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  1. Joshes19 added a post in a topic [Orwen] <Assault> | PvP | Discord | Active   

    We have 7 members and average level is 52-53 with a couple 55s including myself. We have been trying to reach out to our apps in game however we have not had much luck getting a hold of them. I will be reaching out again in game today.
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  2. Joshes19 added a topic in US Guild   

    [Orwen] <Assault> | PvP | Discord | Active

    Assault, a small-scale PvP guild on the Orwen server is recruiting!


    Who Are We?

    Assault is a small-scale PvP guild. To us, that means we'll spend most of our time engaging other guilds in small-scale GvGs or participating in node wars.

    All of our members put in a lot of time and effort into the game and our core group is always looking for ways to help improve our group synergy and teamplay. Our communication and strategy is constantly improving and is one of the main focuses of our guild. We expect all of our members to be open-minded and take constructive criticism and use it to improve and better themselves.

    Since we are a small-scale PvP guild, we do not offensively zerg in any circumstance. Most of the time we are outnumbered in GvGs and we can still hold our ground. We are a pretty aggressive guild, so we will often declare or flag on other guilds if they are bothering us.

    We've chosen this approach because we feel that in small-scale PvP, we can show our skill and we can show other guilds that GvGs can be won without larger numbers.


    Who Are We Looking For?

    We are looking for members who can fit into the guild and are willing to put in the effort to help our guild succeed. In short, we're looking for:

    Players who are active - We all have life commitments but we are looking for active players, even if it's only a couple of hours four or five nights a week.
    Players who are PvPers - While we do engage in other activities from time to time we are a PvP guild, so we're looking for players who are not afraid to flag or fight other players. Like mentioned above, we usually fight outnumbered GvGs and we do very well. We know how to work together and when to properly engage and disengage from situations.
    Players who are happy to help the guild out - We're a guild first and we expect everyone to participate in guild activities. It's totally cool if you'd like to go off and do some solo stuff, but we also want our players to be available to help in GvGs, Guild Quests, Boss Scrolls, etc.
    Players who can communicate well - Intel is very important, it is essential that we have strong communication with each other at all times. If anyone sees players in an area we are farming in, whether it's a small group or a zerg, notify voice comms. Give a location and guild name if possible.
    Players who don't get salty and don’t start drama - We've had a couple of these in the past, and we'd rather avoid them in the future. We get that PvP can be competitive and it may be frustrating but there is no reason to get mad at anyone else but yourself. We are a team and we will work to get better together.

    What Do We Offer?

    Not just a Black Desert guild, but an active gaming community. In terms of tools, we use a Discord server for VOIP and community chat.

    If there's something we don't offer, speak to an officer and we can look into adding it. In that regard, we're looking for people to help make our guild one of the best. Regardless of guild rank, we treat everyone with respect and we expect you to do the same.


    How Can I Apply?

    Head on over to our guild application form to apply
    - http://goo.gl/forms/7Amj9cK1dR

    Thanks for your interest! If you have any further questions, you can always whisper Zarora or Luzzarax in game!

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