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  1. Akieron added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    ur black spirit
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  2. Akieron added a post in a topic Option to show cloaks while weapons are sheathed.   

    bump this post! show cloak 24/7 pls  also Guts from berserk costume would be nice  
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  3. Akieron added a post in a topic Server Lag is Unbearable   

    seeing alot of comments missunderstanding what type of lagg his talking about, he mean the delay between players and its mostly noticeable for the melee classes, coming back after a long break now and searched on this topic because it did annoy me a bunch aswell.. but noone here mentions that they patched it out so i guess that "new coding" stuff i heard about was a lie? 
    this game is ment for korea where they have 1-5ms delay so as europeans we are struggling  but i have had fights with little delay so it might be the opponents internet in most cases.. still a sad and gamebreaking thing tho.. boring that ur grabs miss and u have to sort of predict enemy movement instead of reacting
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  4. Akieron added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    guess i don't have to say anymore.. you clearly just respond with denial so i won't add to the fire anymore.. ask for a good ranger on your server and watch him arena someone else.. they are still godlike.. only matched with sorcs.. keep at it and learn your shit man.. best of luck to you Greko.. 
    p.s my post was to moonflower not you, Greko..
    this is what i tried to reply to  ----- forums I'm going back to text messages and discord
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  5. Akieron added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

                                                          ^ cant figure out how to delete this quote..^ i give up now..
    what the? do you even play ranger moonflower? i don't and i can tell you with 100% certainty that rangers DO have CC.. at least one knockdown.. and the dps is more than good enough while moving, it makes sense that by stopping you do more damage, isn't that logic? wouldn't you design a bowman exactly the same way? also some rangers attacks scale with your max hp.. making getting health on your ranger a VERY viable option.. 
    besides, the current desync makes u almost impossible to catch during movement.. having slightly less damage while being untouchable sounds fair to me? try to lvl past 10 or 20 or whatever u are and get some gear.. this "nerf" was so minor you won't even notice it.. and learn your cancels and combos, the rangers in my guild have no problem with this so called nerf, they kill just as many as before. this was simply balancing them out a tiny bit.
    sorry for being triggered.. But Daum know what they are doing, ignorant feedback like this is not needed.
    and if Daum are even reading this.. keep up the good work and don't listen to people like this. 
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  6. Akieron added a post in a topic BDO Official Twitch?   

    yes please make a twitch channel
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  7. Akieron added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character name: Simpe
    Family name: Akieron

    character name and family name will be Akieron at release if that matters

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