez...
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  2. Skulldemon added a post in a topic content still blocked?   

    Just play the game the way you want. You bought it and every player has the same rights to do whatever he/she wants. World bosses shouldn't be a problem, they are free for all. For the whale hunting I believe you have to put in some work first to level up your equipment but should be np too. And for the grinding spots, if all spots are occupied just ask niceley if a slot is free in their team and switch channel, you will find a spot finally. And if you got one first and get beaten out by some prepubertal and dishonorable kids with ig balls only, just come again and again and again to get their karma negative and leave them vulnerable and clearly marked as unequable pk scum to everyone else.
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  3. Skulldemon added a post in a topic My newest waifu   

    Botox ftw.
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  4. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Horse mounting glitch   

    I know this bug too, really annoying as you already stated.
    I just go in char selection screen and reload again with the same character if this happens. Walk a bit away and whistle your horse to you, now you shouldn't get stuck again.
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  5. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Cash gifting   

    You forgot the "Hey, I'm a girl <3"...
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  6. Skulldemon added a post in a topic My newest waifu   

    The underboob is real guys, the underboob is real!
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  7. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Why Value Pack (90 Days) was removed from Cashshop   

    Was fast enough to buy a couple of these before they got removed from shop. Now as the owner of those hyper rare items I demand full PEN boss gear as compensation for not beeing able to use them. Kappa.
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  8. Skulldemon added a post in a topic The costumes in the shop are overpriced   

    You'd be better off investing your money into some grammar courses tbh.
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  9. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Should we get unlimited character slots?   

    Not sure if troll or douche...
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  10. Skulldemon added a post in a topic OOOH Look at all that IMMERSION ~~~~Whoa~~~~   

    Uhm yeah, sry but I think this change is my fault. I used to mount on many two seater horses but didn't notice it at first. Always beat the fck out of them because they won't ride with me. Guess someone reported my hate speeches against those horses in general chat and Kakao changed it for better visibility.
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  11. Skulldemon added a post in a topic PSA: Night Vendor Prices Back to Normal   

    Noticed a high rise in rare items at NV too. Prices were nice too I guess.
    Really a shame that this wasn't announced officially, guess I have to read korea's version patch notes from now on to get all infos...
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  12. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Was it Worth It?   

    I bought pizza for 20$ today.
    Felt good man.
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  13. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Beware of buying items in pearl store...   

    Instant karma for p2w scum.
    Get rekt.
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  14. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Thank you Pearl Abyss   

    Don't be that harsh to this kid, he's probably still in puberty and needs some kind of attention.
    Therefore: Well made buddy, you are the best! xoxo
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  15. Skulldemon added a post in a topic What class do you want to see next. After Dark Knight?   

    Would like to see some kind of succubus class with life draining/stealing abilities, fast chain whip attacks like others recommended above and slow but epic/impactful finishers. Dodging and movement abilites could be implemented as fast levitating/flying above the ground with her wings. Would love PA to implement this type of class!
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  16. Skulldemon added a post in a topic (Suggestion) Scale Drop/Loot Based on Level   

    No life grinder spotted seeking for more benefits than his pseudo ig recognition.
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  17. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Why did they force us into awakening weapons?   

    I'm also your opinion, although I play 99% in greatsword awakened form on my warrior. But this is more a matter of personal choice and preference, saw the first videos about greatsword in Korea before BDO started here and yeah, greatsword was, is and will be my favorite type of weapon in every game. It was sure for me that I'll play it no matter how good or bad it is, had no clue about the game mechanics at that time.
    Back to your point, I agree with you and think it would be nice if PA would boost the non awakened dmg to an equal as the awakened skills are. It just provides more playstyles for all the classes and more interesting combat when everyone can choose his/her preference.
    Because what's the point in ditching a whole unique playstyle which no one will play after reaching lvl 56, which can be achieved in 1 day tbh. It's just sad to see half of the possible playstyles out of all classes vanish.
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  18. Skulldemon added a post in a topic just how unfair and overpowered can wizard ulti get ?   

    Karthus approves.
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  19. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Bugg: when your enemy is slain through a dot after an Duell. It counts as PK   

    I'm sure your friend died because of heavy nose bleeding over time, just remove that provocative transparent clothing and no one will die cause of dot again.
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  20. Skulldemon added a post in a topic The Average Player   

    Nice, time to ----- some accuracy-less plebs.
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  21. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Afk-fisher pk   

    I don't know how the current situation is, but back in times where those fishing hotspots existed, I encountered some afk fisher pk'ers. I've always wondered why such pathetic people exist who don't have anything better to do with their time as to run around and pk innocent afk fishers. Actually, I've met one who had his own "fisher pk routes", which he ran along and killed all people, even the non afk ones like myself. That's the moment you loose hope in this humanity and ask yourself WHY? But then I thought of alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy actually IS a thing nowadays, which explains a lot. Just fish at safe spots to don't get bothered by this scum.
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  22. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Why do you enjoy Black Desert?   

    Best jiggle  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  23. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Transgender Ranger   

    Don't know why all the uproar?
    10/10 would bang.
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  24. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 28th   

    No dark elf???
    Edit: First comment at nouver release notes, take that milestone in your faces! - guess that still makes me the last out of every other first comments, nouver delay too stronk
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  25. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Kutum or Nouver Shield for Warrior? [Poll]   

    What a tryharding wannabe.
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