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  1. Tsingani added a post in a topic Three Awakening questions   

    Except that the BoD is dropped directly on top of you, and it moves slowly, meaning that in order to aggro all these mobs, as you're suggesting, you'd have to find a ridiculously dense group of mobs. Something more densely packed than the main area of Sausans, and/or Pirates.
    Not to mention the cast time is somewhat slow, and that if you were to use this method in a place that packed with mobs, you'd almost be guaranteed competition over what, according to your description, would be a top-notch grinding spot. Plus BoD has a 5s cooldown per blade, with each blade lasting roughly 10s. So you're waiting 15s to aggro everything.
    This would also only be hypothetically viable if you were killing things solo. This tactic has no place in group grinding unless your party members are all Musas and Maehwas.

    In the time it would take you to drop 3 BoDs in viable locations, you could have already dispatched half to 3/4 of those mobs by just moving from pack to pack, assuming you had decent AP.
    If you take all century to farm/hit like a wet noodle and ask the rangers and witches nicely, maybe they'll entertain your fantasy and you can summon 3 BoDs.
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  2. Tsingani added a post in a topic Three Awakening questions   

    I hear you. It's.. weird to not generate shards as frequently now with the scythe. Double violation is too tempting - I can't remember the last time I used Shard Explosion and I feel like that makes me a bad person ._.

    Getting Dark Trade depends on how much effort you want to put into your awakened skills, and whether or not you'll want to level to be eligible for skill upgrades (can be arsed to get to 58/59+). If you don't think you'll really want to progress too much outside of the basic awakening skills, and can't see yourself finding the effort to continue the leveling process, then by all means go for it. Now that every stage of DT only costs 10% of your max HP vs 10/20/30, it's a viable option that won't gimp you too much in PvE.
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  3. Tsingani added a topic in Suggestions   

    Training Dummies - CC Indicators
    In PvP, the key is keeping your opponent locked down for as long as possible to fit in as much damage. You can practice the feel and "smoothness" of combos on training dummies in places like Heidel and Olvia, but it's nearly impossible to practice lockdown combos, and get a feel for when a target is stuck in a complex chain of CCs or not.

    What I'm suggesting is the implementation of a type of training dummy that changes to a certain colour (any colour) when CC'd.
    Normally, when practicing PvP combos for CCs, you need another person to stand there and try to move or evade as soon as they're no longer CC'd, but this would give those who play in the "dead" hours a chance to refine their combos.

    For example, a Musa is testing out his stun/stiffness combo, and he attacks the dummy. The dummy changes from its original colour to red/blue/green/whatever while it is CC'd. As soon as the CC wears off, the dummy goes back to its regular colour.
    Keeping in mind that since a dummy would reflect a PvE foe rather than a player, every CC would be 100%, since this is purely for practice. 
    It would help players understand what CCs can be overlaid by which (I.E Stun>Stiffness but not KD > Bounce).

    This would involve a colour overlay, such as the one your party or guild members get when they're nearby.
    I'd love to hear what the community's thoughts are on this idea

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  4. Tsingani added a post in a topic Three Awakening questions   

    Not too sure about Ult:NC, nor Storming Crow, but it's usually a good idea to keep some extra mobility moves in reserve as your iframes are pretty gimped with the scythe (with your only "true" mobility skills being Shadow Leap and Night Crow - in which NC has a two second cooldown and you must attack immediately after casting it with the scythe out).

    The scythe version of Rushing Crow takes some getting used to, but the upgraded version gives you two almost indispensable additions - Super Armor and a quick way for you to switch from Amulet to Scythe while gap closing and debuffing. Sorcs don't have too many ways to quickly switch from amulet to scythe without directly pressing C.

    As for Dark Trade, keep in mind that your Grim Reaper (E while in Scythe mode) gives you 30 fragments of darkness. So if for whatever reason you immediately need 30 fragments, you can use that skill. It does, however, have a 3m cooldown, but gives you 100% crit for the duration of the buff. Not so handy if you want some extra shards for Shards of Darkness (since the skill is a guaranteed crit), but handy if you need extra shards for double Violation or if you want your +20 AP consumption buff among other things.
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  5. Tsingani added a post in a topic Post Awakening Skill builds   

    Sorc passives should only be taken when there is literally nothing else that you can upgrade (absolutely everything else is maxed out - I.E: if you somehow end up with 900+ Skill Points). Some (most) could argue that we shouldn't bother with the Sorc passives at all.

    "Grinding skills" like Black Wave should be dropped as soon as you get your scythe. The necessities for your standard 1v1 air combo should be kept, as well as your amulet CC skills, since for PvP (SE, DoD - which you shouldn't EVER drop because of its PvE capabilities in singlehandedly refilling your mana from almost 0-100 while grinding - and the like), you use your amulet to CC your target, then burst them down with your scythe.
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  6. Tsingani added a post in a topic Three Awakening questions   

    What utility?
    Not being sarcastic - I'm genuinely curious. I'd heard that BoD can be used to aggro mobs. Tested this out and found it to be rather pointless when grinding (not sure if it even aggro'd mobs, because the mobs didn't stay alive long enough), since it doesn't aggro additional mobs (like Heilang), it costs shards of darkness to use, and in the time you spend casting it, you could be doing a multitude of more situational and useful skills in PvE (setting up a KD or Float combo), it just doesn't seem like it has any use.
    The only situation in which I could ever see it being useful is if the aggro function of BoD actually worked, and you were soloing scroll bosses. That's if the aggro skill functions in accordance to what I've heard.

