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  1. Sleepy added a post in a topic Orwen Unclaimed Node List   

    Unclaimed in this list only refers to a node without an owner meaning this is just a list of nodes that were empty/uncontested(0 Builds) and/or nodes that ended in a stalemate for x weeks.  For the purposes of this list and my data, you cannot use them to measure uncontested nodes since I'm only measuring how long a node has been unclaimed and I don't have enough data on builds.
    Monday Results:
    Omar Lava Cave
    Heidel Pass
    Coastal Cave
    Southern Guard Camp
    North Kaia Mountain
    Next Monday
    #    Level    Node
    3    1          Hexe Stone Wall
    2    1          Thermian Cliff
    2    1          Central Guard Camp
    2    1          Canyon of Corruption
    1    1          Southwestern Gateway
    1    1          Delphe Knights Castle
    1    1          Pujiya Canyon
    1    1          Western Plateau of Valencia
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  2. Sleepy added a post in a topic Orwen Unclaimed Node List   

    Today's node war finished pretty early.
    Sunday Results:
    Unclaimed nodes from last week that were captured today:
    Hexe Sanctuary
    Northern Wheat Plantation
    Stonebeak Shore
    Elder's Bridge
    Alrum Rock Valley
    Next Week's Outlook for Sunday
    #    Level   Node
    3    3          Boulder Post
    1    3          Sarma Outpost
    1    3          Kamasilve Temple
    1    2          Crescent Shrine
    1    1          Watch Tower
    1    1          Behr Riverhead
    I expect blood to be spilled next Sunday for Boulder Outpost. Otherwise I'd be terribly disappointed
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  3. Sleepy added a topic in US Guild   

    Orwen Unclaimed Node List
    So, I decided to not be lazy today and did something useful with my data for once instead of having Lokien do it. This post contains unclaimed nodes by name,level and the number of weeks without an owner. Raw Data can be found here. Disclaimer: Although I have # of weeks unclaimed in my spreadsheet it can't be used for historic analysis since my data starts at week3 but for the purpose of this thread its enough since every node has been claimed at least once between week 10 and week 3. Hopefully this can give some direction where to attack for best silver. Any node with .5 indicates that the node ownership was dropped due to winning a conquest war.
    Level 3
    Level 2
    Level 1
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  4. Sleepy added a post in a topic ORWEN - Node War History   

    My life would be easier if Kakao released node war data. I have some reasons to believe why they haven't done it yet but those are tin-foiled conspiracies.
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  5. Sleepy added a post in a topic ORWEN - Node War History   

    Good work and very presentable!
    Did something happen with the Valencia nodes? I know I recorded those nodes for sure.
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  6. Sleepy added a post in a topic PSA what to prepare for server merger   

    BDF outlines what happened to the KR merge pretty well. Not sure if anyone has a translation for the JP and RU merges.
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  7. Sleepy added a post in a topic PSA: 100 Kill Quest for Bundles was added   

    Serendia shrine only gives the kzarka quest and the karanda quest is given by kruetz (guy on the path to delphe outpost).
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  8. Sleepy added a post in a topic PSA: 100 Kill Quest for Bundles was added   

    Yah, its the same quest that KR received a few months ago
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  9. Sleepy added a topic in General   

    PSA: 100 Kill Quest for Bundles was added
    I didn't see this posted anywhere. zz I had so much trouble embedding the image. Kzarka Bundle was added as well, its the node manager at serendia shrine

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  10. Sleepy added a post in a topic Orwen: Week 5 Node War Results   

    Current sorry state of node wars for Orwen and Uno
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  11. Sleepy added a post in a topic Orwen: Week 5 Node War Results   

