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  1. Horizon added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Oh, we have maid now?
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  2. Horizon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Quick key for Market/Sale
    Before I start I would like to apologize if this topic has been mention and I’m just recapping it, I try probing for this topic on the forum however my result was zero.

    As someone who listed items and checking prices daily/hourly, I would recommend adding a quick key for market so as I lay in bed or traveling I don’t have to hit the “Esc” or switch to my map in order to look at the market.

    Also I would like to add a “Back to marketplace” key to the UI “View my items”. The reason for this is after view your listed item you have to quit the UI menu, hit the “Esc” or switch to my map in order to look at the marketplace again.

    If you have any input/changes to this suggestion, feel free to comment J  

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  3. Horizon added a post in a topic Constant DCing   

    I have the same problem, I would exit my house and 2 seconds later i would be back in it.
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  4. Horizon added a topic in Technical Issues   

    UI became larger after changes were made to setting
    Today I made changes to the setting after noticing there were options for the map animation, and system notifications. After finalizing the changes, I hit “confirm” then “apply”. My UI somehow reset and now are taking up most of my screen. I try to reduce the size of the UI however it will only allow me set at 140%. I can’t adjust it any lower, and how I’m stuck with that UI setting. Is there a possible way to reverse this?
    I played the game on 4k setting
    And if I can reverse the UI, is there a possible way I can keep the changes I made to the map animations, and system notifications?
    Here is my computer spec.
    Window 10-64bit/Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz/32686MB/12240MB
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz/32686MB/12240MB
    GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
    Here is the text from my game setting
    version = 4
    adaptor = 0
    windowed = 1
    width = 3840
    height = 2160
    graphicOption = 0
    graphicUltra = 1
    dof = 1
    antiAliasing = 1
    SSAO = 1
    Tessellation = 1
    postFilter = 2
    characterEffect = 1
    lensBlood = 1
    bloodEffect = 2
    textureQuality = 0
    gamma = 1.00
    contrast = -0.00
    cameraLUTFilter = Vibrance
    fov = 70.00
    enableOVR = 0
    enableSimpleUI = 0
    showSkillCmd = 1
    enableSound = 1
    enableMusic = 1
    enableEnvSound = 1
    enableRidingMusic = 1
    enableWhisperMusic = 1
    enableTraySound = 0
    enableBattleMusic = 2
    masterVolume = 15.0
    fxVolume = 100.0
    envVolume = 100.0
    voiceVolume = 100.0
    musicVolume = 0.0
    hitFxVolume = 100.0
    otherPlayerVolume = 100.0
    hitFxWeight = 100.0
    cameraEffectMaster = 1.00
    cameraShakePower = 0.26
    cameraFovPower = 1.00
    cameraTranslatePower = 0.50
    motionBlurPower = 0.50
    upscaleEnable = 0
    sleepModeEnable = 0
    cropModeEnable = 0
    cropModeScaleX = 1.00
    cropModeScaleY = 0.80
    screenShotFormat = 1
    useNearestEffectOnly = 0
    useSelfPlayerOnlyLantern = 0
    useSelfPlayerEffectOnly = 0
    uiScale =  1.40
    showComboGuide = 1
    selfPlayerNameTagVisible = 0
    otherPlayerNameTagVisible = 0
    partyPlayerNameTagVisible = 0
    guildPlayerNameTagVisible = 0
    NavPathEffectType = 3
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  5. Horizon added a post in a topic Energy Visibility   

    I would like to support this as well, it would be very convenient to have then having to switch back and forth trying to find out how much energy your ALT have.
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  6. Horizon added a post in a topic Energy regeneration. Offline/Online   

    The energy per minutes is good enough as it is, anymore will unbalance the game play. 
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  7. Horizon added a post in a topic Can't gain knowledge even after gain amity   

    Thank you very much  
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  8. Horizon added a topic in General   

    Can't gain knowledge even after gain amity
    After gaining the right amount of amity I was unable to get the dialog for the knowledge from Ovidio Toscani
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  9. Horizon added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Can't gain knowledge even after gain amity
    After gaining the right amount of amity I was unable to get the dialog for the knowledge from Ovidio Toscani
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  10. Horizon added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


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  11. Horizon added a post in a topic Knowlege   

    Thank you, I'm going to post a picture for those who want to look for these in the future

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  12. Horizon added a topic in General   

    Anyone have any idea where this is?

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  13. Horizon added a post in a topic Knowldege   

    Any specific place? I've been running around trying to find it how ever I come across it.
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  14. Horizon added a topic in General   

    Anyone have any idea where this is?
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  15. Horizon added a post in a topic Help with knowledge   

    Most likely, I know i had a same problem. However i can't remember how I got his knowledge.
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