    BoD doesn't KD, Float, or cause Bounce. The skill is cast almost directly on top of you, meaning that the mobs will have to be in your face to be hit. The "blade" moves very slowly, and the only modifier in which it gets is a "counter" attack.
    It's not good enough to be an outright attack, and it's not even good enough to be considered a "filler", since the substantial counterpart of utilizing it (F:CoD) has been nerfed to the ground.
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  7. Tsingani added a post in a topic Three Awakening questions   

    Well that's something, at least.
    However, there doesn't seem to be much of a point in using BoD if you don't plan on coupling it with F:CoD, since the damage from BoD seems abysmal compared to your other skills (plus it costs 10 fragments to cast).
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  8. Tsingani added a post in a topic Our new chase   

    I agree with you in the sense that it's pointless to try and chase a Musa/Maehwa in 1v1 PvP. I spar often with a (what I consider to be) an incredibly skilled Maehwa player, and fully understand that chasing a Musa/Maehwa in 1v1 PvP has no merit. Same as lobbing a CC at them while they're using chase.

    The situation I'm describing - which is rather mean, but again is done in good fun - is moreso the case when you're running through an area with your awakened weapon drawn, come across a Musa/Maehwa, flag with no intention of actually attacking, watch them chase to madly escape the awakened sorc looking for an easy target, having said sorc catch up (to a point), unflagging and then continuing on your way.
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  9. Tsingani added a post in a topic Three Awakening questions   

    Also worth mentioning that Blade of Darkness and Flow: Cry of Darkness are considered bugged*, so it's sort of pointless to invest in those skills. Regarding add-ons, as Panpan said, your big three attacks to focus on are GRJ, Violation and TBS.

    *Bugged in the sense that it's doing nowhere near the damage it's supposed to be doing - basically the same as when DF was bugged to do roughly 20 damage.
    It's discussed in the thread here http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112773-is-flowcry-of-darkness-bugged/
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  10. Tsingani added a post in a topic Our new chase   

    Fun fact: The aforementioned gap-closer (the one I described, not the one that Snicklebits mentioned) doesn't use any stamina. It alternates between mana (SL+RC) and nothing (MS).
    But clearly someone pissed in your corn flakes and you're determined to have a bad day so who am I to stop you 

    I also didn't say it was practical - but it sure is fun.
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  11. Tsingani added a post in a topic Our new chase   

    It can. The first night crow makes you switch to scythe. You begin with your amulet drawn, use RC to switch to the scythe, use SL, and then MS automatically puts you back into amulet again so you can use NC and have your scythe drawn.
    It's a good way to scare some Musas and Maehwas when they think they've lost you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  12. Tsingani added a post in a topic Bug on shard explosion!   

    Goes.. to sign with the ball goal..?
    What the actual -----?
    Broken English aside..
    Shard Explosion's hardest hitting attack is the LAST of the three shards.
    Attacks also scale off accuracy in PvP.

    Meaning that some attacks will MISS. They will not do any damage if you don't have good accuracy.
    "Shard Explosion no damage target, if Shard Explosion (any of 3 or all 3) no hit target."
    All three thrown shards are individual attacks.
    1st hit: 650% Damage
    2nd hit: 750% Damage
    3rd hit: 850% Damage
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  13. Tsingani added a topic in General   

    Be careful when buying costumes on the MP - "Classic Set"?
    So, noticed something while looking through the pearl items on the marketplace.
    Certain sets, such as the Acher Guard for Warrior & Sorc as well as the Apricot outfit for Maehwa are labeled as "Classic Sets".

    Now, they (devs) have pulled some pretty sneaky and underhanded things so far. But notice that the Acher Guard costume came out (in KR) when only two awakenings were available - the Sorc and Warrior, and thus those two sets were released with awakened weapon counterparts. Likewise, the Apricot outfit for Maehwas was their awakening costume that was featured in the trailer.

    Wouldn't it just be hilarious if all these people bought these super popular costumes only to realize that "Classic Sets" didn't include the awakening weapon skin (which they shouldn't right now,but I digress) and after purchasing the costume - because they're rushing to buy them while they're cheap - they were going to be forced to either pray someone sells only the awakening skin or buy it via pearls (7.5 USD a pop, unless awakening weapon skins are more expensive)?

    I'm not stating anything solid, aside from providing a few pictures. I'm in no way accusing anyone of anything.
    But here's some food for thought while you're all snatching up costumes.

    (If anyone else has beat me to the punch on this, then I thoroughly apologize.)
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  14. Tsingani added a post in a topic Very hard to buy a pet!!   

    Right? I had to do a double take when I saw the "author" of the post.
    Thought "Wait, isn't that the little ----- who was crying and demanding people buy the Conq pack for them because their parents refused to buy it for them?"
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  15. Tsingani added a post in a topic <<Venkas's Unofficial Costume/Pearl Shop Poll (Keep on the front page!)>>   

    Fixed it for you.

    This thread makes me happy in the sense that some idiot is going to read it, take the data it has to be unfailingly true and sell a costume off of it. And if the community works the way I'd expect it to, said idiot is going to waste thirty bucks on an ugly costume they'll be stuck with. 
    Because who actually does basic research in-game? That would require effort.
    Why would I vote when I can leave a blatant way to ruin and exploit your poll, sit back and laugh when others can ruin it for me with a much greater impact?
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