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  1. Perfectwar added a topic in General   

    Furniture repair?
    I noticed that using some furniture such as the bed which restore your energy ....causes the bed to use durability.
      Is their a way to restore that durability?
    If so how?
    also, if not.. will my bed disappear/ be un useable when durability has ended?                         I would really like to know how to repair if possible.
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  2. Perfectwar added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue Resolution   

    This is a ok solution to me. I don't mind having to be on another server as all my friends were on with me when it happened so they should be there too. I hope we still get compensated for it though as we all sat here afraid to log back in; just to lose out on a head start we thought we had on Edan... Or would we have to re make our characters to see the compensation?
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  3. Perfectwar added a post in a topic CM Jouska   

    There is a option in-game. When you are accessing the cash shop their is also a option to "recharge" this option will direct you to a website that will allow purchases of Daum cash.
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  4. Perfectwar added a post in a topic compensation conquer pack   

  5. Perfectwar added a post in a topic compensation conquer pack   

    agreed! I paid to get the exclusive features of the conquers package, yet come official launch for us we have to fall behind while others can play because of a channel problem. I really hope I don't have to start over, also to know my items I sent/ claimed, I hope are not lost.  -- I really feel like my 100$ didn't give me that head start we we're promised, and would hope to be compensated for such a issue.
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  6. Perfectwar added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

      Oh man, I noticed that about the conqueror's package too!!!  For the additional price of the package, I thought we would of had enough pearls to grab a full costume set/ undies too.  I wonder if there will be events for additional costumes or pearls! That would be so awesome!
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  7. Perfectwar added a topic in US Guild   

    Godfather --Edan server based.
      I would like to inform new players, or members just looking for a home; the guild Godfathers is accepting everyone.
    * We have a huge focus on territory warfare as we plan on reaping benefits from the nodes.        ***PVP!!!**
    * We do group farming. - A safe way to level up and gain silver/ items.   --- This would include our hunt for world bosses.
    * Interested in crafting? - We provide support for that. We have many recipes we can share with you too!
    * lost? We have a friendly group of core players that were in both Closed beta 1 and 2. We are willing to share some information such as help with quests, taming, cooking/ crafting. Got questions on classes and specs? we got some experience with that too such as pve specs/ pvp spec... maybe your a soloist? we got ideas for that too.
    ** Community! -- We like to have group projects, so this includes doing guild missions together; along with making a adventure out of the day!
    Come find us on the server Edan!!
    ** Godfathers** The best team oriented guild your going to find!
    You can also follow the team on twitch!  Twitch.tv/enthaupten           ** We hope to see you as part of the team!
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  8. Perfectwar added a post in a topic Server Structure at Release   

    I like your approach dude!
       I stated what I did to inform that their is a huge focus on pvp.  Just to be clear, I was not saying their is no pve. Territory dose give huge benefits, and as such the pvp over these zones will be immense!!   (* Note yes, that is guild based.) - Their are safe areas too that players can not be attacked.
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  9. Perfectwar added a post in a topic Because some people still don't get it - Make Alts first thing   

    Really cool advice. I wonder if their will be changes to it in the future though. *shrugs*
       So even if you main a toon, your benefitting from this. If your new to the game, this is a excellent starting option as well before deciding what to main.. Many also mentioned using this to store//reserve future names too.

    *Guild group -Godfathers-
    **Twitch team-- Enthaupten
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  10. Perfectwar added a post in a topic Server Structure at Release   

      Your half right.... The game's intention has a increased focus on pvp! The game is basically based for PVP. Their is pve, and their will be continuation of adding content which would include both pve and pvp concepts.  If you plan to have a main stay for PVE, I suggest you leave. I do not mean to be rude, but it is true that the main focus is pvp! Along with a large population who already plan to PVP. It is territory warfare; This is fact.

    Don't get me wrong, their is plenty of pve.. but if you plan to only pve.. Well you are going to die a lot. Mostly by players..... As this is the focus. Naturally both servers are allowing pvp.. Again, because the game has a focus on pvp...
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  11. Perfectwar added a post in a topic Would BDO been better with Sub   

    Hell no! I would hate to see subscriptions be a thing. This game currently has its niche with the one time buy in, with cash shop being cosmetics- only in game cash shop game changing advantage is buying pets, and even then that's a pve manner while the games high sell point is pvp and so forth.... Don't spill ideas that would ruin the player base. Many of us are coming from games that are subscription based, and planning on abandoning those games for that very reason.
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  12. Perfectwar added a topic in US Guild   

    Join our adventure! (Godfathers) Guild.
    We are a group of old MMO gamers, looking for a new adventure.
     Interested in:
    - guild PVP  - [ A large focus on pvp]
    - Trades
    - Crafting
    ( of course grinding and sharing recipes and more)                                     You can also find us on twitch.tv/enthaupten     - ( An dedicated site will be up at a later date.)
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  13. Perfectwar added a post in a topic Creating groups and partys - suggestion   

    Yeah took a long time to find my friends and group up. Finally had to swap over to calling them and having them whisper me to make a group.

       Would be much smoother if we had a invite to group option within the friends list.
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  14. Perfectwar added a post in a topic Closed Beta 1 Survey   

    Amazing game, I hope to see it grow over time and have additional content added through out the years as I intend to stay for many years to come.
      Can we please get a " Invite friend to group" button within the friends list? I hate that I either have to stand next to them or force a reply whisper in order to group... just makes grouping difficult.

    Shout out to guild and crew!! - almost 8 hours of game play a day and only made it to 27-30 amongst 6 ppl: only 2 of us made it to 30. So the grind is defiantly there, but locating where to obtain more quests would be a good alternative to dampening the grind while keeping it; in terms of making the grind feel rewarding.

    over all, absolutely amazed with the game.
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  15. Perfectwar added a post in a topic How do you feel about PVP as Sorceress?   

    A few hours into CBT1, sorceress feel like a really fun play style and the animations are amazing. PVE is not too challenging as long as you are cognitive to move away from attacks, but the class seems to not have high defenses so if you get hit you really take a lot of damage. Noticing a lot of abilities say reduced damage in pvp, and I feel this may be where the weak link will be for the scorc as the defenses are really weak ( well not so much weak just unforgiving.)
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