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  1. Bengel added a post in a topic Basic Economics of an online business model   

    "Market research shows us that the vast majority of online gamers like the option of being able to progress through spending money (it is why the mobile game industry is so huge and also why DLC has become the norm for console games)."

    Also this ^

    Game companies like Playfish and other "Facebook games" creators go to seminars and hold lectures on how to psycologically take advantage of the urges of people to spend money to progress in gated games faster.

    I personally think this is a disgusting practice, and I dont see any reason to bring this from the mobile and facebook market into AAA multiplayer games where theres actual skill and PVP involved.

    Dont take the payment as a statement from the consumer that = I LIKE PROGRESSING THROUGH MONEY.

    Most of the consumers that does this feel ashamed, and for some it becomes an addiction. Faster progress, faster rewards, spending spree.

    To all of the young people playing BDO aswell, have become so invested that they might spend insane ammounts of money to stay competetive.
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  2. Bengel added a post in a topic Basic Economics of an online business model   

    P2W is only the market for those who wants P2W.

    Pearl Abyss has do deal with that, and I hope it hurts

    Thanks for your very angry response to people being angry about being -----ed over. You come off as a highly educated ethical person, with great principles
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  3. Bengel added a post in a topic P.S.A Silver cap on costume   

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  4. Bengel added a post in a topic New zerker looking for grind spot recommendations!   

    Sausans untill 55-56, if you get your AP up at that point you can to Desert Fogans in Valencia for XP or Pirate Island
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  5. Bengel added a post in a topic Alot of digging to find this channel   

    That sounds good
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  6. Bengel added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I agree. I would like to keep hope aswell. Lets wait untill wednesday
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  7. Bengel added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Well Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games will have a lot more money to pay people to moderate their forums and silence anyone who doesnt agree with them :3 if people actually pay them that is.
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  8. Bengel added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    "Today we are writing you to provide insight into a new mechanic you can expect to see next week"

    Im sorry to say. This is probably going to happen on wednesday. Maybe the loss of players, and the voice of everyone they have wronged will change things, but they will probably test this out and see how much money they can get out of everyone. If it gets implemented on wednesday, im out. Not touching Kakao Games/Daum Games/Pearl Abyss again with a 10 foot stick.
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  9. Bengel added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Also in Korea, Black Desert has allways been "free to play" hence no initial purchase. If it was going to be premium subscription, then there was no reason to have purchace packs. It should have been free to play, and there should have been no false advertising. This totally destroys the customer->consumer trust, and why should anyone pay them more money? the money spent may also be invalidated.
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  10. Bengel added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Totally agree. And its not hatred, its that the west simply dont accept being used in this manner, being exploited or being betrayed.
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  11. Bengel added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I couldnt like your post cause I am limited to 10 likes a day for some reason. But I will sure as hell quote you on this.
    "If I buy a refrigerator and after five months the people who sold it to me decide it's going to be a heater." is basicly the whole problem.

    If anyone doesnt agree that that is a valid reason to quit or to get your money back, youre an asshole

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  12. Bengel added a post in a topic Close this thread pelase.   

    Love you guys, youre all awesome! <3 hope they will retract their pay2win statement and stop that shit, so we can keep going
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  13. Bengel added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Localization issue #1:

    Bringing P2W to the region in the world where Kakao Games/Daum/Pearl Abyss said it wouldnt.

    Why do you even pretend to do Localization?
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  14. Bengel added a post in a topic PAY TO WIN WILL KILL THE GAME   

    +1 totally agree.
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  15. Bengel added a post in a topic I bet most people won't quit after next week   

    If it goes P2W i will leave.

    Games are supposed to be systems made to generate fun, not to pressure you of money.
    Gamblings is illigal in many countries, this will be nothing but gambling.

    Enjoy your money sink, hope you will have as much fun as youre paying for pay2winners.

    It sure as hell will be a lot more expensive than subscription and cosmetic/vanity.
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  16. Bengel added a post in a topic Great job Kakao Team!!!   

    I would like all of you to rethink, and reconsider your opinion on P2W.

    The game's systems are designed to put gear behind a "timewall" or the ingame market.

    You could make money without playing and basicly just have your computer on, doing lifeskills or w/e, so you never had to be a no lifer, you just had to be smart.

    Now you dont need to be smart, the pay2win will invalidate grinding. It will invalidate skill, it will invalidate making an effort to do anything.

    I feel sorry for the part of the community that thinks bringing pay2win into this or any other game is OK.

    You are psychologically being taken advantage of and abused to the extent that you need to use your earned money to progress in a game that you allready payed for.
    You are also forced to do this. If any of you have less cash than the ones that will pay max price every week, you will have the same dissadvantage that you allready have with the so called "no lifers".  Why would you want to create a upper class and lesser clas citizenship to BDO?

    I agree that so called "no lifers" have been able to take advantage of the game's systems by putting extreme ammounts of time and effort in to get a ridicolous gear advantage for PVP and other gamplay that excludes the players that dont have the time. BUT by NO MEANS does pay2win fix this.

    Rethink everything you have just written. And please, for the sake of yourself and everyone else. Dont accept people making games with paygates. If you wanted the game to be fair, the developers could do that with gear equalizing, not by raping your and everyone elses wallet.

    Im out.

    Boycotting this game I spent about 3000 hours on if it goes P2W on wednesday 10.08.2016.

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  17. Bengel added a post in a topic Does this not say enough? - Valencia J2   

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  18. Bengel added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    Im sorry, but how will this help those that work? atm this will only increase the gap between those who cant play, and those that can. This will only add up on the 1% that will do anything to be best. It will also FORCE everyone to pay to participate, because, if you dont pay, you dont win.

    I apologize if I offend any of your guild by saying this, but I really do believe that you need to reconsider your opinion and thoughts about this.
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  19. Bengel added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    This is pay to win and is not acceptable. I believe that in coming weeks you will see a drop in players and customers, and the current players will and should stop investing money into their accounts.

    I hope that everyone with their right mind boycott this.

    This is not Korea. It has been discussed in the past, over and over and over. Theres a reason for the youtube drama. Pearl Abyss needs to not be this hungry for money.

    Not much feedback to give Kakao, im sorry, the compromise has been here for a long time, there has been small and acceptable ammounts of p2w, and it just becomes more and more and more. If we accept this, what stops Pearl Abyss from making absolutely every thing in the game purchasable for real money?

    Im sad to even consider boycotting my favorite game of all time.

    Pearl Abyss has a lot to learn from Valve.

    Sincerely, A sad and dissapointed customer.
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  20. Bengel added a post in a topic [Jordine] Dohaeris | Casual PvX Guild | Open Recruitment   

    Best sister guild!  

    Keeping kings forest safe :]


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  21. Bengel added a post in a topic Berserker Leading the Charge in GvG   

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  22. Bengel added a post in a topic What the absolute F****   

    Zerker got buffed in so many other ways though, We deal much more damage in PVP, and can awaken FD with monster AP. Yes you have to chug potions now, but most mobs you can still spin and evade attacks. Boring spin to win PVE was never a good thing though Forcing players to use more than 1 ability is not bad imo

    Zerks needs to do more than Spin to Win, Sorcs needs to do more than Dark Flame, Rangers need to do more than Shotgun, Warriors dont have as much attack speed,  and so on and so on. I dont mind changing playstyle when they buff other areas while nerfing 1 thing
    Also, how about that block on Tackling Rock?
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