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  1. Its true. Them going mediah was great.

    But i rly have hard time respecting the decision to back out of a fight when you can push a draw. No matter what the reasoning is.

    I guess you can call it pride

    Allthough its your opinion that we could push a draw. Only 40 minutes left, and it was a GG.


  2. This is something you need to experience yourself.

    Numbers don't make that impact anymore, gear does. It's reasonable since people that spend more time into the game get more chances to win, just like Enemy. Quality over quantity.

    Having better gear allready increases the chances to win though. Doesnt need extra mechanincs to support that

  3. I'm guessing it's meant as mechanism to help wars end faster instead of running out of time and the node/territory being liberated.

    The wars wont end faster though as the timer only extends over time and deaths, so guilds will play more defencive to ensure they dont extend their death timers to much, and when they have longer death timers, they will play even more defencivly, or else their death may result in the opposing guild pushing and winning.

  4. Mansha Forest (T3): Enemy (28) vs Moghulis (50+?) vs MountainTraining (20+?)

    We noticed pretty quick that MountainTrainings base was the closest, so we tried to handle them first. After morghulis noticed that we are attacking MT, they went for us and kinda sandwiched us from behind, but we instantly turned around and managed to wipe them. Right after that MT came with an elephant... but flamethrowers are just too OP against them. Took around 20-25 minutes until MT died (while being under pressure from Morghulis).

    Morghulis also tried with 2(?) flags to bumrush our fort, but thank god we have the respawn timer patch now (even tho in the beginning it didnt really matter) and it was kinda easy to clear the flags out. 

    For the next 2 Hours it was basically: go attack, go back go attack go back. Sieging so many people while having a party on defense + cannons is really hard, especially if you are crazily outnumbered. 

    Sadly 40 minutes before the end Morghulis decided to leave and blame it on us because "we could have won this way earlier"...



    No offense but when I heard that it was the most annoying thing I have heard in the nodewar scene.. That's more of an insult than an actual excuse because we tried to destroy the base with cannons, sieging it from the front for around 2 hours, destroying 2 hwachas, several recovery centers and flamethrowers, because they kept rebuilding + respawning

    it was nearly impossible to actually destroy the tower since dieing in this game is literally unavoidable and we had to retreat so many times because of random deaths.. and then call us out for "delaying the win for us" when we use tactics such as retreating to group because we tried to avoid as many people from dying due to 80 second respawn timer instead of bumrushing someone?

    After all it was a really good fight, but I got very mad when I saw people writing "gg enemy" in channelchat and then just leave even when the fight was still going on.

    My 2cents.

    The fight was good, but I got to admit I totally support the GG call. No reason to drag out that fight when you clearly had it, we were just bleeding guild funds in a desperate defence.

    Hats off for Enemy, extremely strong guild :)

    In my opinion the nodewar changes has made the fights a lot more boring, it will probably balance out over time, but now in the beginning, it seems that everyone will fear the respawn timer to such an extent that guilds will stand around a lot more in base, just waiting for something to happen.

    We attacked a lot in the beginning, and lost a lot on our respawn timer because of it, and when the fight drags out, the ones defending can capitalize on that. I would compare this new system to typical moba's like Dota 2, when in lategame you win one fight and win the game.

    It would be a lot more boring if we didnt attack in beginning, but I think we as a guild will have a bit of trouble adjusting to the new system as we are used to action all the time, now we will have to wait a lot more :(

    Im sorry you found it annoying that we called GG and left, but you clearly had it. No offence or insult intended.

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  5. I would suggest that if youre waiting to respawn after dying in nodewars, you should be able to use the guild menu to check stats, or use the map to check locations and pings.
    As of now, you can do nothing but watch the timer go down, or the action around you in observermode.

    I know these changes are new, but in order for such a punishing respawn timer to be in effect, it would be very nice to be able to do something while youre dead.

    I would like to check the nodewar stats, check the map, check my inventory for durability on gear, check my supplies of whatever food or buffs I dont have room for on my hotbar and so on and so on.

