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  1. Myssy added a post in a topic Halloween Pets   

    From the Cats description:
    "Exchange only avaible with other Halloween pets"
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  2. Myssy added a post in a topic Halloween Pets   

    price is 4,400 pearls. the pets seperatly 1,100 pearls
    and it seems like you can exchange every halloween pet with every other halloween pet.
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  3. Myssy added a post in a topic Halloween Pets   

    - 3 pets seperate (2 cats and the broom)
    - 1 pet package with all 6
    and next week we will get the 3 missing pets seperatly
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  4. Myssy added a post in a topic How to disable a production node?   

    I think it would be really helpfull to see a screenshot of the Nodes you want to get rid of...Sometimes it helps that we can tell you where to start or what to do!
    If you have a production node like lets say chicken meat at barteli farm, then yes you FIRST have to disconnect the chicken meat node and then the barteli farm node to get completly rid of this node.
    Queued Status only means he is ready to work and is waiting in the City that is listed.
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  5. Myssy added a post in a topic Bienenwaben bug ?   

    genau daran liegts, wie gesagt es gab mal einen Patch wo genauigkeit irgendwie geändert wurde und seitdem können Leute unter Level 50 glaub ich wars diese Jagdquests kaum beenden ohne hunderte Schüsse für zu brauchen. Also einfach weiter leveln, was ja auch mittlerweile an einem Tag geht mal eben auf Level 50 zu kommen
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  6. Myssy added a comment to this issue Unischtbare Barriere   

    ja es passiert immernoch, wobei jetzt keine Unsichtbare Barriere dort ist sondern die Steine angezeigt werden. Die Autoroute geht aber direkt dort durch wenn man von westen aus Epheria anfährt.
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  7. Myssy added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    be sure to relogg every day. because having your character online for lets say 48 hours without character switch or relogging wont give you the daily stuff.
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  8. Myssy added a post in a topic Bienenwaben bug ?   

    Lass mich raten, des Level deines Chars ist gut weit höher als des deiner Freunde? ^^
    Es gibt da nämlich so nen "Genauigkeits" Levelproblem was das Jagen betrifft und vor allem die Quests rund um die Honigwaben, Raben und Möwen ^^
    Das wird wohl das Problem sein
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  9. Myssy added a post in a topic Advice on manos resistances   

    i would say take the diamond and wait for nouver. Then you have 40% for all resi and the other 20% is almost possible with the new blackstones to get for every resi. that would be my plan ^^
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  10. Myssy added a post in a topic Unmilkable Cows   

    its not the inventory....i mean just check the energy on this screens. you just dont have enough energy to gather them! As far as i know you need 5 energy per milking and if you dont have them you cant milk a cow
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  11. Myssy added a post in a topic Missing Item After update   

    why you didnt already opened them?! i mean it was an event and it ALWAYS can happen that things get removed after some time if the event is over.
    Sure its not nice without a warning, but there is nothing in it to say "just lets wait and dont open the pack"....
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  12. Myssy added a post in a topic Ocean Update   

    no new ships are there....so i would assume its JUST the ocean rework without any additional features (except the reworked HP / Durability of the existing ships) 
    -> these other features should maybe come with the complete magorian update
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  13. Myssy added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Chicken Livestock?   

    barley x100 and rough stones x20.
    Nothing else works and this is how its mentioned in the description of the korean database entry
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  14. Myssy added a post in a topic Dandelion Pre-Order and your broken system   

    everyone has a chance to get it in the B-phase if they are fast enough. I mean every single item i try i get the "failed to purchase" sentence which means i was fast enough sending the captcha but wasnt lucky enough to get choosen by the system So all fine there. (its not actually a bidding system you know?! ^^ its "give in the captcha and be lucky and get the item instant or try again in some seconds if noone else was lucky" )
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  15. Myssy added a post in a topic Dandelion Pre-Order and your broken system   

    not that terrible if you think about it. Would it always go to preorder noone else then the rich ppl would get anything from the marketplace....so everyone still has a chance on getting stuff even if its RNG to go to the marketplace and RNG with the B-Phase ^^
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