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  1. Ulfisch added a post in a topic Happy Red Nose Day 2.0 Everyone!   

    What's the feckin' point...?
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  2. Ulfisch added a post in a topic Underwaterbreathing with Q doesn't work for me   

    Blue breath bar doesn't refill with Q, also stamina bar not refilling
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  3. Ulfisch added a topic in General   

    Underwaterbreathing with Q doesn't work for me
    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong? 56 Wizard, Q is doing nothing when underwater and I just nearly died.
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  4. Ulfisch added a post in a topic Not getting Black Spirit Valencia quests - bugged?   

    Not sure if we're talking about the same thing here. Im referring to the Black Spirit quests which supposedly show up from 50, but then again as I'm not getting them..I can't tell
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  5. Ulfisch added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Not getting Black Spirit Valencia quests - bugged?
    At lvl 54 I have been unable to get any of the new Valencia related quests from my Black Spirit.
    I was told by guildmates that quests relating water and tents etc. which are important to understanding of new mechanics would be offered automatically by BS on logging in after patch but this isn't happening for me. I had crossed the border between old and new area a few times, still not triggering. I 'm also not seeing any quests offered at Sand Grains Depot, whereas I had made my way to Valencia via the north coast route and had received story quests in Valencia itself.
    What can I do to trigger the Valencia BS quests please?
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  6. Ulfisch added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Racid Island fish
    Got a nice catch from my Raft just outside Ilya. Now only getting 30% from it although I have all the nodes from Ilya to Heidel connected. Racide Island nowhere to be found.
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  7. Ulfisch added a post in a topic Fish not affiliated with the right node   

    Same problem here, about 11 fish,  some nice Swordfish from fishing afternoon on my raft outside Illya --- everywhere down to 30% due to Racid Island (node nowhere to be seen)
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  8. Ulfisch added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Looking for a GvG/Siege build
    I have not been able to participate much in Beta's or played on russian or korean versions.
    I would firstly like to ask if the general free skill reset at level 45 is available in release version or if this was just a Beta thing?
    However I'm looking for advice on a specific build:
    I would like to concentrate on GvG, with Castle Sieges etc., as my main interest.
    I'm looking for good crowd control and of course AoE damage.
    Is skilling Freeze up to Freeze 5 useful ?
    What might be the best nukes to be included in a rotation?
    Based on peoples experience, is the additional cast reduction of Mind Training in addition to Speed Spell worth the investment?
    Should I go for a combined dmg/support build in order to be useful for a guild raid group or rather roll two wizards, one with dmg the other with support (like to avoid this if possible, but if people feel the combined build is not viable, would need to bite the bullet and roll two wizzies)
    So if anyone has experience in GvG scenarios I would be most grateful for your advice or a link to your build
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  9. Ulfisch added a post in a topic UI Cluttered   

    That's what I thought, just apparently you can't
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  10. Ulfisch added a post in a topic 'Simple/Minimal UI' Improvements   

    My biggest gripe is the intrusive circular "Interaction Menu" that pops up when near a NPC or lootable corpse. This needs an option to remove or relocate to other area of the screen (acting as a pop up tooltip in other MMO's). Highly annoying and immersion breaking in many situations but most so when fighting a group of mobs. As soon as one of them is dead, the "Interaction menue" pops up as mob is now a lootable corpse, and covers aspects of the still ongoing fight.
    Please fix, thanks
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  11. Ulfisch added a post in a topic UI Cluttered   

    I've stated that in a seperate thread, but the most annoying UI element is the "Interaction Menu" that pops up everywhere.
    Please give an option to remove this, or at least relocate it on the screen (somewhere like lower right corner) so that it acts like a pop up tooltip in other MMO's
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  12. Ulfisch added a topic in Suggestions   

    Please include option to remove/relocate Circle Interaction menue
    I find the circular Interaction menue highly annoying (for example when fighting several mobs and loot advice popping up) and immersion breaking.
    I have looked for advice on forums and from other players how to switch this off, but as nobody could tell me how to , I assume it has not been possible as an UI change in Beta.
    I have tried to use "Edit UI" and also "Simplify UI" but to no avail.
    Even if the menue could be relocated to lowere right corner of screen or so as to act as a traditional pop up tooltip, this would help, but having this in the centre of your screen above any character or corpse in the vicinity was so annoying that it could become a dealbreaker for me.
    Generally I found the UI much too busy, also the map UI wityh quest/node/transport etc info is very busy. So the ability to switch off every aspect of the UI seperately would be greatly appreciated.
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  13. Ulfisch added a post in a topic How to get rid of/ or relocate "Interaction menu" ?   

    In Edit UI I can't find a way to move/cancel the Interaction Menu, neither does it disappear with simplify UI.
    Any other ideas?
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  14. Ulfisch added a topic in General   

    How to get rid of/ or relocate "Interaction menu" ?
    The Interaction menu (circle with target name + F / F1 buttons, plus instructions to use "R") is highly annoying, especially if it pops up when you're fighting multiple targets,

    Is there any way to get rid of it or statically place it into other area of screen, for example lower right?
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  15. Ulfisch added a topic in General   

    I'm having difficulties with UI, how to remove certain elements?
    I'm currently far from enjoying the Beta2. My main problem is that the UI is far too busy and distracting.
    My biggest bugbear are those circles that pop up near your character when you are close to a lootable corpse or some resourse. I'm fighting a group of mobs and as soon as I kill one a circle pops up, telling me I can loot, and alos for the 500th time that I have to use the R button.
    How on earth do I turn this off?
    Also other elements are far too busy like the quest arrows system and other things.
    I have tried to use the option "simplify UI" with not great effect and also the "Edit UI"system without being able to switch these UI elements off.
    Any advice would be welcome, because it seriously affects my enjoyment of the game. Thanks
    Bump - as no answer yet
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