    Please take this into consideration, as I see no reason for any of this to be deactivated while youre dead :)

  6. Hello everyone!

    First, I would like to say that merging all the servers has its pros and cons and I am not going to focus on that. I would like to focus on the way that it is going to happen because I find it unfair. For the record, I play since the launch of the game and I wasn't aware of the KR merge and how it was handled. I have played for a while on a different server than my main one, but overall I don't have any event rewards on the second server.

    Below are some quotes that will help me make my point and explain why I find unfair the way the merge is planned to happen:


    The shovel exploit does not seem to involve any third-party-software. It looks like exploiting the game-mechanics in order to use energy to gather only Black Crystal Shards.

    E.g. First game mechanic: Not being able to get more items of different type than the ones that are currently in your inventory when your inventory is full.

    Second game mechanic: Not using energy when the gathering (with a shovel) isn't successful.

    Each mechanic itself seems like a normal mechanic of the game and working as intended, but I hope you agree that the combination of those two mechanics in order to only get Black Crystals when using energy while gathering is an exploit.

    In this situation - the merging of the servers - we have different mechanics of the game:

    First game mechanic: The existence of multiple servers.

    Second game mechanic: Being able to log into a different server and create multiple characters (up to the limit of the server slots).

    Third game mechanic: Maximum item amount for some items per server (e.g. 100 Loyalties per day -> ~25300 Loyalties up to this day (not including the Loyatlies gained from 7-day achievement etc), 2 pet Hawks from the events, 2 pet Penguins from the events, etc)

    Fourth game mechanic: Maximum in-game resources for some resources per server (e.g. Contribution points - I have no idea what's the limit, but there is one since contribution points can only be gained through quests and there isn't an infinite amount of quests, Combat points gained by achievements, etc)

    I understand and that players who played on multiple different servers should not lose any items or progress they have achieved, thus you are merging the warehouses, pearls, loyalties, pets, etc. but it is unfair and gives a great disadvantage to the players that have played on only one server to compete against the first ones.

    I would suggest to either apply the maximum amount limits per server to the new server e.g. if a player has got 17000 Loyalties on one server, 20000 Loyalties on another and 0 on the third server, limit the amount of the Loyalties on the new server to 25300 Loyalties or whatever the limit is. Same with the event items and pets, e.g. if someone got 2 Hawks, 1 Penguin on the first server, 2 Hawks, 2 Penguins on the second server and 2 Penguins on the third server, limit the pets to 2 Hawks, 2 Penguins on the new server.

    Either give the players and only those that played on only 1 server (and didn't exploit the combination of the mechanics of the game) the ability to get the items they missed out - a catch-up mechanic e.g. Give them 300 Loyalties per day for the next 90 days, make an attendance-event only for them that will reward them extra pets.

    @CM_Dew What's your opinion about this?



    @CM_Dew I would also like to know your opinion on this. Well written Asixel.
    The server merge is good, the potential gear balance shift is bad :)

  7. Yea I feel your pain, I also felt like that when I first logged in after the patch, now I just think of myself as a tourist. 

    However one of the things that did make it easier for me was watching fools like this who can't even spell Pearl in the chat, paying 30euro to buy 20million in game silver, these fools are too useless to even earn 20million in a computer game from playing it properly that they feel justified to spend real cash for it. A Gold sellers (Kakao) wet dream, lol. 

    Well to all you fools I have this to say, Kakao shafted us none P2W gamers, and they are shafting all you Pro P2W guys now, see those vanity gear sets your buying for 30euro each and selling in game for 20million silver, they are actually worth 100-500million silver in game. That is how much real gamers that spend there real time playing the game and earning silver in game, would pay for them.

    P2W Suckers.

    As a crafter myself, I noticed that all of the Grade 3 reform stones had sold out of the market, which is what happens with P2W since you have not spent time playing the game and can not craft for yourself, therefore have to purchase every single high grade up-gearing mat, or crafting mat from the market to feed your addictions to high level gear. I had a spare 5x grade 3 stones that I put on the market yesterday, since they sold out within seconds you must have been desperate, you can thank me now if you like for helping you P2W guys out.

