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  1. Noxx added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    So that's it?
    Guess we can be happy it lastet this long. Although i really wanted to try out awakenings
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  2. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    Well.. I can promise you that i am not fighting potatoes. Unless you play on EU Jordine there's nothing i can do to prove it to you.
    And not using the best skill you have available for your class is not an option if you want to stay competitive..
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  3. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    I know exactly how the skill works. The last stage of Dark Flame is not even being discussed, it has never been changed.
    Everything has been about the first 2 stages of Dark Flame. The last stage is simply for an AoE knockdown, nobody spams that shit. You use the first two stages for damage. Try letting go of all keys after the start of the DF animation, you will see that your character bounces back. That is the first stage of DF. If you hold down LMB+RMB a bit longer you will get the second part, after which your character does not bounce back. These 2 parts are the ones being spammed, the ultimate with 20 seconds cooldown is not used for damage.
    edit: additionally, if the ultimate:DF is on cooldown and you try to use it, rushing crow is used instead (if not on cooldown)
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  4. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    Why are you waiting for the cooldown?
    Let me change my statement, you apparently have less of a clue about Dark Flame than i thought.
    The cooldown has ZERO effect in PvP. It is merely relevant in PvE. You can use the ability regardless of cooldown, and in PvP nothing changes if it is on cooldown or not.
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  5. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    You were still able to one-shot most people with the proper skills. Even highly geared warriors/valkyries you could take off more than 60% hp with one combo.
    The air combo still deals more damage than dark flame. Sadly the damage increase is not worth losing the frontal block.
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  6. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    Are you guys serious? Have you not even read the Patch notes?

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  7. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    You seem to not have read a single post in this topic. I play Sorc myself, from the perspective of a Sorc the playstyle has become not fun. This is not about crying over me not being able to beat Sorcs.
    It's about DF being so good compared to all other skills at your disposal, that you are basically forced to use it in most situations. The effort put into using advanced combos just doesn't pay off. While there are more effective ways of dealing damage as a Sorc, DF is better in most situations since it provides that frontal block while doing comparable damage.
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  8. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    Well, i'll let all you Sorcs keep DF-spamming each other while i wait for awakening to change the playstyle. If you think DF is in a good spot, you are delusional.
    In the current stage Sorc is not a fun class and doesn't require any knowledge of the class to be effective with it.
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  9. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    I am not spamming DF. It still is sad to see, that even if i deal most of my damage in other ways, it does not pay off.
    You can argue as much as you want, it doesn't change the fact that there is not a big difference between a Sorc using aircombos and a Sorc using DF only.
    There is not even a cooldown on DF, you are literally immune to any (frontal) CCs while dealing tons of damage. The sad truth is that spamming that one skill is, in most situations, better than anything else you can do.
    Not sure what you are trying to achieve.. But you sound salty af.
    It has been over 4 days since the changes, i have had more than enough time to experience the changes. And i can tell you that Sorc is too powerful for the effort required to be put into playing the class.
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  10. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    Those posts were made 1 day after the changes when i have been DF spamming all my sorc-life.
    I am not afraid to admit that i overreacted.
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  11. Noxx added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    First of all, i play a Sorc myself and had learned to love the changes to dark flame.
    When Dark Flame dealt no damage, PvP felt fun! You worked for the damage you deal and you weren't invulnerable while doing so. You had to be careful with your abilities and observe the enemies actions.
    Dark Flame still had it's uses, frontal block while moving and regaining stamina is a very useful skill. The 3rd stage of it still applied a knockdown effect in a large area + magic-DP debuff.
    Before last Wednesday Sorc had a lot of skills that had their uses, you could still dish out more damage than most other classes while not being caught if you played carefully.
    Sadly, now everything is back to spamming one skill.. We are back to every Sorc being able to take on 5-man parties. We either i-frame or block, even the tamer AoEs can again be ignored while even dealing damage. You don't have to pay attention to anything, just Dark Flame and wait for something to die..
    I'm not sure what the point of this topic is, i will try to force myself to continue grinding levels/skillpoints for awakenings. But i have lost all enjoyment from PvP as a sorc.
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  12. Noxx added a post in a topic First Siege War in Jordine was pathetic   

    imo grabbing free nodes and dodging harmony completely doesn't really count as being active in nodewars..
    Also bringing 3 full guilds against 65 players is kind of overkill if you ask me. That's basically dodging a fight again.
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  13. Noxx added a post in a topic Grind Uncontested   

  14. Noxx added a post in a topic Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06   

    Very funny.
    The bugs with Warrior, Sorc and Ranger will probably not be fixed until after the weekend..
    And your bid-system doesn't even work. Best patch so far /s
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  15. Noxx added a post in a topic What happened to the sorc's Accuracy?   

    toppest kek
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