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  1. FONS added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    Had to login just to like that post lol.
    Yeah idk haven't played in two weeks after 3 hardcore months, i am both with uni exams and waiting to see what they do about the pk system. Following the patch notes and watching how they still don't touch the op sorcs and keep buffing the witch/wizs? Like a good man said on the first page i really think they don't even play the damn game.
    Few weeks on the verge of selling my account, but i really would want to till have hope, the concept is great, and has a lot of potential, but it is disastrous decisions over and over and i am really getting tired...
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  2. FONS added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 08th   

    As the 80% of people i know, i've been all the week not playing the game and looking in the forums about a word on the pk system change to decide whether selling my account or not, again as the majority of people i know.
    No changes and no words about it. Never trusted online and public polls, and less the official one about this, it doesn't reflect the reality, come on everyone can vote as much as he wants ffs. Even with this, the majority voted for the change to be reverted. At first more than 70% wanted this to be reverted, now sits in a 54% to be reverted and 38% not. BS. If you have been playing from the start, and are in one of the top 25 guilds you must be feeling the guilds dying too.
    Looks like Daum doesn't care much about the long term players leaving the game, they must prefer to preserve those casuals that can leave the game in a month and leave the game empty but hey, they are the ones who decide. Must be because newcomers give them more money than long term ones idk.
    Time to get my money back, maybe earn some money of this hardcore 3 months, and forget this neverending story...
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  3. FONS added a post in a topic This game suffers from Balancing Issues (Ranged Favortism)   

    If you play as a ranger and you say you are OP, that just can mean you either play too little or you are way overgeared. This game is all about gear. With the same gear a ranger is useless in a 1v1. A ranger is useless against a tank. A ranger is useless against a sorc. Don't know what game are you playing but if people is leaving their rangers to re-roll is beacuse of something.
    Now, in PvE? Of course a ranged class have advantage, same that on bosses. But the ranger being good at a mount? And you play a ranger? I just confirmed what i wrote, you are not overgeared, you are just writing without any clue.
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  4. FONS added a post in a topic reasons why the "hardcore" players bring nothing to this game anymore   

    Congratulations, you random casual will now be able to grind in the sausan jungle with 100 ppl around there, instead of having to look for a party as we all have had in a DEAD game.
    You are killing this game, and the worst of all this is that your kind of players are the ones that will get bored in weeks. And you all will have killed the game for getting bored in weeks.
    This poll doesn't reflect the reality, i'm in the top 15 guild of jordine, and 90% of the people i know wether it is from my guild or not, will leave the game if this change is not reverted.
    We are still on time, but as that poll doesn't reflect the reality, looks like i should start talking with paypal.
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  5. FONS added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    This is not remotely close to the reality. Online polls are bs.
    Just look at the first page of the guild ranking. Almost all of them are dying, 90% of the people i know will leave the game if this change is not reverted in the following week.
    If i were a carebear, i would rather have to grind in party than being able to grind alone in the now sausan jungle with 100 random lowies in a dead game.
    This is the week that will mark the future of this game, whatever the result is, hope is thought carefully.
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  6. FONS added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    Daum has an amazing ability of making changes so more and more people leave the game.
    Just in case not enough people left the game in the past month, they make this change to loose all the playerbase that's left.
    If this is not changed in the following week, i just give up this time on this game, same on 99% of my Jordine top 15 guild. My hope has a limit, and this is too much.
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  7. FONS added a post in a topic Ranger arrows starting point behind the character - Walls eating skills   

    Really? So if i am in a gvg in the middle of a Mediah plain, Rangers move a lot and there's a lot of rocks and random objects in Mediah. A random rock absorbs my attack and you call this"we need to learn to play"? lol.
    A guy on redit said PA said in Korea that they did this because rangers shouldn't be able to knock arrows with the back close to a wall, which i agree and i don't mind. But small rocks and other small objects too? And wouldn't be better to not let us do the skill instead of doing it without damage and our fps down to 5 during 3 seconds? Because it's mainly the fps drop what puts me in danger when this happens.
    The idea is good, but this is a pretty shoddy way of limiting where should and shouldn't rangers be able to shoot.
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  8. FONS added a post in a topic Ranger arrows starting point behind the character - Walls eating skills   

    Same i said on reddit, this is a bug fix suggestion, not a buff suggestion.
    I think the fact that we have Descending Current, a good GvG AoE, doesn't mean we deserve this bug for closed enviroments, or even places with rocks or objects around, if that's wat you mean. We are enough useless against a lot of classes in a 1v1 to deserve a bug like this one.
    Thanks for your contribution.
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  9. FONS added a post in a topic SP Charging wind   

    Would like to hear what you do to manage the recoil. if i just shoot one to counter the recoil i think it was like spamming A or D, but what if i want to shoot more than one shotgun in a row? can i counter the recoil of that?
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  10. FONS added a post in a topic Ranger arrows starting point behind the character - Walls eating skills   

    No matter the reason this is like it is, there's for sure an easy fix.
    If we weren't enough useless i closed enviroments, the objects behind us eat our skills, and when this happens our fps go down to like 5 fps during 3 seconds.
    So i think this should be a priority to fix, don't know how this could be like this for years smh, hope this post get a bit more attention because if we dn't press them to fix it doesn't look like they have much intention to do it...
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  11. FONS added a post in a topic Ranger arrows starting point behind the character - Please contribute to the suggestion post so the fix this already.   

    Yeah, not only any object close to your back will eat our skills, but if it wasn't enough your fps go down to like 5 fps during 3 seconds.
    Also forgot to link the suggestion post omg, i will add i right now.
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  12. FONS added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger arrows starting point behind the character - Please contribute to the suggestion post so the fix this already.
    This is the post i just wrote on the Suggestion part of the forums. Thought it would have been previously reported there, but found nothing about it. 
    Link to the suggestion post
    So please contribute to the post so they start considering fixing this annoying bug.
    Thanks all for your time.
    • 10 replies
  13. FONS added a topic in Suggestions   

    Ranger arrows starting point behind the character - Walls eating skills
    3 months after the release, the Ranger class still has the starting point of the skills behind the character.
    I don't know the reason of this decision during the development, it might be to avoid shooting through walls idk, having the starting point in the middle of the body would still fix that.
    If a ranger has his back close to a wall, the wall will eat the skill, i lost count of the number of times i died because of this. Even if you are not close to the wall, the recoil of our skills will push us back to a wall if we are in cqb, just in case we were not enough useless in cqb in close enviroments.
    Please fix this already, don't know the reason why this is like it is atm, but there's for sure an easy fix.
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  14. FONS added a post in a topic Tearing Arrow - Is it really that good?   

    Thanks all for the replies.
    So there's no way of cancelling the animation maybe to just shoot the 4th charge?
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  15. FONS added a topic in Ranger   

    Tearing Arrow - Is it really that good?
    So i've seen already few people talking very good about the tearing arow both here and on reddit without actually clarifying why.
    After removing the bow skill since i don't use EES for damage, i could get a few levels of tearing arrow but i want to know the truth of this skill before doing anything.
    I don't know if it can be canceled, i just use it to cancel the penetrating wind to land KD's. and i don't find anything else about this skill anywhere. All i know it lands huge movement speed debuffs, and does decent damage, but is it really that good? And can it be canceled somehow?
    • 13 replies