    You know it wouldn't surprise me if Daum started to re-stock the market themselves, I really don't think that would be beneath them.


    I'm almost speechless, well almost ;)

    I love all you party poppers who just hang around here feeling vindicated at the end result of this forum thread.

    I love how you feel you have the right to justify your self righteousness by putting the boot into others.

    But what I love the most is your ability to blindly pull figures out of thin air, as if they were factual.

    With over 6000 posts in this thread alone, asking them not to implement P2W, and you think it's just 1%.......have you actually played BDO at all.

    The main difference between the none P2W crowd and the pro-P2W is the understanding of the value of money verses the value of time played.

    Unfortunately those that have left do understand this value

    Well said.

    Still no official statement or reply from any CM, PM og GM. Only one vague edit.

    Well, I guess preparing for Gamescom to trick more people into bying this money sink is keeping them busy.

    Wouldnt want the new suckers to get a whiff of their intentions with the game..

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  8. Thats an uninstall. Good luck to all of you that stay. Be smart with your money please. It was a good run <3

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  9. Everyone is raging about p2w. One I don't agree with it either but least I would be able to buy a clothing set and have bonuses that I don't have to pay with my own money. But 2 even if they make it p2w you have to have people willing to buy the items. And people wanting to buy the items off the market. Yes it sucks p2w but look at the bright side. You just saved a lot of real money by spending in game currency instead of real cash. 

    Ingame gear and silver > costumes. you dont gain jack shit. You only get stronger incentives to pay to keep your gear competetive.

  10. or other game developers could rise to the occasion and develop something that could tempt players away from WoW... just a thought.

    Like BDO :P but without the betrayal :o

  11. Have you never read the Trade channel in WoW? When the top guilds have already their items, they sell a slot into a Mythic raid so you can get free top-end-gear. Last I read that was for a half year ago (last I was online) and then you must pay 30k for a slot.

    allthough goldselling is illigal, so getting the cash for a slot in this exploiting way is a big risk. So it will still cost you your owned ingame earned gold. This is something that is being done by the community, not the game developers themselves.

    Paper connection? Oh wait no.. paper blizzard download servers ^_^

    I have the same connection, dont have fiber optic because of my ISP that sucks. Not paying for more download speed when the cable sucks :P Not everyone is as lucky as you surrender, i heard you had below 10 in latency to the servers :( <-- Jelly

  12. these people claiming wow is p2w. i cant even... no i just cant.



    Doesnt matter. If people use WoW as an example for P2W and then feel OK with BDO, theres no content to that discussion, just ignore :/

    By what means? boosting you re character to lvl 100 ? i can make a 100 character in 1 day.what else? buying mounts and pets? estetic things? that s what BDO does with costumes/mount costumes.

    Exactly, you cant pay for end game gear in WoW. You can get transmogs sure, but you have never ever been able to buy actual competetive gear with any sort of P2W in wow.

  13. Personally hoping WoW dies a peaceful death. It has singlehandedly stagnated the Western MMO development scene; who wants to develop an mmo when you know that 80% of your potential playerbase already plays WoW and seems to have no intention of leaving?

    A lot of people stopped playing WoW and started playing BDO, they had a very good fighting chance.

  14. Good thing they have a level 100 boost on pre order + on cash shop. Luckily we dont have that in this game right. Nor do we have gold sellers here so one can much more easily obtain ingame money.

    Well. Daum/Kakao is the gold seller if the peal shop -> marketplace goes through. I dont know whats worse. Well I havent been betrayed by blizz, might aswell WoW.

  15. I, for one, will be returning to the game with this patch. I can't look forward to it enough.


    Out of curiosity, I'd like to see how much each person who is For/Against this has spent on the game. I wonder if people who spent more for their personal accounts are all for this or if it's mainly people who haven't spent much who don't want it. (Note: I'm not criticizing either side, I'm just interested to see if there's any correlation.)

