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  1. Flak added a post in a topic Animation Cancel Request   

    Nvm theres a video in the threads somewhere lol.
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  2. Flak added a topic in Ninja   

    Second Thread
    Let's all cheer and post pictures on how we feel now that the ninja is here.
    Well, almost.
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  3. Flak added a post in a topic [Suggestion] About Valencia Delay/Ninja Delay   

    Give me ninja now please. I'm dying.
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  4. Flak added a post in a topic Veritas are the best pvpers ever for 2 reasons   

    I wish i was the one who posted this.
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  5. Flak added a post in a topic Ninja Class Release Date   

    i am now at 740. Ill be finishing at 770
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  6. Flak added a post in a topic What new class would you like to see?   

    I want ninja.
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  7. Flak added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    When the player fights monsters which are stronger than they are a chat message and Black Spirit Notice will be displayed.
    How do i turn that off?
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  8. Flak added a post in a topic Ninja Class Release Date   

    ive already spent over. 500. Im ready to spend more. Im maining a class that i never intended to go so far with. And its not tamer forsome reason.
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  9. Flak added a post in a topic <3   

    If youre a shield i dislike you very much.
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  10. Flak added a post in a topic Dark Flame not hitting downed players   

    Ive noticed this too and its been frustraring for the past 2 days when i decided to relax a bit. Infact thats not the only skill. Like rushing crow. Sometimes it even plays the hit sound and doesnt do anything about it. But i guess thats just rng rolling their one sided die.
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  11. Flak added a post in a topic Black Desert not doing so well in Korea?   

    Lets revive this back up. Is there a way to reset this poll?
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  12. Flak added a post in a topic Why am I actually still playing this game? And why are you playing? Serious question   

    I still play in hopes they actually improve the servers and fix this desync nonsense.
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  13. Flak added a post in a topic Worst pvp of all pvp focused games....   

    i wish we played for friendship.
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  14. Flak added a post in a topic Musa and Maewha buffed within days - still silence about warriors   

    wait a second.... omg youre trolling. I am mad at myself now. Im outtie p.eace.
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  15. Flak added a post in a topic Musa and Maewha buffed within days - still silence about warriors   

    ?????????????? Stacking dp is great. No cc? What are you talking about? Ok ok i see. So that means all a ranger is good for is stacking ap to only cut your shield to about 50. Thats literally all a ranger is good for. It was your choice to play the one trick pony cheese class. If theres a class that needs a buff and rework its tamer.
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