    We had a lot of unclaimed nodes from the previous week and some uncontested t3s so I'm sure it's not only the reward that's involved. Big fights are not an indicator of average node war activity and is only an indicator that some guilds prefer a challenge than an easy win. Even then it could just 5 very small guilds against each other while another node could be a 50v50.
    There is a need for concern since the numbers for week 5 are terrible. We literally had more nodes than guilds on a daily basis for that week (except Sunday) and if you only consider the node war forts and not the castle forts we have 153 forts vs 149 nodes. So if the server decided to take some kind of armistice agreement, we only have 4 guaranteed fights for that week. Not sure if other weeks will follow this trend, improve or get worse since I'm unable to get a full week's worth of data now.
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  12. Sleepy added a post in a topic Orwen: Week 5 Node War Results   

    I heard some people say KR is usually contested but I have yet to find concrete data so I'm a bit skeptical on that. We do not have Valencia part 2 yet so KR actually has 7 more nodes than we do.
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  13. Sleepy added a topic in US Guild   

    Orwen: Week 5 Node War Results
    Weekly Results for Orwen Week 8/14 - 8/20. Credits goes to Lokien for the analysis. Raw data was compiled by me and can be found in this thread. This data was collected in order to get an accurate measurement of node war activity since Kakao does not release war data and many people were using largest fights which is a terrible metric. Largest fights only depict the largest number of guilds at a node and does not reflect the actual number of participants. The data does not show the actual number of guilds taking part since guilds can fight multiple days and it's impossible for me to collect this data by myself. This might be the only week with a complete analysis unless someone is willing to volunteer to collect data on Tuesdays.
    Orwen Node Wars
    WEEK 5 by the Numbers
    ·         Forts constructed:                                170·         Forts that found PvP:                            92 (54%)Nodes:
    ·         Empty Nodes (0 forts built):                   43 (28%)·         Uncontested Nodes (1 fort built):            78 (51%)·         Contested Nodes:  32 (2+ forts built):      32 (21%)Largest Fights of the Week: 
    ·         Sunday’s Elder’s Bridge Node War (6 guild stalemate)·         Wednesday’s Cron Castle Site Node War (6 guild stalemate)·         Saturday’s Serendia Siege (5 guild stalemate)Territory Winners:
    Flex, Good_Fight, Relevant.
    T3 Winners:
    Aethereal, Fire, Flex, Good_Fight, HoneyBadgers, ImmortalVanguard, Iron_Circle, Relevant, SoulOfTheDragon, Trucidation, Vahlok
    T2 Winners:
    BlackLys, BUSHI, Capital, Flux, Infernal, Maelstrom, Midas_Inc, Nigh-----ch, OTG_Blue, OXION, Spetsnaz, Templar, TGB, Thanatos, UDL, Void, White_Lotus, XenOfOnslaught.
    T1 Winners:
    ABandOfColours, Aetherius, Aimless, AOD, BUSHI, Chivalry, Ctrl, DisposableHeroes, Espers, GoldenLegion, Grim_Angels, Guardian, Guild, Haven, Hyakki, KiithSaHunter, Nerd, Notorious, Null, OTG_Green, Pandorum, PaxCruentus, PeaceMakeRs, Relic, Rise, Sentinals, SevenDeadlySins, ShadowCasters, Source, StormBlessed, StormCloaks, Templar, Testudo, TheBlackTides, TheOlderGamers, Valhalla_Chosen, Vanguard.
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  14. Sleepy added a topic in US Guild   

    Orwen Node War Chronicles
    I been meaning to start something like the Jordine post for a while now but wanted to wait until the Valencia region was open for warring. It's still a work in progress as I'm trying figure out what would be interesting to convey. Also, I'd be very happy to accept any information on node participants. Here's the link to the data.
    -Valencia Region goes uncontested
    25 Nodes
    36% Contested
    36% Victory by Default
    28% Nodes uncontested
    33 Guilds took part in today's node war
    24 Guilds were involved in a fight
    Largest Fights took place at Trina Fort,Tungrad Forest (4 Guilds each)
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  15. Sleepy added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    My only problem with all of this is that the marketplace prices of the cash shop items haven't been announced yet so it's hard to make a proper judgment on this. I'm hoping this information is released well before the maintenance so that we could have some form of meaningful discussion otherwise they're intentionally making a riot.
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