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  1. Bengel added a post in a topic Hype   

    I need this. Not bying a costume (other than gillie) for my zerker untill some good costumes comes out This looks awesome!
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  2. Bengel added a post in a topic #WarriorTips   

    Hi There,

    A small list of combos for you:

    For movement I use:

     Charging thrust, double shield charge, ultimate chopping kick and jumping exploding deep thrust aswell as forewards slash for filler.

    Doubel Shield Charge (w + rmb x2) -> animation cancel last shield charge with chopping kick (s + f) -> jumping deep thrust x3 (the last jumping deep thrust is slow) -> animation cancel with forewards slash animation cancel (ultimate foreward slash/w + q + lmb) -> charging thrust.
    Rince and repeat. If you carry some herbals or just go from mob group to mob you can run and chase like this forever. Warriors are super fast and can run far   Ill make a video on how I do it and post it here so you can see it in action

    For maximum damage out of spinning slash you can cancel the end of spinning slash with ultimate chopping kick:

    Spinning slash (s + rmb) -> chopping kick (s + f) at the end of the animation, when the sword is almost all the way down on the left side.
    + when you have Ultimate Spinning Slash off cooldown everything goes faster for one attack so keep the cooldown on ultimate spinning slash in mind so you dont ----- up your rythm on canceling

    Counter combo:

    You can insta "cast" counter by using double shield charge. This is very usefull as a fast float.

    Doubel Shield Charge (w + rmb x2) -> Counter (s + lmb)
    This removes the backstep charge up on counter.

    Hope this helps, ill ty to make a video and put that up here so you get some feel to it

    GL as a warrior! and start preparing for awakening, as its going to fix all the warrior's shortcomings ^^
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  3. Bengel added a post in a topic Zerker AP/DP   

    I think they are buffing Kzarka in Korea, and we will get that aswell. But for now Liverto is just as good almost
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  4. Bengel added a post in a topic Is there a way to disable Predatory Hunt?   

    Predatory Hunt is a great super armor though why would you want to remove it all together?

    I agree that zerker has some awkward combos that might get you to cast the wrong ability, but I seems like it works out if we dont hold buttons, just do the ability you want to do and let go of the keys and do the next
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  5. Bengel added a post in a topic New zerker looking for grind spot recommendations!   

    I agree with this. Personally I would be at Sausans, but since you want big drops you can get some good drops off Manes. Manes and Rogues should also drop Bheg Summon Scroll occasionally
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  6. Bengel added a post in a topic Is it worth Tri liverto at this point   

    The most worth upgrade for any weapon is TRI.

    15->PRI = +8 AP
    PRI->DUO = +8 AP
    DUO->TRI = +12 AP
    TRI->TET = +8 AP

    So because of the leap, you get the most worth out of TRI, and 44 failstack for max is not that hard to obtain
    I say go for it, and DUO gear should be no problem aswell, if you farm for Sharp and Hard shards, you should get a lot of hard shards aswell. Shouldnt be a problem to upgrade all your gear
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  7. Bengel added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    Best and most thurough guide on the forum. Well done Surrender
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  8. Bengel added a post in a topic Please remove server notifications for Coral rings   

    I Agree to this fully. More and more people are going to farm Pirates aswell. Notifications are going to be spammed 
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  9. Bengel added a post in a topic Why?!?   

    It was a poll in the Beta, since people wanted to PVP in the Beta earlier, they changed it to 45. I guess it just stayed like that. But what you are saying about staying out of PVP range forever on an alt makes sense. Not sure why they change one aspect that depends on another.

    TBH, the quest itself isnt the problem. The UI notifications is.
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  10. Bengel added a post in a topic Close this thread pelase.   

    Panica confirmed Savage Doaheris best sister guild EU :3  
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  11. Bengel added a post in a topic Are we now pleased with the value pack?   