    The problem is the anti-"P2W" crowd. Essentially, they feel that everything should be earned in-game and you should not be able to buy your way forward. It's a viewpoint that I wholeheartedly understand.

    To add to what you were saying; In a game like this, where everything takes a long time to do, it's a nightmare to a new player 6 months or more down the line. That's where this cash shop system and selling cash items really shines. It gives the new guys or people who don't have time to play a boost so they can actually keep up with their friends. The other side of the coin, however, is that people with excessive amounts of money can literally get the best gear in the game immediately. This makes people feel like they didn't earn it and thus, shouldn't have it. When you've spent hundreds of hours grinding, it's quite frustrating for this to happen.

    I understand the argument, the frustration, the feeling of betrayal. All of that is justified. People don't have to be quite as toxic as some of them are being, though. Regardless of how toxic they are being, they have a point. This game wasn't officially marketed as 'non-p2w', but it was very strongly implied.


    That said, I do support this mechanic being implemented. I will be returning to the game with this patch.

    The anti p2w crowd has basicly been what the game has catered to, and this is a total abandonment of that crowd.

    If you dont want to grind I can sort of, only sort of get why you return with this patch. You think that if you spend a little more on the game you can compensate for the time you cant grind and progress your gear, and then get to enjoy the full extent of the game by doing so.

    But no. Thats not how it works. Everyone that works a little harder than you + pays the same ammount will still have a gear advantage over you. The game is designed to give the top players an edge no matter what. If you didnt play and grind enough earlier, you will have just as bad as allways (if that was the case).

    And i promise you. Its not as simple as myself and other players just dont like P2W and think Pearl Abyss and Kakao are immoral for doing this.

    We are all heartbroken, that the game we love this much is corrupted in such a way to divide the community and ruin the game experience for us. All the effort, eveyrything we enjoy with the game is essentially invalidated.

    The only thing that remains unchanged by the addition of P2W will be nodewars and siege wars, and that will still be heavily influenced by the sudden spike of people that p2w and those who dont.

    People could accept grinding for hours and hours because that created conflict situations where you could PVP and engange in different activities. The game was open and gave incentives for grinding and pvping. Now grinding will become secondary. Your walled will become primary, and the only times you will PVP is if you outright seek it out or participate in more than likely even more unbalanced nodewars/siege wars.

    I hope for your own sake that you will have fun if you continue, and I hope that everyone that plays the game dont spend to much money, and even take a stance on trying to remove P2W from our market. Especially P2W in this backstabbing manner.

    EDIT: I totally agree that it is unnessesary to provide feedback in a toxic and unconstructive manner. I myself havent been 100% constructive either, but I have really lost something I loved by losing BDO :)

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  16. Thats not true.  If you just sit there afk being a wallet warrior you will not be equal.  I will have greater levels and greater sp.  
    Also paying money doesn't beat rng no matter how much cash you throw at it.

    You will have more chances if you play the game normally and pay max ammount every week aswell. So yes, you "beat the rng" by just having more attempts. Hence getting the gear faster.

  17. Don't see much pay to win here, it only hinges on how much the pricing of the sellable costumes are. If it's anything like the KR screenshot of 100mil for a costume then yea that's pretty f.u.c.k.e.d. Most people I've found are idiotic with their opinion first clamoring about P2W because they couldn't get it from the cash shop, now they're whining and crying that it's P2W because people can sell it and they can actually get it now. Double standard much?

    Other than that, there's no real big issue here except for the opaque information about what the pricing is going to be on NA if they put it in. Which I have no idea why they wouldn't share that info because that'll literally slay the game or keep it alive depending on how much.

    Its not at all double standard. How does selling costumes for ingame cash fix anything for those that dont want to pay more money after the initial purchase for a big advantage ingame? It is warranted that people ask for a milage alternative to gain 1 costume, since the benefits are so good they are a big incentive to throw money at it.

    And there is no real big issue? It is a big issue that they give contraticting information to their consumers that have an economical impact on everyone. You say double standard much, but you dont care about the double standards of Kakao?

    You make no sense. Keep your head in the sand man..