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  1. Roodlyph added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    zerging is bad
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  2. Roodlyph added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   

    yes i blame jules for too many good times making it hard to deal with bdo no longer being a part of my life 
    i dunno dude, this retard techie or whatever his name is posted some shit calling out guilds zerging other guilds like he repressed his memories of doing the same thing countless times or something and i just decided right there and then that i'm not mentally handicapped enough to enjoy this clown fiesta.. maybe if i had the power to generate more chromosomes i could keep playing but it's whatever. bdo also takes up 50gb on my ssd and makes my computer sound like a steam engine when it's running, ain't that sum bullsheeeit
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  3. Roodlyph added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   

    i humpty dumptied all over your traps in the valencia sieges vs harmony and oldskool, don't think we've seen each other outside of that (didn't play aa)
    i don't play anymore so won't happen again sir 
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  4. Roodlyph added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    a year of arguing on forums about who's good, who's bad, who's right, who's wrong, who's a zerging piece of shit and who's not
    v i d e o g a m e s
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  5. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Attendance on Sieges and Nodewars   

    I know I know, I don't hold it against you
    Spot on. I could talk about this for days because it's extremely annoying to have witnessed the regression of the game and the community, but words are meaningless and I probably wouldn't be able to be a contributing factor in reaching OPs goal. It's funny to think back to when FUtilez, Iron and all the other guilds were still around because I used to hate them with a passion, but that was the highlight of my BDO experience. When 9/10 guild quests led to a GvG or at least 1-2 hour long skirmish, when people had balls to test the waters and punch above their weight; specifically FUtilez who week after week banged their heads against calpheon castle walls versus Grind and we just laughed at them... When bottomfeeder guilds were either comfortable in their place or we had big boys to shut them down when they made unreasonable demands pointed at top guild to split into smaller ones so they could become relevant. And that's what we got in the end it feels like. We're stuck with many delusional guilds who in their minds "won" because they passed the test of time, but it's more like being 130 years old and being ecstatic because you outlived your worst enemy thinking it's the biggest personal victory of your life - but it's not, because now you're just old as -----, your family and friends are all dead, you piss your pants all day everyday, your body is just broken and everything hurts beyond your imagination.
    No, we all lost. It's not even up for debate. I don't even wanna hear some professional lifeskiller come in here and disagree, because I know if our guilds were at war against each other and he ended up getting farmed he'd just be angry and upset. Not even a waste of breath, garbage excuse of a human being karmabomber could come here and tell me otherwise when the only form of player interaction he knows is running at someone over and over for 3 hours a day just dying with no gain or no purpose. You don't win anything, you just lose time. If by any chance someone with a post history resembling something like "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) salt salt salt ¯\_ツ_/¯ baited ¯\_ツ_/¯ triggered" --- don't even bother. You don't win anything just because your purpose on this planet is to spite people you don't agree with in threads you have no place in, in a game you failed to become a relevant presence in. 
    I've had my fun in BDO, but I hope I won't be around for long enough to see what happens next honestly.
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  6. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Attendance on Sieges and Nodewars   

    It was a low hanging fruit but you make a good point. I thought long and hard about what to say and how/if it would be relevant to the original post, but just because I mention it it shows the stereotypical knee jerk reaction people have to other peoples' attempts at getting a point across. Now if you want to completely undermine everything I've said so far, all you need would be a couple other goons to clone your post to make me and my post look like something I blew out my ass.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
    (bet you think my post was meant as a joke because I pasted a lenny at the end of it, but I'm actually serious - and this is why you can never hope for anything to change for the better, since no one takes anything seriously)
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  7. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Attendance on Sieges and Nodewars   

    Feel like mentality is the biggest problem. In the beginning BDO attracted hardcore PvPers who are used to and enjoy fighting tooth and nail for resources or just enjoyment and looked to sieges as -the- endgame. Things happened, PvP/general playerbase dwindled and we were left with some recycled shitshow of a PvP scene where the salt/lenny-spamming casual """semi-progress""" people became the vocal majority much like the asperger kid from elementary school who pulled out a M777 Howitzer in a game of rock-paper-scissors and won everytime. Even when he lost. It's just a huge quality downgrade all around when it comes to PvP. People take offense if you flag on them or declare on their guild, as if you slapped them in the face IRL, complaining that they can't do world bosses or they can't grind...
    And then it's always about the numbers too... "your win doesn't count because my guild only had 95/100 people attending and it doesn't represent my guild's actual strength" ----- you. "I see two guilds fighting each other, which one do I team up with?!" ----- you, kill them both.
    Good luck anyway.
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  8. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Need help with nodes   

