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  1. Moba added a post in a topic Reasons why many people dislike PvP (and PK)   

    It is mindless because there is no reason for it. If you have a reason to attack someone (lootable stuff) then it is not mindless anymore, is it? Karma system would still be in the game, so I don't think it would turn into a "Gank-Mess".
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  2. Moba added a post in a topic Reasons why many people dislike PvP (and PK)   

    I love OWPvP and don't want to have it removed. It is a key feature of BDO and people who play this game have to accept that fact. I think the problem with PvP right now is the lack of incentives for even attacking other players. Lootable items/currency would be a great addition to the game in my opinion.
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  3. Moba added a topic in Suggestions   

    Notification for Crops
    Hello everybody!
    I don't know if this is already implemented in the game, if it is then i didn't recognize it yet and you can ignore this topic.
    Since there is so much to do in BDO, sometimes you can really lose overview of certain things you are doing or want to do (especially when you use multiple alts for different professions). It would be nice to see if something is wrong with your farm/crops while you are leveling or doing dailies. I would really like to see a better use of the garden icon at the upper left of the screen. You already see your mount icon flashing red when it is being attacked, so why not implement the same for your garden?
    Edit: Also, a feature where you can see the status of all your gardens when clicking on the icon would be really nice (like the list of your residences/workers). At the moment you always have to check them on the map and when your gardens are close together it is sometimes hard to mouse over each garden you have.
    Thanks for reading and please leave some feedback.
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  4. Moba added a post in a topic PK griefers   

    This is not a singleplayer game. Other players will affect your gameplay, that is the nature of a MMO. So please don't complain about that stuff, the PvP - and death mechanics were even harsher before. It is sad that everything got dumbed down so people like you can have a better singleplayer experience. If the devs don't change that in the future then BDO won't appeal not only to themepark players because of the lack of dungeons and raids, but also to sandbox players because of the lack of meaningful PvP and player driven content.
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  5. Moba added a post in a topic PK griefers   

    After seeing topics like this one I now know why BDO's OWPvP and death penalties have gotten worse and worse, at least when they listen to people like you.
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  6. Moba added a post in a topic Message to DEVs about the PVP system   

    I am all for lootable items from players. Content gets created by players when you have a system like that and it encourages teamplay and tactics, just look at Eve Online. 
    People complaining about it being too harsh are just crying over and over again about griefers. Obviously everybody who wants good PvP in this game is a griefer, there is no other possibility.
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  7. Moba added a post in a topic [query] Knowledge for Mob Kills in a Party   

    Thanks for the info
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  8. Moba added a post in a topic Message to DEVs about the PVP system   

    Or you can improve the game and not let it die. Why not just add incentives for PvP? That's what many players are asking for. lootable items like trading goods and/or silver would be amazing in my opinion.
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  9. Moba added a post in a topic Message to DEVs about the PVP system   

    Let's just remove any loot and exp from mobs and then kill them for fun. Who needs rewards anyways?
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  10. Moba added a post in a topic Why not making some items lootable ?   

    I would like to see lootable items too. I don't know why this would be a bad thing.
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  11. Moba added a post in a topic [query] Knowledge for Mob Kills in a Party   

    I would like to know that too.
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  12. Moba added a post in a topic Open world pvp   

    I am supporting many suggestions and ideas for owPvP. You don't have a suggestion and I think you don't even know what you are talking about.
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  13. Moba added a post in a topic FIX for the current pointless open world PVP system   

    If I understand correctly, you want to give PvE bonuses for flagging for PvP. That's not how I see meaningful PvP. Meaningful means that it has impact on the world and the sandbox environment. I don't think you achieve that with a PvE buff. Let us loot certain items and/or silver from others and give us the incentive to actually attack a player and take something from him.
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  14. Moba added a post in a topic Are we done?   

    I just wait for some changes for now, gonna enjoy the rest of the game and won't complain that much until I reach 50.
    What's so bad about sharing opinions and making suggestions?
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  15. Moba added a post in a topic Thx Conquerers for beeing our Guinea pigs!   

    So you get 4 days headstart? Am I missing something here or calculating wrong?
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