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  1. Freelancer added a post in a topic <Releconic>   

    The best memes. 
    Looking forward to seeing you again my love <3
    P.S. Arke is innocent.
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  2. Freelancer added a post in a topic [Luciform]/[Illuminant] Experienced/Organized/Serious PvP-Focused Guild LFM (Orwen)   

    Thanks for the message on Slack. We're closing Slack at end of year and using Discord, link: https://discord.gg/0W9KQopP22CqxwY9
    Anything we can do let me know. Got your back as always.
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  3. Freelancer added a post in a topic It's Monday... where is Iconic?   

    Less forum ego, more videos imo. If it's a video with egos and trash talking in it even better tbh.
    We crowned Relevant the meme masters long ago, let's see some pvp pornos.
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  4. Freelancer added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    As much as I love my name being mentioned every 5 posts, "Team Legacy" (Legacy Gaming is the proper name) left this game weeks ago. That means our SOP (Standard Operating Procedures, like PvP and organization, use of Thorns, etc) and the Charter itself, left with it. "Team Legacy" was the Veritas you all hated since day 1, and as much as you all hated it (hi realistic! i miss you bb) its progression and dominance left when TL left. Not hating on those who are riding BDO out, like I told you guys on stream, but we didn't stick around once the precedent was set.
    Good_fight is the remainder of the people who have nothing else to play, led by fob. They dont talk to me, hell I hardly remember squirelz voice lately. I'm not in their Slack/private chats and otherwise don't give two shits where or what theyre doing. They decided to do things their own way, and most importantly have fun. Besides letting them use Teamspeak so they dont have to pay for their own, the community leadership doesn't interact with them. As said, the goal was to have fun, and from what I see from this thread, well, yea. Let's just say you're feeding them candy.
    TL is actively prepping and playing some interim games (BF1, Ark, Minecraft FTB) and continuing to prep our Star Citizen Chapter, as well as our <redacted> mmo chapter, which I am actively involved in. I make nearly 40x posts a day in the forums I deal with now, and honestly this forum is pretty dead compared to PvP forums there.
    If you guys (LotD mainly) spent less time flaming forums and more time going through proper channels to get things fixed, you'd already have a GM reply and announcement. Ever wonder how Veritas conveniently go responses/locks/announcements within hours? Let's just say "some" of what the trolls said, was true. lol. There is a right way and wrong way to lead a guild, and fix game issues. I don't need to bring up how LotD split before, you guys are heading down that same path, which sucks because some of you are pretty legit.
    Relevant just needs to calm their tits, lot of your guys still talk to me about playing future mmos with Veritas 2.0 and things getting preeetty political over there. Need to chill before you lose sight of why you exist. There has always been a "Relevant" in every MMO Legacy departs, I'd like to see you guys last more than a few months. I get the whole "culture" which propagates validation of why you left, but respect the history and your bros still in Good_fight/legatum. 99% of the time you guys kicked ass and chewed bubble gum, and loved every second of it. Just try not to burn bridges, cause when BDO completely fails, history has shown many of you will want to come back. Except slurzy, ----- that dude. Just kidding, shit aside slurzy was hilarious most of the time, when he wasn't planning deaths of Black members with Trump (ayyyy lmao). <3 Autism and Marth - we took you guys in when Dys died, no regrets, just don't forget people still love you over here. Miss you sexy voices.
    It's all forum PvP bay-be.
    Oh, and a few other things. Follow me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fr3elancer cause you know, you guys love me and all.
    If you'd like to join us, our website is legacygg.com (you'll notice no BDO forums). If you are interested in getting some info on where the actual TL (we call it Legacy Gaming btw) is going, then message me on Skype: Freelancer315 . Otherwise I'm going to continue munching popcorn.
    Servers to chill on when you guys quit BDO, we actively play at nights mostly:

    PS. Arke is awesome, I miss his voice. Miss you too Gutter <3 My (real) daughter is getting more daddy time than ever, and 2Pac is alive and well.
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  5. Freelancer added a post in a topic Team Legacy Mega Alliance prepares to DISBAND.   