    If you want to make grunils you don't have to worry about connecting cities, though I think the grunil market is pretty saturated last I heard. Connecting cities is usually done to get max profit from trading crates (trent/calpheon/epheria to valencia city/arehaza town). And you will need something like 150-ish cp to set up that trade route including workers for whichever crates you wanna make. I think if you start out with investing in the wheat/potato/corn nodes around velia and buy fruit from the fruit vendor in calpheon to make essence of liquor OR just make beer if you want to get some return from your cooking, you should be able to bump up your CP at a decent rate this way.
    Something I like to do is go to pilgrim's haven in valencia and gather copper and zinc to make brass ingot crates to trade in, platinum, gold and silver ingots to sell on the market, and grind rough stone into polished stone and make advanced cooking utensils (20 polished stone, 5 usable scantling, 20 melted iron shard, 14 blackstone powder). 3 birds with 1 stone. 
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  9. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

    Not even gonna quote you on anything specific because I can just skim through any post of yours to establish that it's identical to any post made by you ever in the sense that it's just a compilation of nitpicking, semantics, a poor attempt to become relevant through your own irrelevance and buzzwords like salt/bait/whatever. The only presence you ever had was through endless whining in guild chat about class imbalance, ironically enough about a class that's actually objectively strong compared to any other class. Your own guildmaster won't even acknowledge your statements in this thread, but rather stay constructive and back up what's already been said for half a year now and apparently obvious to everyone except you. Desync is so consistent on our servers that you find yourself being vacuumed into a grab from 20 meters away more often than not, and you believe emergency escape is a viable counter to that? Do you even realize how out of touch and delusional you have to be for that to make sense? Lemon didn't even acknowledge you before you made yourself impossible to ignore by spamming every thread ever made by him or a Jgh member and making a tamer named after him. 
    Do you think I'm salty writing this? Try to imagine how salty I'd be if I was some anti-social, delusional, arrogant, ignorant and universally disliked pathetic waste of perfectly potent sperm cells like you. Now imagine the joy I'm feeling when I remind myself I'm not.

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  10. Roodlyph added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    "hardcore pvp guild"
    "we enjoy being outnumbered"
    Bold statements from a 50 man guild that got farmed by 10 people for an hour. When faced with actual pvp you change the subject claiming it's all about the silver? Lol. The only one who did work during the nodewar was your elephant, rest of you are just worthless insects. Hardcore PvP guild that doesn't wanna give up their home channel, and then you actually retract the war once you noticed you were getting farmed once again.
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  11. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Why is server stability still terribad after nearly a year?   

    Hardly noticeable in comparison and seems to have literally no impact in combat... 
    I don't even bother trying to figure out what the ----- their problem is anymore. They're not even posting on forums anymore but keep adding 30e costumes bi-weekly, but of course that's acceptable and satisfactory considering 80% of the playerbase for the most part only care about character customization and playing dress-up. If I were in their shoes I'd be more inclined to tell people I'm a gay prostitute rather than admitting to be working for Daum.
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  12. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Would this game suit me? A few questions.   

