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  1. Sicate added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Man those people with 3 red nose armors instead of 1 sure have a big advantage. 
    Joking aside. How would you feel if you invested time into 2 characters on 2 servers, got the boss armor reward boxes, enhanced it to tri or something and then the company decides to merge servers and delete one of your characters boss armors because multiple rewards is "unfair".
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  2. Sicate added a post in a topic What are the differences in awakenings   

    As much as i hate trolls and unhelpful people, I gotta admit that HeroUnknown is right. In the long run, teaching people how to look up information is better than just spoon-feeding them anything they ask for. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.
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  3. Sicate added a post in a topic Dog unkillable?   

    With the 1sec CD on LBP, don't think we need doggy to body block. Prefer having 100% uptime on dog for CC and able to use iframes more
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  4. Sicate added a post in a topic Corrupt file when updating 1.7GB patch   

    Yep, not fixed. Repaired 3 times now, didn't start till after maintenance was over.
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  5. Sicate added a post in a topic Where is the maid   

    This patch was recently put in for KR, it's likely they overlooked the maid thing. Was a fix for KR but we don't have maids, and it wasn't meant to say we are getting them
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  6. Sicate added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

  7. Sicate added a post in a topic So I finally got Trade Master 1   

    General sure is a funny way to spell suggestions. 
    If it was a suggestion then post it where it will be taken as such
    General sure is a funny way to spell suggestions. 
    If it was a suggestion then post it where it will be taken as such
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  8. Sicate added a post in a topic Ghillie suit isn't only P2W but P2H   

    ITT: OP taking a quote out of context and using it to support his misinformed crusade. Nothing of value to see here.
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  9. Sicate added a post in a topic Plum vs Sorc   

    Did i say Maewha were not squishy? No. Was referring to why sorc isn't that great in large scale battles
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  10. Sicate added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    Was that supposed to mean something? Doesn't mean much in this day and age.
    1. You said you blame daum for not liking other players because "They" made a game that allows griefing and such. Daum didn't make it, stupid mistake #1.
    2. You pull a lot of stuff out of your ass with no proof. Xigncode being garbage, "a lot" of people being mad (if you sit on forums all day, I can see why you'd think that).
    3. You're not turning on your fellow players, bots are not players and you should not consider hackers your fellow anything.
    4. It takes maybe, and i'm being extremely generous, 10 minutes tops to record a 30 second video and make a report and submit it. We deserve cash shop stuff for that? Difference of opinion i will admit, but hell no i don't think we do.
    5. If you honestly think that the amount of effort a player puts into a report is in any way related to what an actual employee does, then you're more naive than i thought.
    6. Their were already methods to report this kind of thing, now they're just rewarding us for it. Consider it a pay raise if it really bothers you that much.
    Good luck with that grad degree, gonna need it. Jesus.
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  11. Sicate added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    You're an idiot, stop posting. Go outside or something. You're offering nothing.
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  12. Sicate added a post in a topic Blader Costumes   

    That is the Wilderness costume
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  13. Sicate added a post in a topic Musa Awakening Video   

    Because animations cant be canceled 
    Clearly we know every detail of the new skills that come with it /s
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  14. Sicate added a post in a topic A Cautionary Tale: DAUM vs. PVE   

    If by limited you mean only one guild can own one at a time, then yes. When? Soon™
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