    Many won't believe it, but the drama shit on the forums is intentional. I tried (and will in future titles probably) to say specific monologues just to trigger enemy guild leaders and influence their decisions. We do the whole "Sun Tzu" stuff of trying to get our enemies emotional and force them to make drastic mistakes. My day to day reality is now spending more time with my 1 month old (she is real, lol) and trying to help the Star Citizen folks out. If i was half the avatar on these forums I'm pretty sure my wife would divorce me. Freelancer is a -----ing asshole, lemme tell you
    Anyway, just saying (secretly) I missed you on Twitch/streaming, and your guild in general. Don't tell anyone >.> I had a secret love affair for LC too, but they'll never knoowww. lol.
    Kidding aside, we're just going to be focusing on "pickup" games in the meantime. We're launching an Ark server, followed by/alongside Rust, H1Z1, 7daystoDie, Hurtworld, etc. These are games that not only the people leaving can hop into and relax, but builds camaraderie. These are some videos of us burning time until BDO: https://www.twitch.tv/fr3elancer/v/46485747 You'll see taking away the politics and forum BS, we're really deep down just trolls at heart who want to get some laughs. I'd like to get back to that. Battlefield 1 also! Don't forget.
    The next "big" mmos are not out for a long time, Crowfall, Camelot Unchained, etc. We have a very large Star Citizen chapter, very well respected as they're led by individuals who are active-duty Air Force. They do these crazy real/detailed training videos and that whole group is making quite the name for themselves. I am not quite on the SC hype wagon yet though, so I'm just providing infrastructure, logistcs etc for them. I think SC doesn't come out until 2017? Someone let me know. Everyone seems to have a different story there.
    I'll have to look into Albion. Be honest with me though, like most MMOs its "too late" to catch up after a certain point. Like for example, someone joining BDO right now could never be competitive in BDO (well maybe with more p2w over long period of time). Albion always intrigued me but we were so wrapped up with this game. That said when we announced the community was pulling support, that basically meant the leadership from Legacy Gaming, most of the players are either still in the guild moving on, or leaving the guild to join other guilds with their interests. Until BDO dies out completely (it hasnt yet) we won't have the massive crew we normally do.
    Anyway good to hear from you m8. I really wish you would stream again. As you can see I have nothing but time now (lol). Best way to track us (and hunt us down) is to join our Slack. Even if you never login to it, it will notify you via e-mail if we launch a server in some game, or make a push for an MMO months later. Then you can go into said server, scream "----- you freelancer" and make my life a living hell. I JUST WANT TO MINE IRON DAMNIT. <3
    tl;dr I dont know shit about Legion/Archeage 3.0 or anything. We're just gonna do "party" games and relax. Maybe someone here can explain if Legion might actually be any good.
    Your avatar literally says "Say yes to P2W". We will never agree on anything, even looking at anecdotal evidence on either side. We have been very outspoken against P2W for years, KR had little to do with our decision (or the many other guilds quitting Orwen/Edan right now). That said, I respect your stance Kodiak. You are very direct about your viewpoints. It comes down to a direct stance on whether you support these changes or not, and you clearly do. I will not try to convince you otherwise.
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  6. Freelancer added a post in a topic [NA][Orwen] Lords of the Dead <LotD> [Competitive PvP]   

    Dropping a final note professing my love for Lakez. He is sexiest man 2016. That's all. 
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  7. Freelancer added a post in a topic <Relevant> Orwen's first and only hardcore guild   

    I expect many good memes from Autism, and something tells me you guys will take the crown for the most toxic TS again (in a good way).
    This new "age" of Orwen will come with much popcorn, can't wait to bounce in and read.
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  8. Freelancer added a post in a topic Team Legacy Mega Alliance prepares to DISBAND.   

    The guilds are just fine, and they are discussing siege plans as we speak and shifting people around. As a community however we are pulling support with the most recent news. We discussed it a little over a week ago (had some inside info) and decided if the source ended up being correct, we would no longer be puppets to this publisher. Well here we are.
    If you see light on the horizon with this game turning into KR, then I am nobody who can argue that. We'll just agree to disagree.
    People pk each other and come and go all the time. There are currently 240 people online in slack and over 150 for the meeting last night in TS alone. People who merged into us leaving again for their old guild/friends - nothing wrong with that. Our entire core roster of 150~ are just fine, and the other 700-800 community members could care less. Many of those leaving to rejoin Tilted helped make Legacy what it was towards the end and we wish them the best. Really.
    Anyway while I'm out focusing on the next big thing, many are not. Youll have someone to fight yet Symbiotic and with these new p2w changes it will come faster than we planned. I might even come back just to kill you myself when that happens. 
    Or try >.>
    Later sexies.
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  9. Freelancer added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

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  10. Freelancer added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    Hi. I am the GM of Veritas, with multiple sub guilds in our community as a whole who feel the same way.
    As a community this was the final straw for us, and after numerous hours of discussion, we spoke our minds here: http://www.legacybdo.com/
    Our guilds will persist with hundreds of members hopeful of reversal/change, but many of us saw the writing on the wall as it started with Dyes, Value Packs, and more over a gradual period of time. It's only a matter of time until Valk's cry comes in, and more. This game had so much potential.
    I can say for certain we do not approve this change, and agree with all associated arguments this petition is addressing.
    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
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  11. Freelancer added a post in a topic LOL ALL THE DRAMA FOR NADA   

    Announcement from us coming soon.
    #respect to you Turbo, it was fun. 
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  12. Freelancer added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I think this is the dealbreaker.
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  13. Freelancer added a post in a topic Elephant Hype! [Legacy Gaming] (Veritas, Legatum, Dommestici) - Orwen | PvP | Recruiting Now   

    This is most of the guild right now, lol. Just started big guild push for 58, fun times.
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  14. Freelancer added a post in a topic Attention all Orwen gaming community leaders   

    I get headaches trying to read realistics childish fonts. Sooo...
    I google searched what a headache is a symptom of and found out i was going to die within a week.
    TIL i am going to die and everything said on the internet is totally researched, unbiased, and should be taken as 100% of what really happened and happens. Please pray for my teamliquid-stealing soul. Tell my mom I love her
    Remember kids, internet is 100% facts.
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