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  1. Nayasanja added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Here are links to albums I created that list many small text errors I discovered from speaking to most of the NPC's in the Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon regions. Almost all of the text is not a part of any quest line. They are all default text when you open dialogue with them. If my wording is difficult to understand please let me know! 
    Balenos region:
    Serendia Region:
    Calpheon Region:
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  2. Nayasanja added a post in a topic An update on the Dremlock / RP community debacle. A GM's ultimatum! It's quite good, actually.   

    I do not believe so, but I will say props to the GM there for writing a message in the context of this whole dilemma. I would say they are having fun with this whole punishment.
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  3. Nayasanja added a topic in General   

    An update on the Dremlock / RP community debacle. A GM's ultimatum! It's quite good, actually.
    Found this on the Black Desert Online Reddit. Feel free to offer advice on what he should write just in case he decides to show up on the forums here. If you know anyone in the RP community, make sure they see this. I think they will get a kick out of this!

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  4. Nayasanja added a post in a topic Is it that obvious?   

    o..oh...okay. I guess I'll just farm grass beetles till you approve of me then... 
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  5. Nayasanja added a topic in General   

    Is it that obvious?
    What must I do to be accepted?!? *cries*

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  6. Nayasanja added a post in a topic Daum those TOOLTIPS   

    I will concede that if they did a thorough check of tooltips and code they will discover that there are a lot more descriptions that don't add up. Though, considering all of the issues that people on the forum rant over and how stretched thin the developers are over 5(?) versions of the game, it becomes a matter of what is the greater priority for the life of the game. I have put my input in the localization subforum in the past and that's really all i can do from my standpoint. I don't have to do that because it's not my job but I enjoy playing the game and would rather lend a voice to refine the game even if it takes weeks or months for them to pass it on to the developers.
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  7. Nayasanja added a post in a topic Daum those TOOLTIPS   

    If you provide pic evidence of the mistranslated tooltip and submit it in the Text/Localization Issue subforum that will probably help them out. 
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  8. Nayasanja added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    Glad to know the forum is impatient as usual. I hope the forums are down during the maintenance. They are terrible on maintenance days.
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  9. Nayasanja added a topic in General   

    How useful would it be to have a stickied thread that lists all official responses to questions throughout the BDO forum?
    Trying to answer questions in the New Adventurers forum can be difficult when responses by CM's, GM's, and PM's end up buried under countless other threads. I know that there is a search function but it can be finicky and require multiple re-phrasings in order to limit the search results which can be a hassle for those who need a response quickly or who generally have a hard time navigating through the forums. I imagine a setup similar to when patch notes are released with main topics listed in larger print and underlined, while underneath there can be all of the relevant questions and proceeding official responses listed underneath them. Not sure where would be a good spot to put such a thread, in the general forums as that tends to get a lot more traffic than any other subforum? 
    I hope I am making sense of what I am asking.  I have always had that knack to have my thoughts get lost in translation. Also, if this doesn't belong in the general forums anybody, with the ability to, can move this to the proper forum. 
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  10. Nayasanja added a post in a topic what you guys do these days in BDO?   

    Once I reach 56 I'm taking a break from grinding. I can only do it in short bursts or I go crazy!
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  11. Nayasanja added a post in a topic The story of Sir Memory Fragment - The fading one   

    The timing of relic scrolls take way too long for a full party with 5 scrolls each. Maybe have it so after each wave is complete the next wave immediately starts or all three waves are condensed into one? I feel like I'm waiting longer than actually fighting with each scroll that is used.
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  12. Nayasanja added a post in a topic No Maintenance on the 27th of July   

    I wonder what goal will be for improving network equipment? 
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  13. Nayasanja added a post in a topic Kindly worded leveling questions for pvp enabled areas   

    Why not ask your guildies to join you on leveling up? The extra help can offer great xp bonuses and having multiple people in the same party can dissuade people from coming in and sweeping your spot up. I have personally grinded at manes and have found it to be very chill with most of the players I encounter there. Many usually just move around players and go to some other spot and it's a large enough area where you can find a spot to just rotate and kill mobs. Good luck on finding a spot!
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  14. Nayasanja added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    Let the ninjas rise!
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  15. Nayasanja added a post in a topic Selling golden coelacanth, weight limit   

    i think you mean 5 mil silver and it should automatically transfer to your warehouse.
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