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  1. Skulldemon added a post in a topic BDO - So much to do but so unengaging   

    Logging off - you clearly didn't get the point of BDO.
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  2. Skulldemon added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes for December   

    Also beware of the inquisition, they may come and get you wearing this dress. Because you do come from this era, don't ya?
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  3. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Awakening Weapon takes no AP from Mainhand (Tinfoil)   

    Neat testing, I can confirm the outcome is true, but we had literally 1k testing sessions about this topic. We from warrior section made the most testings and calculations in general, even theorycrafted it before its actual release. Don't get it why people still don't know this fact of half the enhancement AP gets added. Nothing new to see here really ~
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  4. Skulldemon added a post in a topic When is Dark Knight coming to EU/NA? any ETA?   

    Next year, in contrast to nouver. Nouver will come 2018.
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  5. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Future Ocean Boss? Looks 10/10   

    Ceadeus approves. Where are my dear monster hunter fans? Unite!
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  6. Skulldemon added a post in a topic kalis tri or liverto duo   

    Brace yourselves, monsoon is coming. You will be happy with your kalis then.
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  7. Skulldemon added a post in a topic China just ban Locked Boxes from MMO games.   

    A very nice step in direction of a better humanity, where moneygrubbing swellheads and petted kids with mum's credit card get punished.
    But imho, BDO doesn't really have that much randomness at all, I really like it's current state. But when I think about other games like TERA, oh boy...
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  8. Skulldemon added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    OP got completely rekt by the first answer in this thread, just like he gets rekt ig by innocent questers.
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  9. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Yuria vs Krea vs Rosar as awakened warrior   

    Go for krea or rosar all the way. Yuria isn't good any more.
    Human dmg of yuria DOES affect awakening dmg, but the value of krea/rosar is bigger than this little human dmg even for pvp. And for the accuracy, it's also a fact (tested it myself too) that krea/rosar provide more accuracy than yuria.
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  10. Skulldemon added a post in a topic HOW TO MAKE 20/25 MILL PER HOUR EXPOSED   

    And you are a pig.
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  11. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    Corrupted file first at 48% (1,4gb).
    Closed patcher, restarted it.
    Patcher wants to download 41gb - 5h download time now.
    Kill me pls.
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  12. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Everyone is REROLLING! :C   

    To be honest, playing a class just for the reason to be mainstream or OP is dumb. Your class should be fun to play, if you reroll to another class you don't enjoy playing you will quit the game soon because it gets boring fast. If you are fine with valk go for it and continue playing her. Ofc if 99% of your ig time is brainless grinding and you want to be the fastest you should take the class who is able to do so. I'm laughing at all these people rerolling just because something is a bit stronger or faster ATM and see them swap back once new nerfs/buffs are going life. I will always stay loyal to my picked class, no matter if others are a bit stronger. To compete with other classes who might be stronger should be motivating and shows how skilled you are as a player.
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  13. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Vangertz vs Kutum   

    Guess the warriors kicking in now, brah.
    You're right in many points, going for around 200 ap is the way I've maid it myself, got much accuracy from other sources than vangertz so I will go for nouver when it comes out. Tbh, vangertz is the only way to go if your accuracy is very poor, it will be far superior then. Kutum (approx 5 acc) and nouver will get stronger the more accuracy you've got from other sources, imo the break even point is to reach the amount of accuracy that vangertz provides (around 15-20?). If you got that amount of acc you're able to consider kutum or nouver, just the one that fits you better, both shields are great.
    To the argument that kutum's 10% ignore resist stat is far superior than accuracy - that isn't true I believe. The "cc skills" you want to hit successfully are also affected by accuracy in the first place. You have to hit your cc skill first, do possible dmg, and after that there's another gambling game for hitting the cc effect on it or not, calculated by the resistances. That's the time when 10% ignore resist kicks in, but it doesn't even come to this second gambling game of hitting or not if you don't hit your first, which is calculated by accuracy. Recent testings also showed a rough! %-increase in hitting the more accuracy you have with the numbers 1% more hitrate ~ 1 accuracy more. Thus having more accuracy will help getting off your cc more often, rather than the ignore resist stat.
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  14. Skulldemon added a post in a topic New KR Costumes for Ranger, Tamer, Kuno, Musa   

    Wow the ranger costume - amazing *-*
    Take ma money!!!
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  15. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Black Spirit's Claw?   

    Also wondered about this breakthrough gems visible at bddatabase. Your posted item seems to activate this slot for them. They seem to balance the imbalance of ig crafted costumes vs shop costumes imo, stats like atk speed or crit are worth more than those jump height and such. I hope they get added soon.
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  16. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Are these PC specs fine?   

    Thx for answers guys and girls
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  17. Skulldemon added a topic in General   

    Are these PC specs fine?
    Hey there, so I wanted to know if following pc specs are enough for playing BDO at max graphics with reasonable fps.
    ASUS GeForce GTX1070 Strix Overclocked 8 GB
    And especially I want to know if this i5-6400 is able to handle this strong graphic card in terms of performance, because it's not the best any more.
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  18. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Basilisk Celebration Party thread   

    That's how compulsive hoarding gets rewarded. Dayum I wish I'd have this disorder now.
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  19. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Tamer is overpowered now and it needs to be nerfed.   

    Turkey boss op, I demand server without it! END
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  20. Skulldemon added a post in a topic GG Kakao.. Fences are evil now   

    This is so offencive.
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  21. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Thermian Casual cloth   

    Too few skin on this one = bad.
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  22. Skulldemon added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 16th   

    No no, better add heavy armors like this to get completely ignored in battle due to immobility. :'D

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  23. Skulldemon added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    Don't torture me, insta buy!
    Ram horn witch costume is pretty similar tho...btw was an insta buy too!
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  24. Skulldemon added a post in a topic 10th NOV - WARRIOR Grave Digger change.   

    Just logged in to like this post. The people playing a class just for being op and rerolling after every little nerf are poor subjects who leave a game first due to boredom.
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