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  1. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Yes and No.
    Yes more people would have fun...but after getting the UberUnobtainum Sword they would leave. On top of that BDO has to introduce new items every year.
    Planned Obsolescence 
    I'm a casual breeder and didn't realize .de had went out of date until I read your post and flipped back to the first page. Using .de I was targeting T3ML21 with T1FL30 but using .net changing that to T3ML26!
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  2. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic New Player   

    Which Server?
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  3. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic You deleted last years EGGS!   

    It was bad enough when they stopped putting the deletion date on items and just labeled them "event". This gives them full flexibility on when items get deleted and maybe or maybe not they will tell us in the patch notes afterwards.
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  4. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic How does the thrifty worker skill work?   

    Construction of the Epheira Sailboat takes 600 pieces of Steel, workers use 1 piece at a time. Do you have a chance on a discount?
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  5. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    Maybe let's have the boss spawn on all the channels instead of trying to cram the entire player base into 1.
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  6. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic new player   

    Remember to have fun!
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  7. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic Returning player.. Need HELP!   

    Games are for fun. Work is a place to go. Why do so many turn a game into work?
    OP Try all the classes and stick with the one you enjoy.
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  8. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic [Event] Latent Aura Bundle   

    Will do.
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  9. Dazed&Confused added a topic in General   

    [Event] Latent Aura Bundle
    So I'm looking through my attendance awards and see this. I tried goggle but all it talks about is some level 55 quest.
    I enjoy the game so none of my alts are anywhere close to that. Nevertheless can my alts get any use out of it now or should it sit in storage until 55?
    Thank You
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  10. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic Organizing Workers / Worker Management   

    What is the one thing you want your worker to accomplish?
    For example is your top priority gathering crops? Maybe rare traces. Or building a raft?
    Once you've identified the top priority what type of worker would best accomplish that task (Goblin, Human, Giant)
    Which city should they be located?
    Which skill set should they have?
    Once you've gotten your top priority established everything else will follow.
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  11. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic How am I doing?   

    Are you having fun?
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  12. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic Need some advice moving towards 50.....   

    You're not obsessed with life skills. You're enjoying the game. You're finding out that you don't have to max level max weapon etc. Go back look at the quests and focus on the activities you enjoyed and do them. 
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  13. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic Reduce pruning and bugs (Farming)   

    You're also missing out on getting the random shard drop from crops.
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  14. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic Some Ideas what we can spend out time on?   

    1. Make a new alt
    2. Do the quests
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  15. Dazed&Confused added a post in a topic Organizing Workers / Worker Management   

    1. What is the objective? i.e mine node, build equipment
    2. What is the priority of the objective? i.e Full time, As needed
    3. What type of worker fulfills the objective? i.e Nearby, Far away
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