    Oh shiet its the baws!   Im at work bro Ill let the misses do the officery stuff while I make all d money
    Well, its faster xp at a price, but since theres so many XP buffs in the game allready, almost everyone can deal with not having he 10% of value pack aswell. But ofc its not 100% convenience, theres still an ammount of P2W in there somewhere, but I also said I can deal with it ;D
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  12. Bengel added a post in a topic Are we now pleased with the value pack?   

    Remove the 30% value for marketplace and its fine.

    Without it its just a convenience buff, I can deal with that
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  13. Bengel added a post in a topic Why are forumites OK with pets, +combat exp gear and other time-saving buffs but not Valk's Cry?   

    If theres something about the game's systems that you dont like, dont ask for the developers to give you a cash shop option to fix it.

    Systems can be changed without just putting money walls on them.

    Also, allways when introducing paying options, its usually going to be such an advantage its going to be an incentive for everyone to get it, because if you dont use it you will be falling behind because of a paywall.

    I think people dont like the cash shop XP buffs from outfits and pets, but they accept it, because its such a small ammount, but if you keep adding paywalls its going to be very expensive for everyone..
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  14. Bengel added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    Good response Jouska

    RNG Seems consistent to me, some people are just lucky, but thats RNG

    I wish I could say I was sympathetic Lemon, but you'll just have to deal with it.
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  15. Bengel added a post in a topic Kzarka world boss and Zaka weapon rarity [Poll]   

    I have no problem with it being hard to obtain, but there should at least be 1 Kzarka weapon drop every 1-3 bosses. I have done Kzarka 4 times in a row without it dropping for anyone at all.

    I have no problems with not getting it myself, I can just keep killing him, but its lame that it drops for no one...
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  16. Bengel added a post in a topic S rank or A+ to aim for, for better loot-chance?   

    Thank you!
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  17. Bengel added a post in a topic Pearl store item that restores Max Durability?   

    Please dont.

    Just improve on the memory fragment scroll system.

    Either make them more engaging, or fix the drop rates.

    Now its RNG in group and RNG on bundles.

    Groups take 4 times longer (and its a -----ing long time) and only for 0-1 ekstra memory fragment. I suggest you REMOVE the 1 Memory fragment drops in groups, and make the bundles drop more frequent and stable drops.

    Just to answer OP:
    Problems with the game systems for gear progression should neven be solved with real money. Thats just my opinion
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  18. Bengel added a post in a topic How many Failstacks for Tri: Liverto ?   

    I used the korean chart as a basis for when I upgraded to TRI. Succeed on first try, 43 FS.
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  19. Bengel added a post in a topic How could Daum make a comeback in bdo's popularity   

    Make memory fragment scroll runs less boring and time consuming. Theres no problem in investing money in the scrolls, but finding a group for an RNG extra fragment aswell as RNG bundles + summon time per party member really kills the joy of gear progression.
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  20. Bengel added a post in a topic Did Shard drops get removed from farming ?   

    I farm every day, still get the same ammounts. When I farm actively I get like 4-6 shards a day, when I farm inbetween grinding and whatever I get like 1-4 a day.

    I think its still just RNG, I can at least not feel a nerf   Might just be RNG messing with you guys
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  21. Bengel added a post in a topic The Jordine Times: Grind, Floortilez and Alliance   

    Honestly the best post Ive read on the forum.
    Well done Jeslea
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  22. Bengel added a post in a topic Close this thread pelase.   

    I merged my tiny guild into Morghulis. I dont regret for a second!

    We joined right before nodewars in hope of gvging and participating in nodewars.

    I personally have joined 9/10 Nodewars, and im haveing a blast

    Love u guys <3

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  23. Bengel added a post in a topic Oh look we got indirectly nerfed again   

    This thread. All of my hate when logging on, going for tree spirit, and I have no attack speed... Then trying to get the same awakenings, and you can only get attack speed from chopping kick and -----ing ground smash. Ground smash?? whyyyyyyyyyyy...
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  24. Bengel added a post in a topic Close this thread pelase.   

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