    Sure, you can say that. It was my choice to spend whatever amount of time and money on the game, I don't deny it. It's just a matter of principle and trust when cuckao eu said in a video interview from before the game was launched that they would not implement any iteration of p2w-items at any point of time, and as a result of that the price of the game was set to 30/60/100e at launch - then they add artisans memories, value packs and the possibility to list cash shop items on the marketplace. And this was over half a year after the game launched, while the game/server issues were still not fixed. The headliner feature for the game, node wars and sieges, were to be added a month after launch to allow players to settle in nicely. It kept being postponed because in their own words they wanted to eliminate desync/rubberbanding/lag so we could do nw/sieges without any issues, but in the end it took 3-4(?) months before they added it. And the game is still plagued with desync, and now lag and freezes too.
    It's not that I didn't get my moneys worth of entertainment, or that they made a honest mistake and did their best to make it up to us (they didn't), it's that I bought BDO and believed them when they said "I promise..." and they never delivered on anything they said, resulting in some kind of mutilated, radiation poisoned, putrid-kind of gameplay experience. I'm biased because it's been a long and for the most part miserable ride, but it's all based on stuff that actually happened and I hope OP or any potential buyers of BDO consider what I'm saying and what has been posted other places on the internet before they choose to put money in the pockets of these scam artists.
    So he didn't specifically say "I promise", but you'd think it would be the norm for supposedly respectable businesses to stay true to their word when it concerns the future of their product and their reputation.
    That's not even the biggest problem, it just completely ruins any kind of credibility they ever had. Lesson learned.
    Do you think desync is just something certain people don't like? What about when your game freezes for 10 seconds when you're halfway through your combo in group pvp? How about... spending 1000e upgrading your PC expecting to see a significant increase in performance but being forced to run the game at medium settings with spell effects disabled just barely stay above 30 fps in group pvp because the game isn't in any way optimized? I have never experienced all of these being a constant issue in any game besides BDO.
    You can love and enjoy BDO all you want, I'm not trying to take that away from you... I don't even care about your assumptions about me or my qualifications, because the fact of the matter is that everything I said in my posts either happened as a one time incident, or has been a problem for a very long time and remains a problem to this day. 
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  13. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Would this game suit me? A few questions.   

    My life is shit and I'm self destructive, so I waste away playing shit games and keep throwing money at it hoping it will improve.
    BDO had a shitty launch, they promised they'd fix this and adjust that. In the end BDO was for the most part playable, then things just went full cashgrab and they broke their promises. I think a lot of people can admit to having been gullible still thinking they'd be able to sort their shit out after their first slip-up. If we just choose to ignore everything that happened while still spending money in the pearl shop then we're just stupid and don't deserve better.
    I don't think it's fair to recommend OP to buy the game if all the good stuff is gated behind 500+ hrs of gametime and a ~100 euro paywall. At least tell him what he can expect as a f2p player.
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  14. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Pwn newbies and the under-geared: Is that a new sport?   

    You guys need to get your heads checked... BDO was marketed as a sandbox mmo for years prior to its release, and as in every sandbox game worth mentioning player interaction/pvp is the endgame. Is your dream to just be able to go about your business as usual without any random element of surprise or any player interaction at all? You could literally just lie in bed all day twiddling your thumbs or stare at the roof if that's the experience you're looking for.
    I honestly don't get the point of this thread. Sounds like you're mad because you can't progress while AFK because you don't know better than to stay inside safezones whilst doing so, you're literally not playing the game and you're throwing a tantrum because others are? That's some backwards logic. Stop shitposting on the forums, play the game and deal with it.
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  15. Roodlyph added a post in a topic Would this game suit me? A few questions.   

    They call it 'pay to not be inconvenienced', which exist in different forms such as pets (can be bred for an attempt at getting a pet with better bonuses (rng)) that loot mobs for you with 4 pets out allowed at a time. Costumes that gives you different bonuses depending on the costume, such as +10% exp, increased view distance, increased cooking speed etc. If you want to get somewhat comfortable with high weight limit etc you're looking at spending 150-200e on top of whatever the game costs. They're basically throttling your progression speed like this, and once you hit valencia content you will suffer without increased weight limit.
    The game has been suffering from desync since launch and as of recently lag/freezes and low framerates while they keep adding new costumes in the pearl shop...  They don't communicate with the community about gamebreaking issues, not even as little as acknowledging that it's an issue. If you're looking for a game to play long term and have any kind of standards at all I'd say your time and money is better spent elsewhere... This is coming from someone who has spent 500+e and over 3000 hrs in the game. You will not be able to explore all aspects of this game in an enjoyable way without sinking some money and a lot of time into it. 
    If you're mostly interested in exploring and doing life skills and you have no hope of ever becoming relevant in pvp it might be worth 5e... But not more than that.
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